Houston TX Professional Athlete Insurance Policies

If you are searching for Houston TX Professional Athlete Insurance Policies, look no further than the Texas Insurance agency. We are here to protect you on the court and off. We understand the many risks that are associated with being a professional athlete. Risk management is the most valuable tool for those who play professional sports. This tool is also invaluable for student-athletes. Therefore, be ready for whatever with the right coverage.

Being a professional athlete is an uncertain occupation. Therefore, the Texas Insurance Agency is here to provide some certainty.

Houston TX Professional Athlete Insurance Policies

We offer many coverage options for professional athletes. By working with numerous different companies, we will find the right policy for you. Furthermore, we always work to get you the best price possible.

Each sport that exists comes with a list of risks. These risks can range from bodily injury to loss of future earnings. Therefore, protect yourself with a professional athlete insurance plan. Whether you play basketball, football, or tennis professionally, we have the right plan for you. Every year, hundreds of professional athletes are involved in an injury. Therefore, protect your income with a professional athlete insurance policy.

Furthermore, the more fame and recognition you receive, the more protection you will require. It is in your best interest to have your personal and business assets protected. The Texas Insurance Group will have your back through the struggles of being a professional athlete.

Houston TX Professional Athlete Insurance Policies

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Reasons to Invest in Insurance

There are many types of insurance options that we can tailor for your professional athlete needs. Furthermore, there are reasons why choosing these coverage options is beneficial to you. The type of coverages available will secure you through injury, loss of endorsements, contract incompletion, and management costs. We will discuss these coverage options in more detail below.

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Injuries are always unexpected and tragic. When an injury happens to a professional athlete, their entire future is thrown into question. Furthermore, they may not be able to have an income stream coming in. In this event, keep yourself protected with an insurance plan built for you. Loss of future earnings coverage will protect you during injury. This coverage becomes valid when an athlete has an injury that affects their future income.

To learn more about our loss of future earnings coverage, visit us today. For a quote, simply fill out the form found here. Please input “professional athlete coverage” after pressing the ‘other’ button. We will get back to you through text or email.

Contract Completion

This form of coverage will ensure that you are covered if your team can no longer pay you. This may occur if the team’s revenue gets lowered for whatever reasons. This loss of revenue may cause a shortage in fees. Therefore, to assure the sports team is able to pay athletes, we offer contract completion coverage. Furthermore, this type of coverage can keep your loved ones secure as well. We understand that professional athletes hold financial responsibilities to others. We hope to keep you secure if your income was to be compromised.

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Houston TX Professional Athlete Insurance Policies

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Loss of Endorsements

For athletes, endorsements are a big deal. They are a large stream of income for many athletes. Therefore, protect yourself against the loss of these endorsements. You can lose endorsement deals for many reasons. Some reasons include lowered fan interest, crime, or other incidents. When these endorsements are lost, you may have to find another source of income. However, with loss of endorsement coverage, you can be protected.

Contact us today if you would like more information regarding our loss of endorsement coverage. To view our contact information, visit the link provided here.

Cost of Agents and Managers

If you were to suffer an injury, it is in your best interest to remain in a relationship with your agent or manager. The manager or agent will be able to continue building your brand and bringing in income. However, these agents and managers can be pricey. Therefore, cover the costs associated with these agents or managers with us. The Texas Insurance Agency is here to answer any questions you may have.

College Draft Protection

This coverage is built for college athletes. Insure the future value of your career with college draft coverage. Many athletes may choose to stay in school rather than become professionals quicker. Therefore, they are taking the risk of injury at the college level. Therefore, insure yourself against this tragedy with a college draft protection.

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Houston TX Professional Athlete Insurance Policies

Protect your income with coverage from the Texas Insurance Agency.

Texas Insurance Agency

The Texas Insurance Agency has been serving Houston and surrounding areas with quality insurance and prices. Furthermore, we have a heavy focus on customer service. That is why we conduct each business dealing with integrity and honesty. Additionally, we hope to make the insurance shopping experience easy for you. Our qualified team of professionals is always ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

We offer many forms of insurance at the Texas Insurance Agency. We offer coverage for both businesses and individuals. Whether you are searching for auto, life, or commercial insure, visit us today. We are here to serve you, not the insurance companies. It is our main goal to get you the best coverage at the right price.

For professional athletes, we offer many coverage options. Furthermore, we also offer coverage for those who play amateur sports. Therefore, whether you are LeBron James or a bench warmer, we have the right coverage for you.

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Customer Satisfaction

It is our mission at the Texas Insurance Agency to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, you can be assured that our insurance agents are highly qualified in insurance. We are constantly working around the clock to find the best coverage and prices for you. We work with many different insurance companies to get you the best available value.

Our job is to work hard so that you do not have to. If you are searching for Houston TX Professional Athlete Insurance Policies, visit us today.

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