Houston TX real estate e&o insurance

Regardless of what line of work you perform, you need to keep yourself protected. Especially when you work as a realtor; therefore, look into purchasing our Houston TX real estate e&o insurance policy today! At Texas Insurance Agency, we recognize that everyone’s needs will vary.

More than this, as a real estate agent, you operate under your own set of finite terms and conditions. Knowingly, you will need to partner with a company that takes you seriously and can match you with an agency that understands the importance of supplying you with a high-quality policy.

Houston TX real estate e&o insurance

The Texas Insurance Agency offers affordable Houston TX real estate e&o insurance!

A malpractice case can truly arise from anywhere at any time. While sometimes these cases are unfair or unjust, every client does hold the same right to do so; however, regardless of what the case concerns and whether or not there is any truth, you still need to keep yourself protected. There are substantial legal fees that will need to be paid out, which can be done by using an insurance policy.

Choose Texas Insurance!

At Texas Insurance, we provide you with nothing but competitive rates and pricing. As a result, you’re matched up with a company that meets your needs to a tee. Insurance can easily become confusing. Many companies don’t actually make it any easier to understand.

The lengthy jargon is confusing and a tactic used to lure customers into a policy they don’t understand and can’t use effectively. However, you won’t find this with Texas Insurance. Our team of brokers is set on finding you an affordable policy. More than this, they want to ensure that you can get the most out of any policy you decide to utilize.

Clearly, you can understand both why and how we’ve been in operation for so long. The customer service we provide is insurmountable. Therefore, you’ll always be able to find the best rates and policies with our team at your disposal.

What is Houston TX real estate e&o insurance?

We all know what the job of a real estate agent is. However, not many actually know the importance of having real estate insurance on hand. At the core, Houston TX real estate e&o insurance will protect you from any claims, judgements, or financial losses on account of a lawsuit.

Moreover, it will protect you from unjust libel and slander claims that can ruin your reputation as an agent or lead to more costly consequences. While every client does have the right to sue you, it does not necessarily mean that every claim is true or right in nature.

Also, the chance of your brokerage being sued if you are too will increase. So, it is in our best interest to keep yourself properly protected as best as you possibly can. One way to do this is by making sure you have a high-quality insurance policy on hand.

What claims can be brought against me?

Houston TX real estate e&o insurance

Save big on your policy with the experts at Texas Insurance Agency.

As a real estate agent, there are so many things that could go wrong because the business operates far differently from anything else. Lawsuits sometimes originate out of a misunderstanding or simple misinformation. The most common issues that you as a realtor’s face include:

  • Listing damaged property without properly informing the client of current damages or flaws that exist
  • Failing to provide the client with adequate services or failing to produce work that meets your clients best interest
  • Inaccurate description of listings
  • Failure to disclose all security risks to the client at the showing

Please note that these are only a few of many issues that you could potentially face as a real estate agent. There are still a large number of false claims and allegations that could successfully ruin your reputation as a realtor.

How does real estate e&o insurance work?

Once you sign the policy, it goes into effect. Legally and contractually, you are obligated to the insurer that you have partnered with. Now that you are tied to them, they are obligated to help you pay for any financial perils that fall under their policy description. The policy remains in effect as long as you are doing your part to pay the premiums and you do not exceed your set-in-stone limit.

Once you sign with an insurer, they agree to:

  • Find an attorney
  • Pay for legal fees within the policy limits
  • Cover court judgments
  • Provide funds for settlements on the plaintiff’s behalf
  • Pay for court, witness testimony, and other costs that come with a lawsuit

In certain instances, your insurer is not legally obligated to help you out. These incidents include any type of criminal charge that has to do with fraudulent or malicious acts, class action suits, death, and prior litigations.

Overall, real estate insurance is not entirely necessary. But just like any other insurance policy, it is a great asset to have on hand that keeps you financially protected at all times. Moreover, depending on the business you work for, you might actually have to have this policy on hand. Make sure you know how you’re supposed to be covered in your state.

Other policies you should consider

Houston TX real estate e&o insurance

Keep your family protected by protecting yourself!

While Houston TX real estate e&o insurance is the best policy to have on hand, there are other policies you can use to give yourself added protection.

  • Business Owners Policy: Business owner’s policies are a great addition to any insurance you already have on hand. Overall, this policy seeks to make things more convenient by combining one or more policies together at a cheaper price than purchasing them separately.
  • Commercial Auto: If you own a company vehicle, then a commercial auto policy will cover the cost of theft, vandalism, or replacements from the incidents.
  • Workers Compensation: Finally, there is a workers compensation policy. We believe every business should have one on hand. It will protect you from being sued for a workplace injury if your employee signs it. More than this, it will make sure that you can help cover any medical costs that your employee is responsible for after an injury.

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Overall, Texas Insurance wants to help match you with the right policy. Give our agents a call today at 281-398-1010. From there, we’ll be able to learn your needs and match you with an agency that can meet them. There are no strings attached to us. Only quality services and affordable rates. Reach out today to find an agency that supplies Houston TX real estate e&o insurance.

Houston TX Fun Facts:

  • The Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world.
  • In the late-1830s, Houston was the capital of Texas.
  • Houston has an underground tunnel system.
  • For more information about Houston, TX, visit the city’s website.

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