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Get the right insurance coverage for your tractor-trailers. We here at Texas Insurance have had the pleasure of working with customers all over the Greater Houston area. Our years of experience have brought us more clients and kept the ones we had before. Because of our exceptional customer service and the many different insurance plans that we offer for Houstonians, we have grown our business significantly.

Keeping our integrity and professionalism is something that is important to us. Other insurance might only care about what they are getting out of the transaction. The truth about us is that you are our only priority. You are looking for what is best for you, and we are here to give just that to you.

In the Houston, Texas area, we are able to provide many companies the commercial and business insurance they didn’t even know they were searching for. With our awesome insurance representatives, that have years of experience, we will tailor an insurance policy that brings you peace of mind.

Commercial Auto Insurance

You live in Texas, and we ship to all over the country. Maybe you have been in the trucking business for as long as you can remember, or you just embarked on this journey. Either way, we are here to walk you through the insurance you will need.

When being on the roads of Texas, you want to know that you and whatever product you are carrying are covered just in case anything happens. We hope that none of your employees get into an accident, but things happen all the time. You need an insurance company that provides insurance services for trucking companies.

It is likely that some other insurance companies don’t offer truck insurance, and that’s what you need. We have that and other policies for other commercial vehicles you may have. The benefits and features that come with having commercial auto insurance include being able to repair vehicles if needed and paying for the medical bills of any injuries the driver may have had.

Adding cargo insurance or a policy that protects the cargo that you are shipping is a smart idea as well.

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Houston TX tractor-trailer insurance

The insurance specialists that you will talk to in our office will give you advice if you are still conflicted about getting insurance. We see and hear from other trucking clients that we have those companies that they are driving for, like to hire trucking companies that are insurance carriers. Of course, this is because they want to ensure that the product you are bringing is brought to them safely.

Ultimately that is what we want as well, the assurance that your property and employees are safe.

Consider getting your tractor-trailer insurance with us today. Visit our office and talk face to face with one of our insurance agents.

Keep Your Insurance Policy Low

When looking for Houston TX tractor-trailer insurance, you’re looking for an affordable policy.

Insurance agencies look for how high of a risk you are when deciding the rate you get. Because you own a trucking company and trucking accidents are extremely common, they will want to start you off with a higher rate.

How your rate is calculated

The way they will calculate the risk you bring is by looking at what you already bring to the table. New or old company, every insurance company looks at these. The product you are carrying, driving experience, CDL experience, where you are located and how far your destinations are, your credit rate, and how much your truck costs.

All of these criteria are a lot to look at, yes we know. But we want to get you the best rate. When talking to an agent, they will teach and educate you on how you can keep your rate low. It might seem overwhelming, but at the end of the day, it will be in your best interest.

How to keep your rate low

Think about what your truck might need or what you think can be installed on it to protect your employees. For example, consider adding deer guards on your semi-trucks to prevent physical damage on your trucks.

When doing something like this, your insurance representative or agent will be able to give you a discount. Even showing that you have a clean driving record will allow them to add discounts to your rate. Don’t be scared to ask for discounts.

Speak to an agent today about what you can do to get a discount on your insurance. Call us today at 281-398-1010.

Something that we recommend to trucking companies is that they should pay yearly and not monthly installments. Customers have come back to us, and there are studies that have proven that this works. They have seen a 20% reduction in their premium when this is done. We know that not every company has that amount of money laying around, but if this is feasible for your company, then try doing this.

Speak to an agent today and see if you can pay your premium at once instead of monthly. Call us today at 281-398-1010.

Houston TX tractor trailer insurance

The commercial trucking insurance that we offer to you can have a wide range of coverage that comes with it or can be added. These include liability coverage, medical coverage, personal injury coverage, collision coverage, and comprehension coverage.

Houston TX Public Liability Insurance

Call our insurance agents for a policy that works best for you!

With these added to your policy, it ensures that you, your employees, and your business are covered in all ways possible. Whether you are just starting your trucking company or you have had it for years and are looking for a new company to ensure you. We are here and ready to give you the best quality service and insurance policy.

Come and visit one of our offices and talk to an insurance agent about what you need on your policy. Call us today at 281-398-1010, or you can email us on our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Houston TX tractor trailer insurance is now available at Texas Insurance Agency.

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