Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a business that has company vehicles, consider Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance at Texas Insurance Agency. 

Texas Insurance Agency has the most optimal savings for any business owner’s with the need for company auto insurance. 

Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance

Who wants to feel unsafe with their business? It’s imperative that if you own a business with company cars or motorcycles, you get them insured.

Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance

Protect your business today with commercial auto insurance.

No one ever wants to believe that unfortunate things can happen to them and their business. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. View your vehicle or motorcycle insurance quotes here with us! 

Houston Background

Everyone knows the city of Houston, Texas. It’s quite the staple within our entire country. 

Houston is known for many things, like barbecue and big hair, but not so much for their incredible insurance savings regarding company policies. 

However, that’s where Texas Insurance Agency comes in to save the day. Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance and company auto insurance can be found right here! 

Talk to our trusted local agents today to see if they can find the best auto and motorcycle coverage for you and your business!

Texas Insurance Agency Coverage Options

There are a wide variety of coverage types here at Texas Insurance Agency. We carry many liability insurance options to ensure you, and your company remains protected. 

That, as well as your employees, of course, is why we do what we do. We are very passionate about finding the best insurance deals for you and your hard-earned business. 

The following is a list of what we cover in terms of insurance policies for businesses:

With so many incredible options to choose from, it’s no wonder why Texas Insurance Agency is the best insurance agency for business owners. 

Finding Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance or auto coverage in Texas for your business has never been easier! 

Commercial Auto Insurance

One of our most popular options out of all our insurance policies is our commercial auto insurance. 

This coverage provides complete business-related vehicle incidents and fender-benders. 

Nowadays, most companies are remote. However, there are still plenty in Houston that are mobile and moving. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that your company isn’t on the line over something as silly as a fender-bender in the company car.

Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance

Protect your business assets with commercial auto insurance!

Our policy here covers both cars, vans, bikes, and more. Moreover, it covers the price of vehicle repair and any medical costs due to injuries sustained in the said accident. 

If you have a delivery service or any other business where transportation plays a large part, this is the policy for you. 

Having the right commercial auto insurance is vital to a successful business. It also helps protect your pockets so that you won’t be held liable if an accident does occur. 

Whatever size of your business, big or small, Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance and auto coverage here at Texas Insurance Agency has your back. 

Business Auto Insurance

This auto insurance is far more different than traditional commercial auto insurance. They may sound like the same type of insurance, yet, they both contain a wide variety of differences. 

Both insurance policies are needed for different situations. Commercial auto insurance is 100% required for specific automobiles that do particular tasks. Some examples of these specified vehicles are cement trucks, delivery vans, tractor-trailers, and more. 

No matter what the insurance policy is, the business owns it as opposed to the driver of the vehicle at the time. Because of this, the company is entirely liable for any accidents involved with the company car, van, or truck.

Furthermore, commercial vehicles are typically larger carrying loads than other cars on the road. Due to this, the risk of damage skyrockets, creating the need for a perfect policy much more necessary. 

Coverage on business vehicles

There are higher coverage limitations with commercial auto policies rather than personal policies. It is because business vehicles must have additional protection in case an accident takes place. 

Especially when it comes down to long-haul or overnight jobs that involve semi-trucks or eighteen-wheelers. This kind of coverage for your business covers a few different and convenient things, such as: 

  • Driver injury
  • Damages to vehicles
  • Injuries of other passengers
  • Damages to the property of someone else’s vehicle

Dealing with all of these factors out of your own pocket as a business owner can be overwhelming and ridiculously expensive. Why prolong the uncertainty of proper company auto insurance? 

Who should consider commercial auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is in place to protect business owners as well as their businesses. This is specific protection for vehicle accidents, predominantly. 

If you have a business that does any of the following, this insurance could be the right pick for you: 

  • Have employees who drive their own personal vehicles during work-related business hours.
  • If you lease, own, or rent vehicles
  • Have employees that lease, rent, operate, or own company vehicles

Obviously, auto insurance is mandatory for anyone driving on the road. Yet, for business-owned automobiles, in particular, you have to have an added level of safety.

Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance

Contact our wonderful specialists to see what policy is best for your business.

You never know what’s going to happen, which is why as a business owner, you must prepare for all possibilities. That is why it’s direly important to have the correct commercial auto insurance. 

However, if your employee uses their own vehicle to drive to and from work, this kind of insurance is not required. It is precisely for company vehicles. Or even cars used on the job to complete day-to-day tasks or operations.

It isn’t easy to know for sure if your company vehicles or employee vehicles are eligible for commercial auto insurance. You can call our trusted agents today to receive a quote on our different policies. 

We can also help you find the best option if commercial auto insurance isn’t the right plan for you. Call today and see what we can help you discover about your business insurance,(281)-398-1010.


You spent so much time building up your business. Why let it crumble due to something as preventable as not having proper auto or motorcycle company insurance? 

Neglecting proper company insurance can make or break your business. It can also burn out your personal savings if a lawsuit or personal civil suit transpires. 

Don’t lose everything you’ve worked for; Houston TX Motorcycle Insurance and auto coverage here at Texas Insurance Agency is here to help! 

Fun Facts of Houston

  • There are over 400 yearly events that take place within Houston, Texas.
  • Houston’s Uptown area holds a huge draw to tourists when it comes to shopping.
  • Home to the beautiful 17-block theatre district.
  • For more information please visit their official website.

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