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What are insurance construction type definitions League City, TX? They are categories that buildings and structures can fall into for insurance purposes. Buildings are made very specifically depending on their purpose, however, not all are built equally. For contractors, this is extremely important because insurance underwriters will look at structures to determine possible risks and categorize them into one of six categories depending on the possible liabilities the structure may have.

Insurance agencies will typically send an evaluator to ensure a structure is properly built. The more issues they find, the higher premiums will go up. If there are enough issues, then chances are the insurance company will deny coverage until improvements have been made.

Here are the six main insurance construction type definitions League City, TX, you may want to know about.

insurance construction type definitions League City, TX

There are six main insurance construction type definitions League City, TX insurance underwriters will categorize structures into.

Six Insurance Construction Type Definitions League City, TX

When looking into insurance for a structure, insurance companies will need to see the building to determine risks, which will determine premiums. A structure will be categorized into one of six groups which will give an indication of whether the premium is going to be high or low.

The six categories include:

  • Frame
  • Joisted Masonry
  • Non-Combustible
  • Masonry Non-Combustible
  • Modified Fire Resistive
  • Fire Resistive


The “frame” category is rated with the highest premium. This means that the outside walls, floors, and roofs are made with materials that can easily catch fire.

It is usually made of wood, and just because a building has a brick or metal face does not make it any less so. The frame is built rather simply and cheaply, burns fast, and there are spaces where fire can easily grow without notice.

Structures such as apartments, condos, and other habitational structures will often fall under this category.

Joisted Masonry

Buildings rated for joisted masonry have exterior walls made of stone or brick of some kind and are also fire-resistant. They are rated to withstand fire for no less than one hour, however, the floors and roof are made of combustible materials. These types of structures are usually built with heavy blocks, possibly concrete, and use more robust timber, which is hard to set on fire and will burn at a much slower rate.

These structures will have fewer areas for fires to sit and smolder, and if damage does occur, it is much easier to rebuild due to their resistance to fire damage. Better quality habitational buildings and small office spaces that are about 3-4 stories at most typically fall into this category.

insurance construction type definitions League City, TX

It is important to know these definitions as a contractor and plan your structures accordingly.


This category is for structures built with noncombustible or slow-burning materials. Materials such as steel are usually used in creating these structures. The buildings generally are easy and cheaper to rebuild, and the materials are difficult to ignite. Despite the durable material and construction, these buildings can still buckle under higher temperatures. Structures such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities generally fall into this category.

Masonry Non-Combustible

This category is typically reserved for structures that are built with masonry, such as concrete blocks. It is reinforced is often reinforced and combined with steel framing. The roof is usually made out of steel as well. These structures have no wood framing, which gives the structure a much great chance to remain standing after large losses such as major fires. The walls are made of materials that can withstand fire for no less than one hour. Buildings such as shopping centers, large office buildings, warehouses, and schools typically have this type of build.

Modified Fire Resistive

For buildings in this category, they must be made of fire-resistive materials, typically masonry and protected steel material that is, at a bare minimum, four inches thick. The structures are resistant to fires for less than one hour, but the first hour is the most resistant. The roofing deck consists of dense steel and concrete. High-rise and mid-rise buildings, high-quality apartments, and condo buildings will generally fall into this category.

Fire Resistive

This is the most desirable and least liable category for insurance underwriters. This category is reserved for structures with walls, floors, and roofs that are fire-resistant for at least two hours. Masonry for wall construction is at least four inches thick, and hollow masonry is at least eight inches thick. The flooring and roofing are no less than four inches thick and can resist fire for a minimum of two hours.

The frame is reinforced and made of concrete or steel, which is also at least 4 inches thick. Buildings such as high-rise buildings, office buildings, condos, and parking garages are usually rated for this category.

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Contractors and contracting businesses in the construction field need to know how insurers rate buildings. It can affect how they plan structures, what materials they need, and what risks their structure can encounter.

If you are in construction and need more information on these construction definitions, please feel free to contact us. We can give you all the information you need to make sure your contract job is a success.

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insurance construction type definitions League City, TX

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