Katy TX Workers Compensation Insurance

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Katy TX Workers Compensation Insurance

When you’re a business owner, you already have enough on your plate to worry about. There’s no reason why the potential for injured workers to be another concern of yours.

Katy TX Workers Compensation Insurance

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Katy Background

The city of Katy, Texas, is a relatively new one. However, it sure is a very quickly growing town within the Houston suburbs.

The recent census study done in 2019 reported that there are 20,202 citizens living in the town. What a lot of people in such a newer-settled Texas town!

With all these individuals, there are undoubtedly workers that might need workers comp insurance through their workplace.

Katy TX Workers Compensation Insurance here at Texas Insurance Agency is here to save your business!

Texas worker’s compensation is something that all business owners should have. It ensures complete protection on the employer, employee, and the business itself. Can it get any better than that?

What is Texas Insurance Agency?

The Texas Insurance Agency has multiple locations throughout the Houston area.

Katy TX Workers Compensation Insurance

Our agents are available and ready to help you get your business policy insurance in order.

With many years of service, we are more than equipped to handle any insurance policy concerns you might have for your business. No employer wants to forfeit their business because they neglected to have workers compensation and lost a lawsuit.

That’s why we offer all kinds of insurance saving bundles that will, without a doubt, help you find the perfect selection for your business.

Some insurance types we offer in our bundles involve:

With all these options, it’s no wonder why business owners in the Houston area flock to us for optimal quality and savings on insurance policies.

Contractors Insurance

A viable option when it comes to Katy TX Workers Compensation Insurance options is contractors insurance.

The coverage offered by contractor’s insurance protects your business from experiencing costly debts because of work-related accidents.

It depends on your coverage, of course, but having contractor insurance could help protect you from lawsuits, liabilities, and so much more. The contractor’s insurance policy could be the difference between keeping or losing your business.

That’s why you must find the right policy for you and your business. Contractors require commercial insurance, as well as other policies. It can keep you and your business protected. Some trades associated with this particular insurance policy are:

  • Plumbing
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Carpentry
  • And so much more!

Contracting jobs, of course, come with a substantial amount of risk. If you can keep that in mind, you can help find the right insurance policy to keep your employees safe on the job.

Since we’re proud partners with many insurance companies, there’s no better option than Texas Insurance Agency to choose when it comes to the right coverage for you.

Independent Contractors

Just like any smaller business, there is a requirement for an insurance policy necessary for independent contractors. Firstly, it keeps you, the employer, from being responsible for any accidents or significant damages.

Also, future clients could be hesitant to work with you if they are aware that you aren’t covered with your business. This is due to the fact that they could be held liable in case of an accident occurred.

Lastly, there is a certain level of insurance coverage required by the law in almost all businesses, and construction is one of these.

Independent contractor jobs do not mean you are exempt from liability. All it truly means is that without proper coverage, you very well may have to pay out of your own pocket to cover the high costs of lawsuits or injury.

Not only that but on top of paying for court costs, you will also be held liable for any damages suffered.

This can be avoided, however, by taking out a General Liability coverage. In particular, this is a required policy by most companies.

General Liability Coverage Explained

This particular coverage within business insurance policies is pretty vital to the entirety of your company. General liability insurance is necessary prior to the contractor starting their job.

This liability insurance covers many factors in certain situations where you and your business could be found liable. To name a few of these situations:

  • Damage to property
  • Work-related injuries
  • Faulty work

What is Covered with Contractors Insurance?

For the most part, contractor insurance coverage includes protection on business liability exposures. It doesn’t matter what industry you run; accidents happen in every workplace.

Construction is a field where it’s even more prevalent than most job sites. That’s why it’s so crucial for you, as a business owner, to have the right insurance policies set up.

Katy TX Workers Compensation Insurance

Keep your business and employees protected with the right coverage policies.

Katy TX Workers Compensation Insurance at Texas Insurance Agency is your one-stop shop for all policies for workers.

When you have the proper insurance coverage, you or your business won’t be held responsible for any damage done to the clients’ property.

Furthermore, the correct policy coverage will keep you protected from many other types of incidents. Injuries sustained by others, for example. Also, your company vehicles and employees remain covered under this contractor insurance.

This means that any accidents on the job will not come back to you as something to fix. You will not be financially responsible for any repair costs to company property. This is including company cars, too.

Some insurance policies will vary between contracting jobs. However, this insurance is required in the state of Texas upon hiring contractors for independent employment.


When you own a business, there’s no need for extra stress. You already have so much on your plate to deal with and manage.

No matter what kind of business, big or small, needs insurance policy plans in place. For both the protection of you, your employees, and your business, it’s the wisest decision to find policies that fit your needs.

Katy TX Workers Compensation Insurance at Texas Insurance Agency is here for you to find precisely what your business needs to thrive!

Fun Facts of Katy

  • The city is a master-planned community.
  • It was formally founded and incorporated in 1945.
  • Katy ISD is among the best school districts in the country.
  • Fore more interesting facts, please visit their official site.

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