Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators

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We provide insurance services for owner operators. Texas Insurance Agency will find you the best commercial truck insurance quotes. Call us today, or request a quote! We will find you the best commercial truck insurance in Texas.

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Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators

Texas Insurance Agency has 5 locations in the Houston, TX area to serve your insurance needs.

Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators

You are an owner operator, which means you have invested in yourself.

Your truck is your business. Therefore, it is vital to get your truck the right coverage. State law requires all vehicles on the road to have insurance coverage. However, your truck is commercial and requires a different kind of insurance.

Your truck is a business vehicle. It serves a business function and performs a job for you. Therefore, your truck requires commercial auto insurance. Texas Insurance Agency is committed to helping you find the best rate for Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators.

Texas Insurance Agency is an independent agency, which means we do not work for insurance carriers. We work for you!

Texas Insurance Agency has partnered with many insurance companies that offer trucking insurance. We make them fight for your business. Let us help you get the best rate possible for your truck insurance needs.

Your truck is an investment in yourself. Protect your investment today with the right commercial auto insurance.

Why Owner Operators Need Commercial Truck Insurance

Personal auto insurance, business auto insurance, and commercial auto insurance are different from one another. It is obvious why personal auto insurance is not the appropriate choice for your business vehicle.

It is important not to confuse business auto insurance with commercial auto insurance. They may sound the same, but they are two different types of insurance.

Business Auto Insurance for Commercial Use

Business auto insurance is a good choice for someone who owns a personal passenger vehicle that they use for business purposes. To be clear, this does not mean driving your car to work and back home. Let’s look at an example.

Bob owns a small flower shop and needs a delivery van. Bob also has a big family, so a family van is a smart choice. After thinking about it, Bob buys a van.

The van has plenty of seats to take his kids to soccer practice. It also has plenty of room in the back to deliver flowers to Bob’s customers during his workday. His wife loves the room for buying groceries in bulk.

Bob personally owns the van. But, Bob also uses it all day at work. The van is like a workhorse that serves a vital purpose for his flower shop. For Bob, business auto insurance is a good choice.

Commercial Auto Insurance is Right For Your Commercial Truck

You are the owner operator of a truck that performs a business function. While you are the owner, you are also the sole proprietor of your business. Your business owns the truck. It is also a special type of vehicle, not a passenger auto.

Your truck is like a workhorse for your trucking business. It isn’t a personal vehicle you use when you are not at work. It is a commercial truck. For this reason, commercial auto insurance is the right choice.

Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators

Texas Insurance Agency will get you the best rates on Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators.

If you have questions about which option is best for your commercial truck, Texas Insurance Agency is just a phone call or an email away. The independent agents at Texas Insurance Agency are eager to learn more about your trucking business. Please don’t hesitate to consult with us about your commercial truck insurance needs. We help owner operators find the right coverage for their trucks.

The Best Commercial Truck Insurance In Texas

You need commercial truck insurance that provides general liability coverage in case an accident happens. However, you want to find the right private carrier for your trucking liability needs. Not all truck insurance companies are the same. We have partnered with the very best.

We will find you quotes from several insurers who provide commercial auto insurance for trucking companies. These insurers give you the insurance options you are looking for, from general liability, to primary liability.

The Right Commercial Truck Insurance Coverage For Owner Operators

You need the right Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators. It is important to make sure you are covered in the event of an accident. The right type of coverage will protect your semi truck, box truck, or any type of truck you have.

The right commercial truck insurance will protect you in case of loss or damage to another vehicle. If an accident is your fault, and another vehicle is damaged, it’s okay. Rest assured that your policy protects you.

Your truck could suffer physical damage in an accident, whether it is your fault or not. Before it happens, you want the right commercial truck insurance to make sure you are covered. The right policy will cover the cost of repairing your commercial truck.

What Does Commercial Truck Insurance Cover?

This is the most important question that owner operators should be asking. Commercial auto insurance needs to fully protect you in case the worst should happen to your truck.

Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators

Our agents are here to answer any questions you have about Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators. Call us today!

These are some of the things covered by commercial truck insurance:

  • Damage you cause to someone else’s vehicle
  • Damage to your truck caused by someone else
  • Medical bills if you are injured in an accident
  • Injuries caused to other drivers involved in an accident
  • Property damage caused by your truck
  • And more

Commercial auto insurance policies have additional options that can be added as riders. As an owner operator, you depend on your commercial truck to run your business. You deserve the best coverage at a rate within your budget. Let us help you find the best Houston TX Commercial Truck Insurance For Owner Operators today!


Fun Facts about Houston, TX

  • Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. It has a population of over 2.3 million residents.
  • The city is home to over 315,000 students enrolled in degree or certification programs. There are over 100 colleges, community colleges, trade and technical schools in the Houston area.
  • Houston is an urban city that values its greenspace. Popular parks include Discovery Green and Memorial Park.


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