Houston TX Rental Truck Insurance

Houston TX Rental Truck Insurance can be found at your local Texas Insurance Agency. Do you rent, lease, or own a commercial truck? Then you should take a look at the options we offer. Staying insured will only benefit you.

Our commercial insurance plans can cover all kinds of risks and issues. If you have a vehicle you use for work-related business, then you need Houston TX Rental Truck Insurance.

Houston TX Rental Truck Insurance

Houston TX Rental Truck Insurance will help keep you protected.

Houston TX Rental Truck Insurance

If your vehicle is what helps run your business. Make sure it is insured property. We have a Commercial Auto plan that will cover things such as property damage and bodily injury. The average amount of property damage can reach as high as $3,200.

That doesn’t include bodily injuries. That can easily reach $15,000 or more.  Not too many people have this kind of cash just lying around somewhere.

If you drive for a living, make sure your work vehicle is insured. Having a protection plan that can cover damages, cargo coverage will give you peace of mind.

Keep in mind that personal car insurance is not the same as commercial insurance coverage. They are different products and services. Make sure you know what you have. You don’t want to end up taking financial responsibility because of the wrong insurance plan.

Does your company handle rental cars or are you renting a moving truck for work? Make sure your insurance will cover it. Texas Insurance Agency can help answer any questions you may have regarding what your insurance will cover. Give us a call now.

Commercial Auto

Do you have a delivery service? How about a taxi or limo service? Are you in the rental truck business?

All of these can qualify for business and commercial auto insurance. However, they are not to be confused with each other.

They both can benefit you in many different ways. Commercial Auto insurance can be used for vehicles specifically required for a business. The vehicles could be tractor-trailers, cement trucks, delivery vans, and so much more. If your business vehicle is involved in a collision, the business could end up taking responsibility.

You won’t have to pay for those costs out of pocket when you have commercial auto insurance. Find the right insurance coverage. You won’t regret it. It can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in medical bills, repair costs, and so much more.

Work vehicles also tend to be considered a high load vehicle. This can raise the risk of damage it can cause. Talk to one of our agents to make sure you have the right kind of coverage for your work vehicle.

Houston TX Rental Truck Insurance

Get quality coverage for your business

Business Insurance

If you own a business, you will want to consider investing in business insurance. Our business insurance plans can help you with many types of risks. If your business gets broken into and vandalized, we can cover damage costs. We can also cover property costs.

If you deal with customers or have employees, you will want coverage. When dealing with other people, you never know what you might run into.

Today, lawsuits are very frequent. Perhaps one of your employees gets hurt on the job. They may be entitled to worker’s compensation.

If you have a disgruntled business partner, they may try to take you to court. If you own a bar or a restaurant, we have plans that can cover specific businesses. We even have plans that can cover technology-based companies.

Say you have an advertising issue that causes financial damage to your company. We can help cover costs that we lost in that advertising issue. Companies that focus on green energy can have their own unique risks.

You will want team member benefits such as worker’s compensation if something happens. Does your business operate on someone else’s property? You might want o think about having coverage in case your business causes damage to their property.

General Liability

Having a General Liability place is always a good start. This plan can cover things such as bodily injury, property damage, advertising injury, and personal injury such as slander. It is not required by law that you have general liability insurance. However, it is always a good idea.

You never know what you might come up against when you are a business owner. Owning any kind of business is a risk in and of itself. Based on your type of business you have can raise the risk. Considering the size of your business is important to note.

Large companies will tend to have a bigger financial cushion. Smaller companies may not have this advantage. When you’re a small company with high risk, you need to have adequate coverage. Don’t risk everything you have worked for.

Being a small company does not mean you may not be at high risk. Are you are a small company that deals in vehicles such as rental vehicles? You are at a higher risk than you may realize.

Free Quote

If you are not sure what kind of insurance you need, give us a call. Our agents will be more than happy to help you. We are a company that dedicates itself to serving our customers. We offer a free quote to anyone interested and want to weigh out their options.

Texas Insurance Agency works with dozens of other insurance companies to bring you the best deals possible;e. We can help you bundle policies that are customized to exactly what you need. If you have questions, we have answered them.

If you schedule an appointment with us, you can talk to one of our experts. We will give you a quote for the perfect plan to fit your business and personal need.

We don’t just offer business plans. Our agency offers so much more than that. We can offer you personal insurance plans that can cover almost every aspect of your life. Texas Insurance Agency offers plans for the homeowner, personal auto, life insurance, renters insurance, flood insurance, and so much more!

When you need good quality cover, trust Texas Insurance Agency. We are a professional group of agents. We have extensive experience and education on insurance plans. So give us a call when you need Houston TX Rental Truck Insurance.

Houston TX Rental Truck Insurance

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