Houston TX How Much To Insure a Food Truck

You have decided to start a new food truck business, and you are asking, Houston TX How Much To Insure a Food Truck?

The team here at Texas Insurance Agency is here to answer all your questions and get you a quote on the commercial auto insurance you need.

Houston TX How Much To Insure a Food Truck

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Houston TX How Much To Insure a Food Truck

All new business owners with vehicles as business property have questions about the insurance coverage they need. They also want to know how much it will cost. Food truck owners are no exception.

So how much is it to insure a food truck in Houston TX?

Your premium will depend on several factors. However, Texas Insurance Agency is an independent agency. That means our insurance agents do not just work with one insurance company. In fact, our job is to work for you.

We will gather your data and find you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

What Type of Insurance Will Insure a Food Truck?

Your food trailer requires liability coverage against property damage and other events. Your food truck IS your business. A business-operated vehicle is a different type of vehicle. Therefore, you need a different type of insurance.

Business Auto Insurance Vs. Commercial Auto Insurance

Food trucks are a special type of vehicle. You quite literally take your business on the road. Therefore, you need the type of auto liability insurance that protects your business.

Every car on the road must have a minimum of general liability insurance. This is state law. However, when a vehicle is part of your business, standard personal auto coverage is not the answer.

There are two types of auto insurance business owners can choose from.

Business Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance is a type of business insurance that covers passenger vehicles owned by a private person. If your vehicle is used to perform your job, that is when business auto insurance applies. This does not include simply driving your car to work and home.

If, for instance, you own a car and you use it for your part-time rideshare gig, you may consider business auto insurance. As another example, let’s say you own a flower shop. If you use a small truck or a van that you own to deliver flowers to your customers, business auto insurance would be a good fit.

Business auto insurance does not apply to food trucks. Let us look at the type of auto insurance that will cover you.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Food trucks are specialty vehicles.

A food truck IS the business itself. Even if you purchased the food truck under your own name, you are still the sole proprietor of your food truck business. Therefore, ownership of a food truck belongs to the business itself.

Not only does your food truck fall under the business-owned category, but it also falls under the specialty vehicle category.

Your food truck performs a specific function that a regular car does not. Vehicles that perform a job, task, or function for a business require commercial auto insurance. Your food truck certainly falls under that category.

Houston TX How Much To Insure a Food Truck

Let us get you a commercial auto insurance quote and answer your question Houston TX How Much To Insure a Food Truck.

Specialty vehicles used by a company tend to be larger than private passenger cars. For this reason, commercial auto insurance policies provide more coverage than regular personal auto insurance.

How Will Commercial Auto Insurance Protect My Food Truck?

Commercial auto insurance will protect your mobile food service truck in various ways. For starters, commercial auto insurance provides higher coverage limits than personal auto policies.

Damage To Other Vehicles Caused By Your Food Truck

The minimum expectation of any auto insurance is coverage of damage caused to other vehicles. We hope you never get into an accident on the way to your location for the day. However, rest assured. If your food truck hits and damages another vehicle, you’re covered.

Injury To Driver of the Food Truck

This is a scenario we hope will never happen to you. However, if you are injured in an accident while driving your food truck, you are covered.

This coverage will include an ambulance and medical costs. If one of your team members drives the food truck and they are injured, they are covered as well. Please call us if you have any questions as to what is covered.

Property Damage to Someone Else’s Property

Food trucks are large vehicles and could potentially damage someone else’s property in the event of an accident.

Let’s say you are setting up at a festival along with other food trucks and other vendors. While parking your food truck, you do not see a table a vendor has set up, and you run over it. You break the table and damage all the goods they are selling. Does your commercial auto policy cover this?

Yes. Whether an accident is your fault or not, your policy covers someone else’s property. Commercial auto insurance will cover the cost of the repair or replacement of their damaged property.

Injuries of Other Drivers and Pedestrians

Your policy also covers you if other drivers sustain injuries. If a pedestrian is hurt as a result of an accident, commercial auto also covers their medical costs. If you have questions regarding these types of scenarios, we are more than happy to go over the details of commercial auto policy coverage.

Other Types of Insurance For Your Food Truck Business and You

Texas Insurance Agency can also help you find other types of  business insurance. The insurance companies we partner with also provide small business insurance, worker’s compensation, and others.

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Houston TX How Much To Insure a Food Truck

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