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Texas Insurance Agency is here to find you the best workers compensation insurance quotes Tanglewood, TX. Businesses must have their bases covered, and business insurance can help ensure that. One minor mishap can plunge a company down the road of paying costly fees affecting their profits. Small businesses often cannot afford situations like this, so having the right insurance is vital.

workers compensation insurance quotes Tanglewood, TX

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Insurance companies provide a vast selection of insurance types to protect your company. Among these different insurance options are legal liability, employee-related risks, and coverage for any property damages. Contact Texas Insurance Agency today to discover your options!

If your business is victim to damages to inventory, computers, accounts receivable, tools, or its physical location, business property insurance can help cover the cost. Additionally, business insurance can aid in the replacement of lost wages if a team member must recover from a workplace injury.

Although Texas is the only state in America that doesn’t legally mandate this insurance, this coverage is still very beneficial for employers. Worker’s compensation covers costs of medical expenses, lost wages, possible death benefits, and legal fees that may be associated with lawsuits involving your business.

Get Great Workers Compensation Insurance Quotes Tanglewood, TX

Before you contact us to get a great insurance quote, knowing what this coverage means for your business is essential. A team member can only claim worker’s compensation insurance if their injury was sustained at your business. Many employers prefer this policy because it prevents them from being held responsible if an accident occurs.

Most compensation insurances cover medical costs related to injuries sustained on the job. However, a team member can only claim compensation if the injury occurs during the team member’s work shift. If a team member gets into a car wreck on the way to work, they cannot claim compensation because it happened outside of work.

workers compensation insurance quotes Tanglewood, TX

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Your employees will also be unable to sue you or your business for negligence under this policy due to a compensation bargain. A compensation bargain is set to protect the employee and the employer from any legal happenings. This is because the legal right to demand compensation, known as recourse, is given up when one agrees to a worker’s compensation policy.

Another way worker’s compensation coverage can help your business is if a team member is on medical leave due to work-related injuries. This employee can claim sick pay during recovery, and the compensation policy will cover the costs. Also, if a team member were to pass away because of an accident in the workplace, worker’s compensation coverage will make payments to their dependents.

Texas Insurance Agency is in contact with exceptional insurance companies. If you are a business owner and need great, affordable workers compensation insurance quotes Tanglewood, TX, our office can help you!

Other Business Insurance Types

No matter the size of your business, business insurance is vital. In many states across America, a certain amount of business coverage is required if you own a business. Workers’ compensation insurance is one of those types of coverage, unemployment insurance and liability insurance.

Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a type of coverage designed to protect business owners. This coverage is often called Commercial General Liability (CGL) and is not required under Texas state laws. However, although it is not a requirement, CGL is an excellent investment for your business as it helps cover costs in many events.

CGL can offer protection for your business if ever sued for any of the following reasons:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Advertising injury
  • Personal injury (libel or slander)

Lawsuits can come from customers, business partners, and employees and are, unfortunately, becoming more common. Business owners are finding it crucial to get liability insurance just in case they fall victim to these lawsuits. CGL will help protect your business assets if a claim is brought against you and help pay for settlements, attorney costs, and more if said claim leads to a court case.

Many businesses have experienced bankruptcy due to not having the best insurance coverage when hit with a claim. Don’t let this happen to the business you’ve poured everything into; instead, speak with a Texas Insurance agency agent and get coverage now!

Commercial Property Insurance

When you own a sizable business, Commercial Property Insurance (CPI) is a policy said to be an excellent policy to consider. CPI protects your business’s physical assets if damage or destruction of your property occurs. If tools, equipment, or other property types are damaged due to fire, burst pipes, or bad weather, CPI can cover the cost of the damage. Damages that happen due to vandalism or theft are also covered by commercial property insurance.

workers compensation insurance quotes Tanglewood, TX

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When discussing commercial insurance for your business with our agents, please note that commercial insurance can also cover vehicles used by your business. Commercial auto insurance is another excellent form of policy that business owners should consider when looking to protect their property. To find out more about these policies and other policies that may be available to you, contact Texas Insurance Agency today.

Small Business Insurance

Small business insurance policies differ from policies aimed at larger companies. While they differ, they tend to be more affordable and fit the needs of smaller businesses more accurately than regular business insurance. As with standard business insurance coverage, workers’ compensation, property damage insurance, and general liability insurance are available under small business insurance coverage.

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Every business of every type and size should consider the different types of coverage that is available. Coverage like worker’s compensation, liability insurance, and property insurance greatly benefit businesses as they protect them from taking financial hits in fees. Workers’ compensation helps employers keep their employees safe by covering treatment costs and any lost wages.

Texas Insurance Agency can work with your business no matter the budget of your business. We have many years of experience, which results in our customers getting top-tier policies. Call us today for outstanding workers compensation insurance quotes Tanglewood, TX.

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