Houston TX Commercial Hazmat Truck Insurance

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Houston TX Commercial Hazmat Truck Insurance

Business is risky! Protect your company with Texas Insurance Agency.

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate to be concerned about. Why allow commercial insurance to be another factor?

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we have agents on-site to help you find the best policy coverage for you. We work for you, not the independent insurance companies. Therefore, we’re here to help you find the optimal savings and bundles for your company’s needs.

Trust us; we’ve been in the business for over forty years! Happily serving the Greater Houston Area, there’s no better agency than Texas Insurance Agency.

Background of Houston

The city of Houston is quite the growing one. Known much more than its excellent BBQ and big hair, Houston, Texas, is a staple in American society.

When it comes to insurance coverage, there’s no exception that Houston’s the best. With a population of 2.31 million people and growing, Houston takes a lot of pride in keeping its citizens safe.

With that being said, Houston keeps its citizens safe in all business forms. This includes insurance products and policies, as well. Since the city of Houston is quite the hub for businesses of many kinds, there are bound to be necessary insurance policies involved.

With that being said, this is where Texas Insurance Agency comes in. From primary liability to liability limits, we will tell you what policies are right for you.

When it comes to commercial truck insurance and dealing with truck insurance companies, you can leave that to us.

Houston TX Commercial Hazmat Truck Insurance has never been easier to find than with us!

What’s Commercial Truck Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is coverage for business-related car incidents. It is an insurance policy covering any type of vehicle, like cars, trucks, SUVs, or vans.

Houston TX Commercial Hazmat Truck Insurance

In the event of an accident, you need a commercial trucking insurance!

Also, it covers injuries to the driver as well as damage to the vehicle and repair costs. Insurance like this is highly important if your business relies on delivery services or other automobile endeavors. Commercial auto insurance is a must for all who drive for business-related prospects on a daily basis.

Not only is it recommended, but commercial auto insurance is mandatory for vehicles that perform particular tasks on the road. Vehicles like:

  • Tractor-trailers
  • Cement trucks
  • Construction vehicles or trucks
  • Delivery vans

And much more! Furthermore, these automobiles hold a lot of responsibility because they tend to carry much higher loads than other vehicles on the road. What this means is more liability. So, clearly, a policy is crucial in these instances for your commercial automobiles.

Coverage Variety

There is plenty of coverage options available, such as:

Local & Long-Haul Coverage

When you have a company operating something such as a trailer-trailer or larger-sized vehicle, there are legal requirements that your driver carry trucking insurance.

Keeping this in mind, it’s imperative you find the right company coverage policies. There are two specific areas within commercial trucking insurance options.

Firstly, there’s Liability Coverage, and secondly, Physical Damage Coverage.

Both coverage options are vital when choosing to protect against accident fees associated with your work truck. Thankfully, Houston TX Commercial Hazmat Truck Insurance at Texas Insurance Agency has your back!

Now, there are two parts of primary liability coverage. First, the bodily injury portion, next, the property damage portion.

Furthermore, these will keep you protected from one of your trucks causing property damage, injuries, or even the killing of someone.

However, it’s very crucial to discuss how primary liability won’t protect your own losses. Counter-intuitively, its intention is to fully protect those who have suffered losses because of vehicle damage done by you.

Coverage For Physical Damage

Physical damage coverage comes with both comprehensive and collision coverage. The two of these are crucial for small and large commercially owned vehicles.

Firstly, collision coverage will offer complete protection against damage and loss in the event a road accident takes place. In contrast, comprehensive coverage will protect from damage or loss caused in alternative situations.

Alternative situations, meaning theft or animal hitting during a road trip. As you can see, there are many far and few between situations involved in this coverage.

Furthermore, another loss coverage that may be smart for you to consider is the specified cause of loss coverage. Although it may sound unnecessary, it protects from hazards like hail, vandalism, or fire.

Regardless of what kinds of policy coverage you need, right here at Texas Insurance Agency, we can find the best bundles for you!

Medical Coverage

Moreover, this type of coverage will protect against your pockets being burned into. Involving the coverage of medical needs, medical coverage will ensure any accident coverage fees will not be coming from your direct pockets.

Houston TX Commercial Hazmat Truck Insurance

Never fret about having hazard insurance ever again!

Covering medical expenses of everyone in the accident involved, including you, the driver, and anyone else who may have been injured. Furthermore, it covers for anyone regardless of whose fault the accident was.

A great example of medical coverage usage in a commercial auto policy is:

Say you own a plumbing service, and one of your plumbers gets into an accident while en route to a job. Although it could have been his fault, medical coverage is here for him and anyone else involved in the accident.

Houston TX Commercial Hazmat Truck Insurance will keep you and all other drivers on the road safe!


You worked so hard to keep your business up and running. Therefore, why take a chance on it falling apart due to faulty insurance on business vehicles?

Regardless of big or small business endeavors, you must keep your policies up to date with all things commercial auto insurance-related. No one wishes to see their business go downhill over a lawsuit that could have been avoided.

Needless to say, it’s time to let the pros have a go. Contact our wonderful agents today, (281)-398-1010. They will gladly tell you about what policies we have for you and your business needs.

Finding Houston TX Commercial Hazmat Truck Insurance has never been easier than now!

Fun Facts of Houston

  • Houston has one of the best culinary scenes within the U.S.
  • Home to the largest medical center in the world!
  • Houston residents eat out more on a weekly basis than any other in America.
  • For more fun facts, visit their official website!

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