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Protection You Need For Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Pearland, TX

workers compensation insurance companies Pearland, TX

Texas Insurance Agency can help protect your business and employees as the leading workers compensation insurance companies in Pearland, TX.

Whether you’re operating a large company or running a small business, business insurance is crucial. You want protection for your building, equipment, and furnishings. You also want to be sure your employees are protected.

Accidents can and will always happen, no matter how much we try to avoid them. A team member could sustain an injury due to employer negligence or an honest mistake. That incident could lead to a lawsuit. A company without protections leaves itself vulnerable to costly personal injury lawsuits.

One of the standard insurances a company can have is General Liability Insurance. Under this insurance, a company has protection in the event of Bodily Injury. This coverage will cover injuries that occur from “non-professional negligent acts,” which can include mental injuries or emotional distress.

Liability insurance, unfortunately, does not include coverage for Workers’ Compensation. This insurance will have to be purchased separately to ensure your company has that necessary protection.

Texas is the only state that doesn’t require a company to provide its employees with Workers’ Compensation. However, just because this isn’t a requirement does not mean it’s not vital insurance.

Regarding workers compensation insurance companies Pearland, TX, Texas Insurance Agency is quickly becoming the first choice businesses turn to. Let’s explore how this insurance can be an excellent benefit for your overall success.

The Workers’ Compensation Program

Any business wants what is best for them and its employees. Having workers’ compensation benefits in place is beneficial in the event of a workplace injury. This is good for team members and the company.

The expenses that arise when a team member is injured will be covered with workers’ compensation. If their injury results in a hospital stay, it will cover any medical fees. It also provides wage replacement if they cannot return to work until they fully recover. Furthermore, if their injury results in a permanent disability, it will compensate for that.

Employees can only claim compensation insurance if a team member sustains injuries while on the job. These can occur on company property or during work-related travel. Injuries will not be covered if they are the result of the following:

workers compensation insurance companies Pearland, TX

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  • Team member horseplay
  • Willful criminal acts
  • Self-injury
  • Drug or alcohol intoxication
  • Participation in an off-duty recreational activity
  • Acts of God

Also, because studies have shown valuable work accelerates recovery, the law heavily emphasizes return-to-work programs. This involves suitable light duty. If the team member refuses that work, it can result in workers’ compensation benefits being forfeited.

This insurance also provides coverage if a team member loses their life while on the job. If that were to happen, insurance payments would be made to their family or dependents.

An Employer Benefit

While workers’ compensation insurance is excellent for a team member, it can ultimately be just as good for the employer. This program prevents a company from paying for medical costs and lost wages out of pocket.

Employers are encouraged to obtain this insurance for their business. When they agree to workers’ compensation insurance, they agree to a certain degree of liability. Doing so offers them protection in the event of a negligence lawsuit. Because of this, compensation proves a benefit as it avoids any legal fees.

However, this insurance does not protect against possible lawsuits.

Because workers’ compensation is not a requirement in Texas, businesses are categorized as “subscribers” and “non-subscribers,” depending on their coverage.

  • “No-fault” laws cover subscribers. These laws don’t require a team member to prove the employer’s negligence led to their injury. While that may seem unfair, it almost guarantees that an insurer won’t deny any claims. The team member will still receive wage and medical benefits.
  • Non-subscribers may have a similar insurance policy that provides similar benefits but is not considered workers’ compensation. Whether a business has this insurance or not, an injured team member can receive this benefit. This is thanks to the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Whether subscribing or not, both can face team member lawsuits. However, they won’t be related to workers’ compensation.

  • Subscribers will have more protections, but they are still susceptible to lawsuits. Yet these can only occur under certain conditions.
  • For subscribing businesses, even if a team member has received workers’ comp benefits, they still maintain the right to sue. If their injury were due to an employer’s gross negligence, these suits would be for personal injury.
  • Non-subscribing businesses that face a lawsuit will be sued for negligence.

Regardless of the circumstances, having workers’ compensation insurance is wise for any business.

The Right Choice For Your Business And Employees

workers compensation insurance companies Pearland, TX

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With this information, you’ll better understand what Workers’ Compensation can offer you and your employees. This can help you make an informed decision as to whether this is the right coverage for you.

If you’re still uncertain or have questions, Texas Insurance Agency is here to help. Our expert team of independent insurance agents has years of knowledge and skill. We’ll help you navigate the coverage options available and tailor a policy that suits your needs.

We’re proud Texans and a proudly independent agency that always makes you a priority. Our success is based on the trust we’ve built with our clients by utilizing our skills. We hope to share that with you to get the precise insurance you need.

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Fun Facts About Pearland, TX:

  • Pearland’s first post office was established in 1893.
  • Pearland was the historic site for the Gulf, Santa Fe, and Colorado railroad depots.
  • Pearland is home to Sri Meenakshi Temple, the only one located off the shores of India.

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