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If you are looking for the highest level of auto mechanic insurance Katy, TX, then Texas Insurance Agency is the company you are looking for. We do nothing but bring our best for you, the customer. We at Texas Insurance Agency understand that the customer is our priority, which is why we provide the best affordable coverage for you.

The Best Auto Mechanic Insurance Katy, TX Around

In Katy, auto insurance is required by law, so why not go with one of the best and most affordable insurance companies? Texas Insurance Agency works with over 20 different Katy auto insurance providers, such as companies like Progressive. Picking Texas Insurance Agency ensures you choose the best available rate that tags along with your business to cover cars or trucks.

auto mechanic insurance Katy, TX

Driving day-to-day requires insurance!

To have auto mechanic insurance Katy, TX, you will at least need liability as a part of your insurance plan. Liability only covers when you or your company is at fault; if you also want to be covered when you are not, you will need to be a part of the full coverage insurance. Lenders mostly require full coverage auto insurance if you are fixing or servicing their car or truck. So if you are looking for the right auto insurance in Katy, then picking Texas Insurance Agency will ensure the best competitive rates.

Personal Auto Insurance

Drivers face many risks while driving, including threats not decided by them. Some hazards include minor fender benders, spinning out on a slick street, and getting hit by another driver. These scenarios are risks and accidents that happen daily across the world. Choosing us will enable your rights as a customer to liability car and truck coverages, collision coverage policies, comprehensive auto insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, and even can cover your medical payments.

If you choose to drive without insurance, plenty of penalties, such as traffic citations and paying for damage on other cars out of your pocket, will come your way. Texas law requires a driver to have at least liability with a minimum coverage of $30,000 per person or $60,000 per accident. Picking an affordable insurance company that puts you as their first priority is the right choice.

Different types of coverage options for personal auto insurance

  • Liability car and truck coverage
  • Collision coverage policies
  • Comprehensive auto insurance
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Medical payments coverage

Commercial Auto Insurance

We offer commercial insurance as well. This commercial insurance provides coverage for business-related vehicles. It covers all types of cars ranging from cars to vans to trucks. This type of insurance covers vehicle repairs as well as injuries that occur to the driver.

If your company, no matter the size, relates to anything with vehicles, such as delivery services or servicing vehicles, then Texas Insurance Agency is here to help. As known, Business Auto Insurance comes with a wide range of insurance related to business vehicles. These vehicles include tractor-trailers, cement trucks, and delivery vans. Our commercial insurance has different variants, such as our commercial trucking insurance, which covers specific truck types.

Suppose you are driving a business car or a car that is lent to you for your business (which tends to be a higher load than regular everyday cars) that is involved in an accident. In that case, it is viable that you have the right insurance policy, and finding that policy is our job for you.

If your company:

  • leases, owns, or rents vehicles
  • has workers use their car for business work
  • has employees that use the company vehicles

Then you must have our Commercial Auto Insurance as your backbone, just in case. The different coverage options that are included in this Commercial deal are

  • Liability Coverage
  • Medical Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Uninsured/ Underinsured
auto mechanic insurance Katy, TX

Business trucking auto mechanic insurance Katy, TX, for you!

Texas Insurance Agency is here with Commercial Auto Insurance policies to help whether you are looking for Semi-Truck or small business car insurance. It is required for a mechanic shop or even business that works with vehicles to at least have liability insurance. If you are unsure of what insurance policy you need for your company, then go ahead and give us a call. We can talk you through your options and help you find the perfect fit for you. You will not find another insurance company as devoted as us to our customers.

More About Texas Insurance Agency

Texas Insurance Agency has opened 5 locations throughout the Greater Houston area, the main one we are talking about being in Katy, TX. Not only does Texas Insurance Agency bring amazing auto insurance, but they also bring different types of personal and commercial insurance, some including life insurance, flood insurance, personal and commercial umbrella insurance, and even wholesale insurance.

Our company was made to help you. So providing nothing but the best and most affordable policies is the only thing that’s right for us. Therefore when living life the way you want should be one of the main things you should aspire to, so partnering with Texas Insurance Agency will help you achieve that goal as we will give you a chance to get back on your feet even after a loss.

auto mechanic insurance Katy TX

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Obtaining a quote can do many things for you! Using a quote can help you understand what terms you agree to and what you are genuinely being charged for. This is why Texas Insurance Agency is here for you with our free quoting service. All you have to do is direct yourself to our quoting page and enter your information and which type of insurance you would like to be quoted for.

Why Texas Insurance Agency is the Right Choice

Overall, we at Texas Insurance Agency will put YOU first. So if your mechanic business needs insurance or you yourself as an employee need insurance, then come to us to help; the best auto mechanic insurance Katy, TX.


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  • Katy is almost the drone capital of the world.

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