Houston TX Cattle Insurance

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Houston TX Cattle Insurance

In Texas, you need optimal protection for your cattle and farm needs!

Furthermore, it’s not easy working in the agriculture industry. So, let our pros over at Texas Insurance Agency have a go!

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Background of Houston

Houston, Texas, is quite the bustling town in America. We have a population of 2.31 million individuals occupying the city. That’s quite a lot of people for one city!

What this also means is many ranchers or cattle owner’s within the area looking for the right insurance policies. No one wants to be swindled by an insurance agent. That’s why you must contact Teas Insurance Agency for all your Houston TX Cattle Insurance requirements!

Why Do I Need Farm Animal Insurance?

While traditionally, an agriculture business is vastly different than that of, say, a commercial manufacturer, contract, or even business insurance type of coverage.

With that in mind, it’s critical to realize that while it’s a field that’s wildly different than most commercial insurance bundles, it’s still crucial to a successful business.

You may be questioning if you require animal insurance in the first place. After all, Houston TX Cattle Insurance isn’t something that’s frequently discussed outside the farming world.

However, insurance coverage is entirely necessary for a commercial farm. Farm and ranch insurance may be hard to find, but it is in most states mandatory to have farm and ranch insurance.

The policies will differ depending on a multitude of reasons. Ranch insurance policies cover your property, as well as liability coverage.

Liability insurance that will be properly fitting to your requirements when it comes to your home and ranch necessities. Even though many policies differ depending, most will cover the following protection in these areas:

  • Home & contents, which includes detached garages and many other personal use buildings on the property.
  • Ranch structures
  • Liability protection
  • Ranch personal property

If I have a loss, what is covered within my policy?

It’s critical to know what policy types of losses have coverage when it comes to your protection.

Houston TX Cattle Insurance

Let our pros have a go and get you a quote today.

Our agents at Texas Insurance Agency can explain to you which needs may be right for you. Speak to them today to find out what your particular needs are for your cattle and ranch!

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What’re the typical packages for farm and ranch policy coverage?

Some traditional policy options that are covered in most policies regardless of the situation are:

  • AgriChoice (to protect farms and ranches)
  • AgriChoice Plus (for protection regarding expanding farms and ranches, particularly commercial exposure ones.)
  • CountryChoice (this is protection for smaller farm and ranch operators that still require insurance coverage.)

There are many custom policies available, as well. Talk to our agents at Texas Insurance Agency to see what they can bundle for your individual needs!

Basics of Livestock Insurance

There are quite a lot of risks associated with livestock and cattle. More so, it’s the risk of fatality due to accidents, disease, and sickness.

Blanket coverage is a type of coverage that will apply to most poultry as well as livestock, of course. However, there are also specialized coverages for particular groups of farm animals. This would include animals such as sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, hogs, and emus.

Many beginning policies will more than likely be farm operation coverage that has limitations to their animal mortality policy.

However, these could be combined into a bundle farm package that will protect your facility itself, structures, and the animals within your property and company.

This protection bundle could keep coverage safe on all aspects of your animals. Whether it’s a disease, accident, or injury, having Houston TX Cattle Insurance will make sure this unfortunate ordeal does not come out of your pocket.

Coverage types further explained

Plenty of insurance companies and agents will include comprehensive mortality policies when it comes to animals. These policies include things such as disease and sickness. Yet, they also have guidelines for specific animals.

Houston TX Cattle Insurance

We have everything to protect your business needs!

Individual coverage

The individual coverage is pretty limited. It covers higher-valued animals. The animals seen as high value are listed on the policy by descriptive markers.

Such markers may include an ear tag or otherwise. A specific dollar amount coverage is in the policy for this individual animal type.

Blanket coverage

This insurance type allows you to insure much more. Things such as your farm property itself will receive coverage for a predetermined value amount.

Blanket coverage also covers insurance on:

  • Structures
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Livestock

Herd coverage

Lastly, this insurance coverage is the more simple of the three listed. It is the most common type of livestock insurance. Herd coverage allows you to insure a particular number of your animals.

For example, you could insure 200 goats or 500 cattle. At least under this particular insurance!

What this all means to you, the owner!

Having said all of this, the per-head cost of your animals could determine which coverage you need. Of course, the per-head cost of individual policy coverage will be much more than a per-head of a blanket or heard coverage policy.

It is vital to also note that depending on the farm policy; you may find that certain perils aren’t included. The policy that will remain, however, is that of disease and sickness.

Furthermore, you must understand what policy coverage you need. In particular to your animals and the type of agriculture business you run.


You worked hard to get the business you own today. Why allow it to flounder because you didn’t get the proper insurance coverage necessary?

With the help of Texas Insurance Agency, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Particularly having to worry about paying out of pocket for things like lawsuits or animal deaths.

We will help set up the perfect bundle necessary for you to run your business smoothly and safely. Our number one goal is to ensure our customers (you!) have everything needed to succeed.

Our agents are here for you, and you only. So give us a call today to see how we can help you save on bundles!

Houston TX Cattle Insurance can be found right here at Texas Insurance Agency!

Fun Facts of Houston

  • The city of Houston is 655 square miles.
  • It could fit the entire state of New York, Washington, Seattle, Miami, and Boston in it!
  • Paychecks in Houston stretch the furtherest within all of the U.S. cities, according to Forbes.
  • For more fun facts, please visit our website!

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