March 31, 2020

Insuring Your Bass Boat

Insuring Your Bass Boat

Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Texas is blessed with many lakes that are prime for the great pastime of fishing. In fact, Houston fishermen have some of the top lakes in the state. According to Texas Bass Angler’s list based on B.A.S.S. Nation’s, puts Sam Rayburn Reservoir at the top of Texas’ lakes and Number Three in the nation. And Toledo Bend and Lake Conroe make Number 3 and Number 5 on the Texas list respectively.

Watercraft Insurance

While Texas law does not require you to have any minimum amount of coverage on your boat, it is safe to call it a necessity. The United States Coast Guard reported that in 2018, 204 recreational boating accidents occurred in Texas, resulting in over $1.8 billion. Boats are not like cars. Far fewer own one. In the US, boats are considered a luxury item. And a bass boat can be an expensive one. So, if you do invest in one, you should protect your purchase and watercraft.


Sometimes homeowners’ policies can provide some coverage for your boat. However, this coverage is very limited and tends to only extend as much as it would on most other properties. You are better off with an actual policy and bundling it with your home and auto.

Liability coverage is the foremost aspect that a home policy will not touch. Just like with a car, you are operating a vehicle, so you are at a high risk of being responsible for damages to other people or their property. Therefore, this is just a responsibility of yours as a boat owner to keep those around you safe.


While liability will cover you for when someone else is injured, our watercraft medical payments coverage is for you. If you or a guest are injured in your own boat, then your insurance covers the medical costs.

Uninsured watercraft coverage works the same as it does with auto and motorcycle coverage. If you are in an accident with another boater that does not pay for their boater’s insurance, then you remain protected from their negligence.

Many of our providers also provide repair cost coverage. This means whenever you need to take your boat in for something wrong with the motor, trailer, or any other equipment. You can also find a policy that avoids depreciation deductions.

There are providers out there that offer options to reduce your risks and costs. By properly and safely driving and operating your boat, you can prove that you are less of a risk of accidents and reduce your payments.

Texas Insurance Agency

We are an independent agency. Roland Cardner, Jeffrey R. Fogleman, and Kristy Thompson can work for you to get you the most coverage for the least cost to you. They are not from any one provider, so it is how your policy is tailored for you that matters. Together, Texas Insurance Agency can find the right boater’s insurance policy for your boat and bundle it best with the rest of your homeowner and auto insurance needs.

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