Houston TX Data Breach Insurance

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We live in an age of technology. So much so that with all the ones and zeros that zip from tower to tower, we are basically swimming in data. You really have to think about how much of your business utilize tech.

If it’s something like an email list, that’s an opening. If it’s a blog that people can comment on, that’s an opening. And if your business is entirely online, transactions, storefront, passwords, etc… that’s an opening.

Keep yourself, your customers, and your brand protected. Look into the different cyber insurance options when you speak with one of our team members. We will work tirelessly for you to get you the coverage you need to protect the business you’ve built.

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Houston TX data breach insurance

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We are a team of highly skilled agents that have been in this business for decades. Each of us has had a hand in many different aspects of this industry. We will use our expert experience to aid you in finding the policy that will allow you to grow and keep you covered.

We know how important insurance is, so we assure you that you’ll find no team more dedicated than us. The right policy can catch you from falling into a pit. Whether it’s protecting your reputation, your finances, or your employees, it’s always a welcome relief knowing the net is there.

Give yourself peace of mind when you when get the right insurance. And we can help you find the best one because while having insurance is great… Picking the best policy can be a hassle.

We will clearly explain each and every policy option you want to look over. Our team members will tell you clearly what the policy can do for you and how it is put into effect. You can also count on our agents being personal but also candid with you about different options.

We work for you, not big insurance; we will never push you into a policy that is a bad fit. Don’t strap yourself to a policy that you are unsure of. Insurance is supposed to boost your confidence in your business, not leave you second-guessing.

Our agents can help you jump through all the jargon gymnastics until you know exactly what you’re getting. And if you still have questions when you leave our company, feel free to give s a call! We will always put you first and answer any questions you might have.

Houston TX Data Breach Insurance

Once again, think about how much of your company uses technology or online platforms. You should be aware of the different kinds of cyber insurance there are. You should also be aware of the threat level when it comes to data.

Information is one of the most expansive and lucrative markets, netting billions each year. Naturally, crime follows the money, and so tech-savvy criminals have hopped on the train. And with technology expanding all the time, new insurance options are always being crafted to keep you protected. Technology is not slowing down anytime soon, so you need to protect yourself and your clients before your business is breached.

The Types Of Insurance

Because of how expansive the world of technology is, the coverage varies from policy to policy. There are broad options that can cover general liability and then much more niche options. Everything depending on what you need, how big your business is, and your online activity.

Houston TX data breach insurance

Reach out to us today; we can’t wait to hear from you!

As for the broadband of the cyber scope, you should look into these:

  • Extortion
  • Theft and Fraud
  • Network Security
  • Information Privacy
  • Reputation Insurance
  • Business Interruption
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Computer data loss and restoration

Each of these bullets holds a wide range of relating policies under them. You can talk to our agents about the different ones based on your needs, as said before. You can even ask about your small business owner’s options.

These options act as an umbrella policy, bundling up cyber insurance for your small business. You can qualify if you are just starting out or if you’ve been in business for years. These options are made to the scale size of your small business.

This way, you can afford the coverage by only paying for what you need. You still get great coverage on so many options. And remember, if you ever find yourself confused, you can call us up because we work for you!

Protection From What?

Know that Houston TX data breach insurance is different from something like cyber liability insurance, even if they have overlap. A lot of these insurance options will have overlap, but they are all different. Its part of what makes looking through them alone makes them such a headache.

But when you get the coverage you need, you can protect the privacy and data of your clients. This can lend your business more credibility, and customers can trust your brand. As for what kind of things you’re trying to protect your brand from…

  • Hacking: There are many different policy options you can look into that protect against hacking attacks. Protect your clients and brand from malware or phishing attempts. You can be covered on monetary loss due to hacking or from being held liable. Depending on the policy you pick.
  • Human Error: If you think hacking is the most common cause of data leaks, you’d be wrong. Human error, from accident to intentional breaching, is a more prevalent threat. The right insurance will protect you from any kind of fallout delt by human error.
  • Physical/Data Theft: Data theft from your business can cause you to lose clients, investors, and credibility. But there are insurance steps you can take to protect your name. As for physical tech, you can have the cost of these items covered and replaced.

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Houston TX data breach insurance

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