League City TX board of directors insurance

League City TX board of directors insurance is available at Texas Insurance Agency. As an independent insurance company, we strive to give you the coverage you need, the best way we know how. We have always had the vision of serving and prioritizing each of our clients and their companies.

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In our years of conducting business, we have come to realize that honesty and professionalism are the only ways to get clients what they truly need. Looking for an insurance company is that will provide you the right plan and coverage can be difficult.

We take away that difficulty by being honest about what is in your insurance. Whether for your business, home, or automobile, the insurance policy that you get should be transparent to you.

At Texas Insurance Agency, we understand that in order to get the policy and coverage you are looking for, you need insurance agents that are ready to listen to you. The skill of active listening is not acquired easily.

Other insurance companies have not mastered this practice. They might have a general coverage that they give everyone and do the same thing for you.

We know this isn’t what you want. You need coverage specified to you and your business. Therefore, that’s what we are going to give. Committed to all our clients and their businesses, we listen to what you want in your insurance policy and personalize it accordingly.

Board of Directors Insurance

What is Directors Insurance

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League City TX board of directors insurance

If you own a company or are sitting as part of the board of directors for a company, then consider getting directors and officers liability insurance. This insurance coverage is meant to protect directors from any personal losses if they happen to be sued as a result of being a director. This policy can also cover any legal fees acquired during a lawsuit.

Though you are careful in making any decision about your company, things do happen. The US federal government does give board discretion when discussing business, but you still want to consider protecting yourself. Claims for directors and officers liability insurance are usually paid to the director for reimbursement or losses from costs of defense.

There are some things to note when signing up for this policy. Depending on the business and its risk factors, League City TX board of directors insurance can take different forms. We usually see companies purchase the policy instead of individuals. This is mainly because it is better to cover the group of board members than just doing it individually.

Most policies exclude protecting criminal activity, fraud, and illegal profits. Other than these policies do cover a variety of hazards.

When discussing this policy with an agent, you can receive more information on what is and is not covered in this policy. To talk to an agent today, call 281-398-1010.

Our Services to you

We do provide other insurance policies, both commercial and personal insurance. Each policy can be personalized by request of what you need. Remember that no matter what you are looking for, we are able to give it to you. If you want to add to general liability coverage, this is possible. Ask your agent about what you can add to your policy.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance– Businesses now have company cars. This makes it easy for their staff to get to where they need to be while when representing the company. If your business has company are then we are able to insure them for you. Accidents do happen, and if they happen in a company car, the costs t repair it could be very expensive.

By getting commercial auto insurance, take away the stress of preparing company vehicles out of pocket. If vehicles are a part of your business in a larger sense. For example, trailers, semi-trucks, large vans, or cement trucks. You need coverage that doesn’t just protect the vehicle but the products in them as well.

When speaking to an agent, talk to them about what your vehicles do for the company. They will explain the coverage that will best fit the use of the vehicles and maybe any other coverage that you may not have been thinking about.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance– For us here at Texas Insurance Agency, we are proud to say that we have come up with a better way to personalize your business insurance. There are so many different businesses in the state of Texas. Each business doing different things and needing several different coverages.

We took this into consideration, and our agents came up with insurance made for your business. If you own a restaurant or bar, there is a policy that has all the basic coverage that your business will need. If you have a technology-based company, you are probably thinking about adding a cyber insurance policy.

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All that your company needs to be fully covered was taken into consideration when coming up with these policies. Service like this is what your business needs. Call us today and get a quote made for your business.

Personal Insurance

We don’t just ensure business, and we also are able to ensure more personal investments. This includes home insurance, auto insurance, boat insurance, and life insurance. All of our insurance policies are personalized. Our agents are ready to sit and speak with you about what is best for you.

Speak with an agent today and get a quote on any personal insurance.

League City TX board of directors insurance

As we have grown, so has our well-experienced staff. Their priority is always on you, the client, and providing you the best service. No matter the insurance you need, we are here to provide it for you. Our insurance agents are available for you through our website. You can ask any question about your policy or a policy that you’re looking for.

Meet our team and give them a call or send an email and they will be happy to get back to you.

Let Texas Insurance Agency provide you League City TX board of directors insurance.

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