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Texas Insurance Agency is the go-to for the best independent contractor insurance Katy, TX. We have excellent customer service and work with well-known insurance agencies to bring you the quality coverage you deserve. Our goal is to protect you, your business, and your assets using thorough coverage plans.

We have a team of qualified, trusted insurance brokers serving Houston, Katy, and Pearland. Our brokers understand how much of a hassle it can be to get high-quality insurance. That’s why we put together a team of superstars to give our customers the stellar treatment and superior products they deserve. If you are looking for independent contractor insurance Katy, TX, please give us a call.

Why Should You Buy Independent Contractor Insurance Katy, TX?

independent contractor insurance Katy TX

Our brokers will bring you the best independent contractor insurance Katy, TX.,

A work-related accident can happen at any time. Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we are here to provide you with contractor insurance coverage for your business. Depending on your needs, we can help you with policies to cover incidents like lawsuits and liabilities.

We carry many types of insurance, but independent tradesmen and subcontractors typically only need commercial liability insurance. Some of these trades include:

  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Carpenters
  • Landscaping

Fortunately, we have insurance for a wide variety of trades. If you’d like to know if we can provide coverage for your trade, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our office locations closest to you.

Don’t Be Caught Without the Right Coverage!

Can you imagine something happening on the job and you have no insurance? It would be absolutely disastrous! Unfortunately, anything can happen, and you should plan for it accordingly. It never hurts to overprepare yourself, especially if you’re an independent contractor.

independent contractor insurance Katy, TX

Finding the right independent contractor insurance Katy, TX will help your business grow.

Texas Insurance Agency is ready to help you plan for the worst because sometimes we think certain things couldn’t happen to us. A person has to understand that life comes with risks and that things happen, whether we like it or not. We are here to help and will ensure you are fully covered with the right insurance you need.

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, our brokers want to make things go smoothly for you, and they understand some policies can be tricky to understand. We’re professionals who are committed to helping you understand your policy.

Your company needs insurance so you don’t end up paying out of pocket for any accidents that occur, whether they involve people or property. You don’t want to lose the company you’ve worked hard to build.

We’re here to keep your business going and help it succeed. Let us help you get the kinks out of your existing insurance policies. Reach out to us today because we have a new policy with your name on it!

Are You an Independent Contractor?

At Texas Insurance Agency, we happily serve both small and large contractors. Any person in this field needs independent contractor insurance Katy, TX, because clients might hesitate to do business with you if you are not covered. Also, would you want to pay fees out of pocket if an accident occurred? That’s why we are here to inform you of your options.

Our team doesn’t want you to be turned down by a potential client because of a lack of insurance. We want you to grow and have the best experiences because of our help. We also don’t want you to be forced to pay out of pocket for unexpected events.

There are levels of insurance that are mandatory for contractors, specifically construction companies. Many companies encounter lawsuits due to damages resulting from the company’s work, and lawyer fees can be a headache. We’re here to inform you that you have options when it comes to covering these fees.

We believe if you take out our policy for general liability coverage, it will protect you from the things mentioned. Therefore, it’s extremely important to get general liability coverage as an independent contractor.

independent contractor insurance Katy, TX

If you regularly use a vehicle for your work, you may need commercial auto insurance.

Does Your Business Need Other Types of Insurance?

Depending on your line of business, you may need other types of insurance to supplement your general liability policy. For example, if you are a delivery worker, you may need commercial auto insurance. This will help cover physical damage, loss, or personal injuries should you suffer from a collision, vandalism, or theft.

If you work as a pool contractor, you’re in luck because we have insurance policies to fit your needs. Due to the higher risks involved with pool renovations (such as using industrial equipment and working with heavy materials), workplace accidents are prone to happen. So we are here to help you have the right coverage that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Did you know that plumbers need several types of insurance to operate their business? Typically, it’s best for anyone in the plumbing business to buy a business owner’s policy, which includes property, general liability, business interruption, and business auto insurance.

Some contractors may also purchase inland marine insurance, which protects tools, equipment, and materials that are shipped “inland,” meaning that they do not travel over water. Instead, these goods are transported using vehicles like automobiles, trucks, and trains.

Builders Risk Insurance

Everyone knows that there are many risks involved with construction projects. Builders risk insurance is a type of insurance that protects a company while its building is under construction. Some things that are covered under this policy include the following:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Lightning
  • Hurricanes

Sometimes there are delays we can’t control, like the weather. If a company has delays in a project, then your lost sales, real estate taxes, and rental costs are covered by insurance. To find out what else this policy will cover, contact one of our trusted brokers, and they’ll happily assist you with all your questions.

A Unique Policy Bundle Just For You

Every company is unique, so we take pride in our one-on-one appointments. We love putting smiles on our clients’ faces with the help of our expert advice and our custom insurance packages. Stop by one of our offices to find reliable and affordable independent contractor insurance Katy, TX, today.

Fun Facts for Katy, TX:

  • Katy was founded on rice farming.
  • Other prominent crops during its early days were cotton and peanuts.
  • Katy’s name was taken from the MKT Railroad Company.

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