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The Texas Insurance Agency has Houston TX umbrella insurance. If you are looking for an insurance company in your area Texas Insurance Agency is the company you are looking for. With years of experience and representatives that are always willing to help we are the best choice for your insurance.

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As an insurance company, we already understand how important it is for you to protect what you own. We are a fast-growing insurance agency that practices great business etiquette and pays attention to details. Our commitment to giving you the protection that you want and need is what makes us an excellent agency.

The relationship we have with our clients is important to us. Built on the values of relationship, understanding, and listening. In other words, we want to gain and keep your trust this will allow for our relationships to grow and become something great.

When it comes to insurance sometimes all the different terms and policies can be confusing and hard to understand. This is where we step in. We want to listen to you and provide what you are looking for at an affordable rate.

Types of Insurance Offered

Our company is proud that we can provide all kinds of insurance for our clients.

Commercial Insurance

Business Insurance – You worked so hard for the business that you started and you want to protect and your employees at all costs. Pick from a large selection of business insurances that are best suited for you. For example legal liability, coverage for property damage, and employee-related risks can be covered in the business insurance you choose. We also have insurance coverage by business type to ensure that every part of your business is covered. Give us a call at 281-398-1010 to talk more about business insurance

Oil and Gas Insurance– For those in the oil and gas industry there is a policy for you. Some of the policies we provide for companies and contractors are general liability, umbrella coverage, workers compensation, oil and gas lease property, directors and officers liability, and much more. It can be hard to know whether you qualify for a certain policy but that is why we are here. Give us a call at 281-398-1010 to talk more about oil and gas insurance.

Contractors Insurance– Contracting jobs can come with quite the risk. Protection from liabilities, lawsuits, and much more is available according to your coverage. Not only does it protect you but some employers can make it mandatory to have. So make the decision to get contractors insurance from us today. Give us a call at 281-398-1010 to talk more about contractors insurance

More Commercial Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance– It is popular for companies to provide company cars for employees. Keep your cars insured from accidents and vehicle repairs. In addition, this insurance can also cover the cost of any injuries that the driver may have. No matter the size of your business we have a policy for you. Give us a call at 281-398-1010 to talk more about commercial auto insurance.


Houston TX clean energy insurance

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We also provide Manufacturers Insurance and Wholesalers Insurance. Visit our website for more information.

Personal Insurance

Flood Insurance- If you live in the city of Houston or in the Greater Houston area you know that sometimes we get unexpected flooding. Protect your home from the next one with our flood insurance. Give us a call at 281-398-1010 to talk more about insurance.

Life insurance– In life events that we don’t plan for happening. For the people left behind, it can be difficult to catch up on mortgage payments or any other finances. Signing up for life insurance today and make sure that they are taken care of just in case. Give us a call at 281-398-1010 to talk more about Life insurance.

What is Umbrella Insurance

Houston TX umbrella insurance doesn’t have to be hard to find. We here at Texas Insurance Agency provide personal umbrella insurance.

But what is umbrella insurance? Think of umbrella insurance as extra. In other words, it is additional coverage and protection beyond what you might already have. Another popular name for it is personal liability insurance.  Certain policies have limits to what they can protect. Meanwhile, you might want to add more protection, but the current policy you have won’t allow you to. This would be a circumstance in which you get umbrella insurance.

We all make mistakes and accidents happen that is why we get insurance to help us cover our mistakes. For example, if you happen to get sued for damages and the amount is past the limits of the liability you have, umbrella insurance can cover it. This can be for homeowners insurance, boat insurance, flood insurance, and auto insurance.

Houston TX commercial umbrella

Houston TX umbrella insurance

This specific insurance can usually cover and protect you against lawsuits involving you, damage to others’ property, false imprisonment, and defamation. Coverage is different depending on what you get.

Umbrella insurance does not cover the cost of property damage or injuries that were made by yourself. Usually, your personal insurances like health insurance or auto collision insurance would cover that.

You can talk to our insurance agents more about what umbrella insurance covers and can do for you. For umbrella, insurance quotes give us a call at 281-398-1010,  or email us at info@texasagency.com, or visit us at a location near you.

Reasons to get Umbrella Insurance

Though umbrella insurance in Texas is not required by the state, we highly recommend getting it. You have a lot of assets and all of those should have the opportunity to be protected and insured.

There are many reasons that we can give you to get umbrella insurance. Owning property, having a significant amount of savings, being a landlord, serving on the board of a nonprofit organization. Even just hosting a lot of parties in your home are reasons you should consider getting umbrella insurance.

Houston TX umbrella insurance

Most importantly, we are here to help you navigate through the world of insurance. Our agents and staff will walk you through each policy. Visit our one of offices or call us today for more information.  Houston TX umbrella insurance is available at Texas Insurance Agency.

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