League City TX Contractor Insurance

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One of the most important things to look for when you are searching for the right insurance agent is their expertise in the industry you work in. Generally, this is not hard to do, as many agents are themselves retired from a variety of industries. Keep reading to find out more about League City TX Contractor Insurance.

League City TX Contractor Insurance

League City TX Contractor Insurance

What is Contractor’s Insurance?

If you are a contractor, chances are you either own a small business with several employees or operate individually. It is common for contractors to conduct specific services at the homes of their clients. For example, roofers, construction workers, plumbers, and electricians can all be contract workers.

When you are hired for a job, that job will be completed based on agreements outline in a contract. This legally binding contract will include elements like cost, length of the project, and a detailed description of what the job entails.

So, what is the point of contractor’s insurance? Imagine that you are a plumber working on a client’s home. A pipe you are working on bursts, and water floods into the kitchen and surrounding rooms. There is a high likelihood that you would be held liable for these damages.

However, the right contractor’s insurance policy will help with the financial aspects of the damages. Moreover, by having this insurance you will be showing clients that you do business the right way when accidents happen where you are at fault.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider the purchase of a contractor’s insurance policy. Keep in mind that it is often cheaper to bundle several policies together than keep each one individually.

Types of Contractor’s Insurance Policies to Consider

Worker’s Compensation

Most jobs have a better outcome if they are done by a team of experienced individuals. There are some jobs, after all, that should not be done single-handedly. If you own a small company that performs services at the homes of clients, chances are you have a few employees.

For example, if you are a roofer or construction worker, completing a large project alone is dangerous and lacks time efficiency.  Worker’s compensation insurance covers the financial obligations that come with employee injury, disability, or death.

Whether your roofer breaks a bone or deals with a heat stroke, Texas Insurance Agency. will make sure you have complete coverage so that you can have peace of mind knowing your company is taken care of. This type of coverage provides coverage of property damage or client injuries.

League City TX Contractor Insurance

Keep your business and employees protected with the right League City TX Contractor Insurance coverage!

General Liability

The type of insurance coverage provides financial coverage for accidents and damage that occurs to a third party while you are on the job. For instance, let’s say you are a roofer with a crew of three employees and you are working to repair roofing on a client’s home.

You and your team have been careless about throwing nails on the ground. If the homeowner or another third party steps on a nail and this results in an injury, then you could be held liable for the injury. Medical expenses, legal fees, and settlement amounts could become your responsibility if you don’t have insurance.

Additionally, if your customer feels they have not bee compensated enough, they could file a lawsuit against you. Having a general liability insurance policy helps keep your company secure during unexpected times.

Inland Marine Coverage

Contractor insurance policies come in many different types. For instance, if you are a contractor who moves heavy equipment and other cargo across the country, then you will want to consider purchasing an inland marine policy.

This type of policy provides you with the coverage you need in the instance that the cargo becomes damaged or stolen en route to your destination. Contact your Texas Insurance Agency team member for more information about what type of coverage you could benefit from when the unexpected comes up.

Commercial Auto

General contractors almost always have a vehicle that they rely on for both personal and private use. When this is the case, it is a great idea to consider the purchase of a commercial auto insurance policy. This type of insurance is typically cheaper than gett two separate policies for your private and commercial use vehicle.

Things to Know:

Who Needs Contractor’s Insurance?

Any contractor who finds themselves at the wrong end of a lawsuit, with no insurance, will deal with a financial obligation that might be in excess of what they can handle. Therefore, anyone who relies on their contract work to earn an income can benefit from having specific insurance policies.

League City TX Contractor Insurance

Know the cost of construction insurance with a quote from Texas Insurance Agency!

Preventing Claims

One way to prevent claims is to host a once or twice monthly safety meeting for all employees. During this type of meeting, you could host a team discussion about what measures could be put in place to make the work environment a safer place to be. Moreover, many companies find benefits in hiring a chief safety officer.

Elements that Will Influence the Cost of Your Coverage

Contractor’s insurance can be purchased for companies of all sizes. Factors like location, number of vehicles and employees, and claims history will all affect the cost of your coverage.

League City TX Contractor Insurance

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League City, TX Fun Facts:

  • League City is known for its amateur sports facilities and teams.
  • Downtown Houston is just thirty miles away.
  • League City was named one of the best small towns in the nation, in 2006.
  • For more information about League City, TX, visit the city’s website!

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