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For a Houston, TX garage insurance policy that can recompense you for your damaged property, look no further than Texas Insurance Agency! Texas Insurance Agency is an independent insurance company that gets businesses and homeowners the right coverage. For garage liability insurance, there is none other than Texas Insurance Agency to get you the coverage you need.

A home is one of the most meaningful places for you, where you build memories that last a lifetime. It’s also a property that is the most vulnerable to decay and damage. It’s time now to protect the most valuable asset you own, both financially and emotionally. If you have broken or damaged property, or if your property lacks the protection it needs, our homeowners’ insurance can help.

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Houston, TX garage insurance policy

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Homes are valuable properties that demand a lot of maintenance. Unfortunately, some things truly are beyond your control. Things wear down, decay, and break apart. Hurricanes and tornadoes can break down even the sturdiest of foundations.

For garage keepers especially, garages can take the brunt of wear and tear. Electric door openers can stop working or your garage may experience a gas leak. It may not be safe to continue to use your garage and getting it fixed can prove very expensive.

When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to deal with is paying for extensive damages out-of-pocket. Most damage takes a huge amount of money to fix, funds that you may not have right away. With a good insurance policy, you can rest assured the damage will be recompensed without any extra expenditures on your part.

Texas Insurance Agency offers a broad range of coverage options for homeowners. We are committed to provide you with the insurance that can best safeguard your property.

Homeowners Insurance

When your home or adjacent property (such as garages or sheds) is damaged, homeowners insurance is needed.

Homeowner insurance is one type of property insurance. It is meant to cover losses and damages to an individual’s residence, along with furnishings and other assets. What happens is the insured pays an agreed-upon monthly premium to their insurance provider. Although homeowners insurance is not a legal requirement in Texas, most mortgage lenders would require you to have it.

Homeowners insurance is meant to cover all kinds of bodily injury and property damage. There are four types of damage homeowners policy covers:

  • Interior damage
  • Exterior damage
  • Loss or damage of personal belongings
  • Injuries that occur on the property.

There are several coverage options. Dwelling coverage covers damages to home and attached structures, including garages. If, however, your garage is free-standing, then Other Structures coverage is needed. Other Structures coverage applies to sheds and fences as well.

Other types of coverage options include liability coverage. Liability coverage prevents you from paying out-of-pocket expenses (also called a deductible) when someone suffers an injury on your property. Liability coverage also takes care of any unintentional property damage. Working hand-in-hand with Liability coverage is Medical Payments, which covers the medical expenses of the injured party.

Personal property coverage aims to repair or replace belongings stolen or damaged. Note, however, that this only applies if the damage takes place during a covered event.

Lastly, Additional Living Expenses will help pay for temporary living expenses. This applies in cases when the home is too severely damaged to live in while it is getting repaired.

Auto Insurance

Cars are another kind of valuable property vulnerable to all kinds of damages. Whether it be minor fender benders, vehicle accidents, a particularly vicious Texas storm, or getting hit by another driver, having auto insurance can help cover these often expensive costs. When the worst happens, you’d want to be covered.

Not only that, but Texas law mandates all motorists have auto insurance. You can either have liability coverage or full coverage with a minimum coverage of $30,000 per person or $60,000 per accident. If you don’t have auto insurance, you can expect paying for thousands of dollars of damages out of pocket.

Fortunately, Texas Insurance Agency has you covered! Check out our extensive auto insurance options today.

Houston, TX garage insurance policy

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Other Insurance Policies

Texas Insurance Agency also offers other kinds of personal insurance, such as auto, life, renters, flood, personal umbrella, boat, and motorcycle insurance.

Auto, boat, and motorcycle help protect your transportation vehicles from damage. Renters’ insurance covers break-ins and guest injuries in the rental, while life insurance protects your family from financial hardship in case you pass away.

For businesses, we offer commercial insurance. Commercial general liability insurance, umbrella general liability, and contractors insurance are among our options. We also offer business, oil and gas, wholesalers, and manufacturers insurance. These coverage options can protect your business from work-related incidents, debt, and other job-specific losses.

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Our homes are some of the most valuable and the most vulnerable property we own. Making sure they are protected through homeowners’ insurance is the best way to keep you and your family safe from financial hardship. Texas Insurance Agency offers excellent coverage for homeowners, from dwelling to liability insurance.

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Fun Facts About Houston, TX:

  • It was founded by the Allen brothers in 1836.
  • It is the fourth populous city in the nation.
  • At least 145 languages are spoken by city residents.

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