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At Texas Insurance Agency we have Katy TX hazard insurance. We here at Texas Insurance Insurance pride ourselves on our integrity and professionalism. Constantly practicing great business has allowed us to keep our many clients for years. While other agencies have gone away from keeping their clients first, we have built trust and prioritized great customer service.

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Being an independent insurance agency in Katy gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your needs. Providing an insurance policy that is suited for you and giving you peace of mind is what we do.

Our well-experienced and well-trained staff can give you just that.

This is our duty to you, to give you the best service and policy for you at an affordable rate. Read more about our team of insurance agents, ready to help you, on our website.

We are excited to be able to serve customers all over the Greater Houston Area, including Katy Texas.

What is Hazard Insurance?

We offer insurance coverages that are just right for you, including Hazard Insurance. Hazard insurance is certain coverage that protects someone that owns property against damage that may have been caused by natural disasters.

This includes fires, hail storms, snowstorms, flooding, server storms, and other events. As long as that specific weather event is listed in the policy then it is protected. The owner of the property will receive compensation to pay for the damages caused.

Who does it help the most?

Hazard Insurance can usually be seen in homeowners insurance and it can also be added on its own by an insurance agent. This subsection in homeowners insurance protects the main framework of the house and nearby structures, for example, a garage or shed. Meeting with an insurance agent and discussing the policy is important. Filling out the forms with an agent is important. During this time, one must make sure that the most common natural disasters in the area are written as part of the policy.

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National Flood Insurance

In homeowners insurance, some natural disasters are not included. This ultimately depends on the area. This is most likely because this particular event happens frequently in the area. Also, it can be expensive for the insurance company to add it to the standard coverage. For example, it is common to see in the Katy area and in the Greater Houston area that flood insurance comes separately.

Created to provide insurance and help reduce the economic impact of flooding is what the national flood insurance program is. If you have a business, own property, or rent it you should consider joining the program. It allows you to protect your most important assets financially. It also allows you to recover faster from any damage done.

To learn more about FEMA and the National Flood Insurance visit their website.

Benefits of Hazard Insurance for Homeowners

Unlike auto insurance that is mandatory, in the state of Texas it is not mandatory to have home insurance. The requirement is based on whether you still owe money to your home.

Your lender can make it a requirement to insure your home. Essentially they want you to have hazard insurance. Like addressed before, most homeowners insurance policies come with some hazard coverage.

Though is not mandatory it is always a good idea to ensure your home, because anything can happen at any time.


Any homeowner considering whether they need hazard coverage as part of their insurance policy or whether it should be separate should think about this. Hazard insurance can cover up to the cost of your home.

Replacement of your home is possible if something were to happen. Hazard insurance can cover a significant part of this. The amount will be a little different than the property value of your house at the time, but it will still be a considerable amount. Policies like these are usually written for a year and renewed.

Coverage for the structure of your home, foundation, and roof are popular in the policies for hazard insurance.

It is common with the number of hurricanes and rainstorms in the Katy area, to make a repair on your roof or some part of your home. Foundation repairs are extremely expensive. And with our Texas heat and sometimes how old a home is, foundation repairs are likely to happen.

Why spend your savings to make these repairs. Getting hazard insurance can cover the whole cost of these repairs.

Depending on what is in your specific policy it is possible to get furniture and personal belongings replaced. Talk to one of our agents for more information at 281-398-1010.

Katy TX hazard insurance

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Katy Tx hazard insurance

Our team of insurance agents that are ready to explain the insurance policies we have. They are there for you any time, any day to answer your questions and to find the policy that best fits you. Looking for a great independent insurance agency can be a lengthy search. Texas Insurance Agency is ready to assist you and your businesses.

Being able to serve the Greater Houston Community and in specific the Katy area has allowed us to experience what you experience. We know just what you will need and are able to give it to you at an affordable price.

Other Services

Other than hazard insurance our company has a plethora of insurance policies to choose from. These include home and auto insurance, personal and commercial insurance.

The list of our Personal insurance includes Life Insurance, Boat Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, and Flood Insurance. To get a quote for any of these insurances you can visit one of our offices. Or leave your name, email, and phone number, and any inquires on our website and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Likewise, we also provide commercial insurance for those with businesses. Our list of Commercial Insurance includes Oil and Gas Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Contractors Insurance, Wholesale Insurance, Manufacturers Insurance, and Business Insurance,

Speak to an agent today about what policy your business needs. Call an office near you today at 281-398-1010.

Texas Insurance Agency has Katy TX hazard insurance for you.

Fun facts about Katy Tx

  • Admission is free at the Johnny Nelson Katy Heritage Museum 
  • The Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) Depot was restored for Katy residents to visit.
  • Many of the city’s yearly events are held in Old Katy.
  • For more about Katy Texas visit their website.

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