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Are you looking for ways to find Houston TX cheap auto insurance? Look no further than your folks at Texas Insurance Agency!

Whether you drive a diesel, an electric car, or something that falls in the middle, you need auto insurance. Not only is it required by law in the city of Houston, TX, but it is a no-brainer. Don’t forfeit the protections given to you by insurance.  Instead, let Texas Insurance Agency work with you to find the right type of coverage that fits your needs.

We work with over 20 different insurance providers in the Houston area to provide you with the best selection of rates available. Our great team of insurance agents has not only industry-leading expertise in insurance matters but also offers exceptional customer service as well.

We treat you like family here at Texas Insurance Agency. Treating you like family isn’t just some silly catchphrase we use to attract business, either. We have these family values baked into all our company policies. From the way we treat our customers, to the affordable prices, to the transparency in which we conduct business, we are here for you.

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Houston TX cheap auto insurance

Texas Insurance Agency will help you find Houston TX cheap auto insurance from a truck to a small car no matter what you drive.

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between a broker service and a regular insurance agency.

Brokerage Company. Above all, a brokerage company works for you. We have deals with multiple companies to ensure that you get the most affordable prices possible.

We are like the intermediaries between you and the insurance agency. Doing the heavy lifting for you is our job.

We deal with the insurance agencies and put our more than 20 years of combined experience at work to see right through shady insurance agents.

Insurance Company. The only thing that the insurance company cares about is the insurance company. When you deal with an insurance agent, they are acting on behalf of the company they represent, and they are not acting on your behalf. They may try to add flowery language to their pitch to you, but don’t be fooled!

They aren’t all bad actors; of course, it can just be a daunting task to find a good deal out of all the options available to the average consumer. Enter Texas Insurance Agency. We will help you navigate through this cluster of misinformation and help you find auto insurance tailored to your needs.

Don’t be led to purchase auto insurance that doesn’t fit your needs, choose Texas Insurance Agency so we can find you Houston TX cheap auto insurance!

What Kinds Of Risks Are Waiting For You On The Road?

Houston TX cheap auto insurance

Protect yourself from the many risks waiting for you on the road. Call us today!

Inclement weather? Living down here in Houston, Texas, can worry a lot of car owners. The last handful of years has brought one flood after the next, destroying property lefty and right. These worries can be eased if you know what type of coverage protects you.

Comprehensive coverage covers any damages that occur during a storm. So whether a hurricane is on the way or not, make sure you ask for this type of coverage!

Is it your fault? We all make mistakes on the road. Accidents happen, whether running a stop sign or crashing into someone and damaging their car beyond belief.

To protect you from this, you will need liability insurance. This will help pay for any repairs that the other car may need, so you don’t pay out of pocket.

Liability coverage is usually the bare minimum type of auto insurance you are required to have by law in most states. However, borrowers usually don’t take liability when you are purchasing a new car from a car lot. In that case, you will need to cover your new automobile with full coverage to drive it off the lot.

Other Risks To Drivers.

Passenger injured? Sometimes wrecks can occur, and not only might we become injured and need medical treatment, but our passengers might also as well. Don’t come out of your own pocket to pay for ridiculous hospital bills! Medical payments coverage can help you pay for any medical expenses that occur to people inside your car.

The law. Texas law requires all drivers to have at least liability auto insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 per person or 60,000 per accident. If you drive without insurance, it is scary enough to think about the repairs you might have to pay for if you get into a wreck. Also, a frightening proposition to think about is the penalties.

Penalties for driving without auto insurance can be terrifying. The first penalty for driving without insurance can range from $175-$350. Repeat offenders, however, incur much steeper fines and punishments. If you are caught without insurance multiple times, you can be fined upwards of $1000, and you could have your license suspended!

Don’t chance it! Cops are waiting to make an example out of people that try to skate by without insuring their automobiles. There is no reason not to have insurance; it is a win-win proposition. If you’re worried about the money you have to pay a month, imagine the tickets you’ll have to pay if you are uninsured and pulled over.

Houston TX cheap auto insurance

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Houston Fun Facts:

  • The population of Houston is well over 2.3 million.
  • The professional sports teams of Houston include the Texans, Rockets, Astros, Dash, and the Dynamo.
  • Houston has been the site of NASA’s mission control since 1965.

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