League City TX Commercial Insurance

League City TX commercial insurance

Need commercial insurance? We’re here for you!

Are you trying to find League City TX commercial insurance? Then, look no further than Texas Insurance Agency. Our offices are in Katy and Pearland. We make sure to give you the right coverage when you call on us. We offer the right plans on business insurance, commercial insurance, and liability insurance. You can rest assured we work for you and not the insurance companies. Also, Texas Insurance Agency has an expert team of insurance specialists to help you every step of the way.

League City TX commercial insurance

When it comes to commercial insurance, we have many different options. Texas Insurance Agency also has oil and gas, contractors, and auto insurance. If you want a free quote, go to our website.

Oil and Gas Insurance

Furthermore, a lot of companies in Texas are oil and gas. That means our clients likely will be from that field. Oil and gas insurance is available for any company that needs it. To get this specific insurance, your company has to deal with oil and gas products. When it comes to these products, you can be sure this insurance covers you.

Moreover, here is a list of the policies available for oil and gas companies. Texas Insurance Agency has General Liability Insurance, commercial auto insurance, and umbrella coverage insurance. You also get directors & officers liability or D&O, workman’s comp, and employment practices liability. Also, you get operators & legal liability insurance, oil & gas lease property insurance, and equipment coverage insurance. For any company, general liability is a given as well.

General Liability Insurance

When it comes to companies, you need general liability insurance. Public liability insurance or GLI covers anything that happens to your employees. Accidents can happen at any time. You need to be sure you can weather the cost if they arise. This insurance policy is crucial when you enter a new contract. If you have access to advertising at your company or your client’s property, you also need this policy. General liability protects you from any lawsuits that happen with your employees. In the long run, this policy protects both you, the employer, and the team member. Your GLI will also cover repair costs, replacements, and reimbursements.

However, your GLI does not cover your property. Be sure to give us a call, and we can help give you a bundle deal. The bundle deal ensures your property and the company’s property have protection.

Umbrella Coverage Insurance

League City TX commercial insurance

Texas Insurance Agency is here to get you the most for what you need!

If you have an oil and gas company, you may want to consider umbrella coverage insurance. If you’re looking for League City TX commercial insurance, be sure to consider this plan. Umbrella policies help cover any losses above the limits of other procedures. Those policies include workman’s comp, commercial auto, and general liability insurance.

Furthermore, umbrella coverage is a type of personal liability insurance. This policy protects you if another approach is not able to cover the liability. It can be from your standard insurance policy. Umbrella coverage gives you another layer of protection in your company.

Contractors Insurance Options

Contractor insurance is another option for you. At Texas Insurance Agency, we consider this option for you. As a contractor, you could be in drilling or other service contracting. If you are a contractor, you should get a general liability insurance policy. However, it will depend on whether you work on-shore or offshore. Even though there are differences, you should get similar coverage.

On-shore policies only cover work that is on land. Offshore policies cover work that is not on the mainland. On-shore coverage includes work on oil-wells and rigs on dry land. Offshore coverage includes water-based oil rigs. If you are an oil & gas contractor, be sure to look into environmental coverage. Environmental coverage covers accidents in your workplace and also damage to the environment. An example of this would be an oil spill. Besides, it can also be a gas leak or power plant explosion.

Benefits of Coverage

There are many benefits when you get coverage. All of these policies will give you protection from any accident that can come up. Commercial Liability Insurance covers you from any damage to another person or property. However, this insurance only covers you if the incident was at your work. The general liability coverage also includes workman’s comp and personal injury.

That means it covers both personal injury and injury of another contractor. Also, it will also cover injury or damage to another third party. This coverage will also cover medical expenses as a result of an injury at your job. Because these policies are for contractors in oil & gas, the coverage is different from other policies. That is only because the work in those fields is more dangerous.

Commercial Auto Insurance

League City TX commercial insurance

Need commercial auto insurance? Texas Insurance Agency can help

Commercial Auto Insurance is the best thing for accidents and damage to business vehicles. This insurance covers any vehicle, from trucks to vans and cars. In addition, the coverage covers not only the damage to the car but also the injuries on the driver. However, Commercial Auto Insurance is not the same as Business Auto Insurance. Commercial Auto Insurance is for specialized vehicles that perform special tasks on the job. These vehicles include tractor-trailers, cement trucks, and delivery vans.

In the end, the person who owns the policy is the business owner. That means the company is liable for any accident or damage to drivers and company vehicles. There is a higher risk of injury at work, but we will be here to help you.

Also, commercial auto insurance covers damage to the vehicle, injury to the driver, damage to someone’s property, and injury of someone else. The coverage options for commercial auto insurance include liability, medical, and personal injury. Additionally, it covers collisions, comprehensive coverage and helps the under-insured or uninsured. As an aside, comprehensive coverage covers any accident in other situations. That could be hitting a deer on your journey. Collision coverage covers road-side accidents instead.

For your insurance needs, you can also have medical coverage and physical damage coverage. Here, at Texas Insurance Agency, we can give you the best advice on your League City TX commercial insurance questions. Give us a call at 281-398-1010.

Fun Facts about League City, TX

  • The population is 83, 560 according to the 2010 census.
  • Karankawa Indians were the first settlers in the area.
  • The city ranks as one of the safest and affordable places to live in Texas.
  • The city is home to many coastal resorts like South Shore Harbor Resort and Conference Center.
  • To learn more about League City, visit the city’s website.

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