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For the best Katy TX home insurance agency, there’s no better place to stop by than Texas Insurance Agency. We provide the best insurance services for your family and business’s benefit. Our team offers coverages with the personal touch you would expect from your neighborhood insurance company. Whether you need help with your auto or business insurance, we have everything you need for the highest quality policies in the greater Houston area.

Our independent insurance agents know how to bring you the most reliable policies and results with our company. Because we are independent, we set our own goals and standards. This means that our results are far beyond any other because we don’t have to answer to a larger agency. We cover everything you need so you can enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve. Our policies protect you from several accidents and liabilities.

Our office is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday through Friday. We also offer appointment times on Saturday and Sunday to maximize convenience. No matter what kind of insurance you’re looking for, Texas Insurance Agency is here to help. Give us a call today, and find out what makes us the best Katy TX home insurance agency.

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Katy TX Home Insurance Agency

A Katy TX Home Insurance Agency You Can Rely On

Texas Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency that focuses on providing you with the best results and rates for your insurance policies. Regardless of what type of insurance you need, we can assist you in any way you need us. When you decide on us, you make your first choice the right choice. Our goal is to make sure that every client we work with walks away, satisfied, and covered.

Other insurance companies try to confuse you with complicated and technical jargon that makes it challenging to understand the fine print. With Texas Insurance Agency, you get an agent that takes the time to explain your insurance policies to you, so you know what you’re getting. Even if it isn’t clear right away, we’ll go over it as many times as we need to for your benefit.

Our staff is ready and eager to assist you in whatever way you require from us. With our expert team, you can get coverage at an affordable rate. All you have to do to get going is call us today and inquire about our policies. We’ll provide you with a quote and go from there.

Meet the Team

We understand that your coverage starts with the team behind the name. Texas Insurance Agency has some of the best insurance agents in the greater Houston area. We put a lot of faith in our team because they are also the owners, so you know they care about the outcome. Whenever you schedule a consultation with us, you’ll be meeting with one of the owners of the company.

Roland Cardner

Katy TX Home Insurance Agency

Roland Cardner

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a minor in Speech/Communication and Life/Earth Science from Lamar University. Once he earned his Masters, he continued onward by teaching science and coaching high school. After a brief stint as the Assistant Principal, Mr. Cardner decided to pursue a career in insurance.

He started by working under another insurance company, earning many awards and accolades. After mastering the industry, Mr. Cardner took some years off to collect himself. Once he was ready, he returned to the industry to create an independent insurance company. With Texas Insurance Agency, Roland can be an owner and agent. He provides quality service at his own pace without the limits of a larger presence. For Roland, providing the best service he can is the priority.

Jeff Fogleman

Jeff’s origin is a little more tied to insurance than Roland’s is. For starters, Jeff started at his father’s insurance company. At a young age, Jeff picked up the essential rules and values of the insurance industry. While there, he found his way to an agent manager and significantly improved his father’s agency. Eventually, he moved on to work under another insurance company, where he found similar success.

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Jeff Fogleman

After this, we returned to purchase his father’s agency and then later found Texas Insurance Agency with Roland. Much like Roland, Jeff’s mission is to provide the best insurance strategies and policies to our clients. So whether you deal with Roland or Jeff, you can be sure that you’re getting the best agents in Houston.

We Provide All the Coverage You Need

Texas Insurance Agency knows that the services we provide the main reason you’re here right now. That’s why we offer you and your family with the most reliable policies in the market. We provide policies that let you breathe a sigh of relief because you know that you’ll be covered if anything happens. So no matter what insurance policy you need, we’re here to help.

Home Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency knows how essential it is to keep your house covered. We offer homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, condo insurance, and mobile home/manufactured home insurance to give everyone something. The insurance policies provide a variety of coverage for your benefit. They provide dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, liability coverage, guest medical insurance, and other protection. Your home is more than a place to live; it’s the most significant investment you’ll make in life.

Other Insurance

Other than home insurance, Texas Insurance Agency offers coverage for a variety of instances. We bring you auto, business, flood, boat, motorcycle, and life insurance so you can get everything you care about covered. Our agents know that the need for protection can pop up at any given moment. Our team is always prepared to be there for you, and we know the right way to help you.

Contact Texas Insurance Agency Today

Texas Insurance Agency devotes their time and effort to provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to make an informed decision. Let the team give you what you deserve with a quality insurance package. Call (281) 398-1010 or find us online for more information. Find out now what makes us the most reliable Katy TX home insurance agency.

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • The “K-T Railroad” that runs through Katy is where the city got its name from
  • For a long time, Katy was considered the rice capital across the world
  • Katy’s original name was Cane Island
  • For more, click here

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