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Texas Insurance Agency has Houston TX life science liability insurance. We have been serving the city of Houston and all the surrounding areas for several years.

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Houston is leading in the medical industry. The life sciences field is booming in our city and we want to make sure that every business in this sector is protected and covered. This field is unique. So it needs a company that is just as unique to provide quality insurance.

As a life science business owner in a city that is leading in the medical industry, we understand how important it is to protect your business. This is an industry that requires there to be minimal errors and omissions. So why have an insurance policy that omits covering important sections of your business?  Texas Insurance Agency will make sure that every part of your business is covered.

We have a team that is prepared to take a long at your company and discuss with you the coverage available. Life science companies require effective coverage options that way you can pick the option best for you. The team we have is ready to listen to you and the needs of your business.

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Life Science Liability Insurance

The life sciences industry is a cutting edge industry that sees multiple advancements constantly. An industry like this needs an insurance company that matches the fast paced environment. Texas Insurance Agency is proud to offer quality insurance options to businesses in this industry.

Your life science company requires equipment that is expensive and delicate. Because of this, there are risks that are associated with this business. These risks include supply chain interruption, strict regulations, sample or product loss, recalls, and even product spoiling. Because these risks are unique to the life science industry, risk management will also be unique.

In addition to these unique risks, you can still face the same risks as other businesses. These include property damage and loss of important files. There are several coverages for Life Science Insurance that are added to the policy.

To discuss more about Life Science Insurance reach out to an agent today. They are ready to discuss the policy with you in full.

What is Life Science Insurance

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Houston TX life science liability insurance

Life Science Insurance, also known as Biotech Insurance, is for companies in the medical field. For example, medical technology research, development of medical technology, or manufacturing medical devices. Coverage includes general liability, product liability, human and product clinical trials liability, and errors and omissions.

Protection of your property and the equipment they use is also coverage that clients add to their policy. Depending on what your business focuses on you always want to consider protecting your employees. If they are handling certain material, you want to make sure that if anything happens you are not paying for medical bills out of pocket.

It is possible for your Life Science Insurance to be under business insurance. This is because Life Science Insurance is just a specified business insurance. Ask an agent for more information.

Business Owner’s Policy

As a life science business owner it may be required for you to have a Business Owner’s Policy or BOP for short. It is important to point out because it can be mandatory. This policy is comparable to homeowners insurance. This policy can help you save money as well.

By combining three different types of insurance policies BOP keeps your biotech business safe.

General Liability Insurance protects your business from lawsuits about injury to the body or property damage. Commercial Property Insurance protects the building that your business operates from. Including tools and lab equipment. Lastly Business Income Insurance, that helps replace any income that your business loses in case you can’t open because of property damage.

To get more information on Houston TX life science liability insurance call an agent today.

Other Insurance Policies Available to you

In addition to Biotech Insurance, we have a variety of commercial insurance policies for you. We know that you also have personal investments that you want to protect and insure. Those are also available for you.

Call an agent to see if we have the insurance you are looking for. Get a quote on any of our policies today.

Commercial Insurance

Directors and Officers coverage is for the board of directors and officers in your company. The ones that make the big decisions about the company should also be covered. This policy makes this possible. Sign up for this policy for all of your board members.

Call an agent for more information about D&O Insurance.

Commercial Auto insurance is also a popular policy that businesses get. There are so many businesses that need vehicles and require vehicles to run their business. If yours is like this, consider getting Commercial Auto Insurance.

Personal Insurance

Another insurance policy we have is Life Insurance. For the things that are we don’t plan for. Life insurance ensures that the loved ones you leave behind and secured financially. Don’t leave them with a mortgage or college tuition to pay for alone. Getting Life insurance can leave them settled.

Get a quote and tailor your life insurance the way you want it.

Living in the Greater Houston area has homeowners alert when it comes to the weather. We get storms and hurricanes all the time. Sometimes this leads to flooding. Protect your home and the building your business operates in by getting Flood Insurance.

Houston TX life science liability insurance

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We are happy to be able to serve all kinds of businesses in the Greater Houston area. We have always had the goal of being able to fully serve our community the best way we know how. As an independent insurance agency, we are able to do just that.

We are also aware that when you are searching for an insurance company, you look for affordability. Texas Insurance Agency is able to provide you with a policy that is affordable and fits the budget of your lifestyle and business.

Houston TX life science liability insurance is available at Texas Insurance Agency.

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