Houston TX Food Truck Insurance Application

If you’re a food truck owner who has been looking for a Houston TX food truck insurance application, look no further. Texas Insurance Agency is your mobile food truck insurance expert. We are here to help you find the right policy.

We are an independent agency. That means we do not work for the insurance companies, we work for you. Texas Insurance agency is committed to finding your food truck the best rate for the commercial auto insurance coverage that you need.

Houston TX Food Truck Insurance Application

Houston TX Food Truck Insurance Application

Texas Insurance Agency is here to help you fill out your Houston TX Food Truck Insurance Application.

You made the decision to start a food truck business. Congratulations!

You have bought your food truck and are now ready to apply for insurance. Our team here at Texas Insurance Agency is always eager to speak with business owners. We are at your service to provide the insurance quotes you need.

If you are a new food truck business owner, it is okay to have a lot of questions.

What is the correct insurance for food trucks? How much does food truck insurance cost? Which insurance companies offer food truck insurance? Does a food truck insurance policy cover property damage or bodily injury?

We are here to answer all of these questions and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Commercial Auto Insurance is Right For You

There are several types of auto insurance policies out there. It is okay to have questions about which is right for you.

As we all know, a personal auto insurance policy covers a personal vehicle for personal use. Other types of auto policies are business auto insurance and commercial auto insurance. What is the difference?

Business Auto Insurance Vs. Commercial Auto Insurance

In short, business auto insurance provides coverage for personal vehicles that the owner uses for business purposes. Business purposes do not include simply driving to and from work. This type of coverage is intended for personal vehicles an owner uses to perform duties or tasks for their job or business.

Houston TX Food Truck Insurance Application

Business auto insurance and commercial auto insurance are different. Let us answer all your questions!

For example, a business auto policy would cover a personal car the owner uses for a rideshare job like Lyft or Uber. A business auto policy would cover a personal van that its owner uses for a side delivery job.

Business auto insurance is also an option for a personally-owned truck a driver uses daily or often for job duties, such as hauling equipment.

However, a business auto policy is not right for your food truck.

For your Houston TX food truck insurance application needs, a commercial auto insurance policy is right for you.

The Right Insurance For Houston TX Food Truck Insurance Application

Commercial auto insurance covers specialty vehicles that perform special job tasks. Therefore, it is the correct insurance policy for a mobile food service truck or food trailer.

Commercial auto insurance was designed for business-owned specialty vehicles. That is because these specialty vehicles serve a special function for that business. Some examples of autos that would fall under this category are large moving trucks and business-owned delivery vans. Other examples include cement trucks, tractor-trailers, and heavy-duty trucks owned by the business.

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Commercial auto insurance protects your food truck in many ways. Most commercial vehicles are much larger than passenger vehicles, like your food truck. Larger vehicles tend to cause more damage to others. It is vital that your food truck have the required auto insurance in order to protect you and your business.

Commercial auto insurance covers your food truck in several ways.

Damage to Other Vehicles

First, commercial auto insurance covers damage to other vehicles. This is the most basic coverage you need. Accidents happen. If you are driving the food truck and get into an accident, your policy will cover any damage to the other vehicle.

Houston TX Food Truck Insurance Application

Food trucks are also required to have insurance. Let us get you the best quotes for your commercial auto insurance today!

Driver Injury

Secondly, your food truck will be protected in the case of a driver injury. If you get into an accident on the way to your day’s location and you or a team member are hurt, a commercial auto policy will protect you.

Damage to Others’ Property

Commercial auto insurance also covers any damage to property belonging to another person. For instance, you will be covered if your food truck is involved in an accident that causes damage to a building or a home.

This type of policy will also cover personal property damage. If you have an accident around other vendors, and their items for sale are damaged, don’t worry, that is also covered.

Injuries to Others

In addition, your commercial auto insurance policy will cover injuries that happen to someone else. Whether it’s the driver of another food truck, a pedestrian, or someone inside a structure that is hit, your policy will also cover the injuries of another person.

All Your Food Truck Insurance Needs

Protect your food truck with commercial auto insurance. Then, protect your business with our other insurance products.

We also offer many other types of business insurance to protect your small business. You made the investment into a mobile food service business, and that is an investment worth protecting.

Other types of insurance products we offer include small business insurance and workers’ compensation insurance to protect your crew members. Our team members are here to discuss these business needs. Let us help you find the right coverage at the best rates.

Other Insurance Products For Your Personal Needs

You are a business owner, but you are also a person with a personal life.

Are you a new homeowner? In that case, you may need homeowners insurance or flood insurance. Maybe your general liability insurance premium on your personal auto insurance is too high. If so, we can help find you a lower rate.

Maybe you’ve become permanently attached to your grandfather’s old fishing boat, and you want to repair it and get boat insurance. Or maybe your family is growing, and you want to get life insurance to protect your loved ones. We can find you the policy that meets your budget.

No matter your business or personal insurance needs, Texas Insurance Agency is here to help. Our agents are people, too, and we care about our customers. Let’s discuss your needs so we can get you the best quotes in Texas.

Many Locations to Serve Your Food Truck Insurance Needs in Houston TX

Texas Insurance Agency is excited to learn more about you and your food truck business.

In order to better serve you, we now have five convenient locations. If you are in Houston, TX, we have a North Houston and a Galleria-area location. We also have branch offices in Katy, TX, Pearland, TX, and The Woodlands, TX. No matter your location, there is a branch office near you.

We are very easy to reach. You can either call us, email us, or just stop by any one of our offices during business hours.

We are eager to get you started with your Houston TX food truck insurance application and get your business on the road today!


Fun Facts about Houston TX

  • Houston, TX has a population of more than 2.3 million residents.
  • The Houston metropolitan area is the size of the state of Connecticut!
  • Houston is a major city, but is also home to a lot of greenspace. For example, Memorial Park is comparable in size to New York city’s Central Park.

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