Katy Texas Home and Auto Insurance

Are you looking for Katy Texas Home and Auto Insurance? We can help. Texas Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency that can get you the most competitive rates with the best customer service. Property and casualty insurance is a necessity in this time and age, especially with certain laws that require it. Don’t wait until you are caught off guard by an accident or tragedy to be ready.

In this article, we will talk about home insurance and car insurance for your convenience. However, that is not all we provide. Contact one of our qualified insurance agents and talk to them about life insurance, health insurance, and more. Your personal insurance is something that should be taken seriously.

Homeowners Insurance

Katy Texas Home and Auto Insurance

You need insurance for your home

Your home is likely the largest investment you will make in your life, therefore, it needs to be protected. There are different kinds of insurance coverage for homes.

  • Dwelling Coverage/Standard Home Policy: This is the standard coverage for the structure of your home, such as walls and roofs. This does not cover flood damage.
  • Other Structures: This coverage applies to sheds and detached garages. They cover buildings not connected to your house.
  • Personal Property: This offers additional protection to your personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics, and jewelry. In case of theft, you need this insurance.
  • Liability Coverage: Protection for the event that someone seeks damages against you after sustaining an injury on your property.
  • Guest Medical Insurance: This will ensure anyone staying on your property in the case that they are injured.
  • Additional Living Expense Coverage: This covers living expenses or hotel expenses while repairs are being done on your home, in this case it is uninhabitable.

What Kind of Risks Do I Face At Home?

Your home is where you go to retreat from the world, but sometimes the world comes to you. Let’s think about the possible damages your home could incur.

  • Fire or electrical damage could be catastrophic. These days, our homes are full of electronics and electrical systems which, while convenient, could become dangerous. Many people experience this unfortunate event and lose thousands of dollars worth of belongings.
  • Theft or vandalism is also a threat. There are many desperate people out there who will risk jail to run off with your expensive flatscreen or sofa.
  • Flooding or storm damage is a real threat in Houston. We receive regular hurricane seasons and storms. If a tree fell or there was significant water damage, you will need to be insured.

Remember, being at home does not mean you are safe from every threat. Be prepared for it.

Auto Insurance

Katy Texas Home and Auto Insurance

Let’s look at Texas Auto Insurance Laws

In Texas, all drivers are supposed to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Texas does not have any special exemptions for this, so driving without insurance is illegal. The Texas state minimums are $30,000 for Bodily Injury Liability, $60,000 per accident,  and $25,000 for Property Damage Liability.

A fault system means that the person who caused the accident has to cover it. A “first-party claim” or a “third party claim” can both be filed by the passenger to have the other driver’s insurance pay for their damages. If you are not careful, or uninsured, the injured individual may take you to court and sue you for recompensation.

If you want to avoid court, you need insurance. Any officer who sees that you have no insurance will find you, and then you’ll have to appear in court to settle the traffic ticket. If the judge feels you do not have a good reason to not have insurance, there could be consequences.

What Are the Risks on the Road?

Katy Texas Home and Auto Insurance

Driving can be perilous

Unfortunately, we have no control over the mistakes of others, and when on the road, these can affect you as well. If someone were to hit you, you need to be prepared for it. Texas is the largest state in the continental U.S., which means there’s lots of traffic. You want to be covered in the case that you or someone else causes an accident to happen.

For example, here are some potential scenarios.

  • Your car has a minor fender. Both you and the other driver pull over to exchange insurance information, you need to be able to provide them with some.
  • After a long dry spell, it rains heavily. This makes the roads very slippery and you lose control of your car. You total the front of it against a telephone pole.
  • Your son borrowed your car but got into an accident with his friend. Their injuries are your responsibility to cover.
  • An uninsured driver hits you while on your way home. Your vehicle took severe damage, but you don’t know if the other driver could cover it.
  • Your car is caught in a flood or storm.


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Thank you for visiting us and taking the time to read with us. It is very important you know your options! Now you have found Katy Texas Home and Auto Insurance!

Fun Facts About Katy

  • Did you know that, according to the experts, Katy is a UFO sighting hotspot? Cool!
  • “Cane Island” was Katy’s original name, for the river cane that grew there.
  • Katy started as a hunting ground for the Karankawa tribes.
  • You can find more about this great city here.

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