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Anyone who owns a trucking or transportation-based business should absolutely invest in commercial trucking insurance Tanglewood, TX. There are too many risks and dangers associated with being on the road for so long, especially when you’re carrying potentially expensive (or even dangerous) goods. However, you might have trouble finding a transportation insurance plan that covers all of your needs. Part of this might be because you don’t realize what all of those needs are!

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Choosing the Commercial Trucking Insurance Tanglewood, TX You Need

commercial trucking insurance Tanglewood, TX

Are your drivers insured on the open road? Call Texas Insurance Agency to ask about our commercial trucking insurance Tanglewood, TX.

You should consider several factors when attempting to figure out precisely what kind of commercial trucking insurance your business needs. Your first deliberation should center around the types of trucks your company uses for its daily operations.

Depending on what kind of vehicles you have, you’ll need different types of insurance. For example, a company that primarily uses dump trucks will need a different kind of policy than a business that uses tow trucks. Transportation fleets that use semi trucks will require a plan that fleets with flatbed trucks do not. The list goes on simply because there are so many unique types of trucks with their own distinct functions.

Another aspect you’ll need to consider is the experience level of your team of drivers. Is your group full of grizzled veteran truckers that have seen countless miles of roads over the years? Or is it full of newer runners who are confident but still a little wet behind the ears?

Depending on where your trucks need to travel, you may also need to think about how well those drivers will perform in extreme conditions, like heavy snow or rain. Regardless of experience, your drivers will also be judged by their age for insurance purposes. This will affect what type of plans are available to your business.

Finally, you’ll want to reflect upon the types of cargo your company carries. Do you regularly transport perishable goods that need to be refrigerated, like food? Does your fleet carry pressurized tanks of gas to medical facilities? If you move goods that are particularly valuable, fragile, or could be dangerous to surrounding areas if they are tampered with, you’ll need insurance coverage that will agree to cover those items.

It may seem overwhelming to try and consider every type of worst-case scenario that could happen with your trucks, goods, or drivers. Let Texas Insurance Agency take some of the burden from you by sitting down alongside you and discussing your options. We’ll help you see the bigger picture and accurately account for the aspects your new insurance policy needs to cover.

commercial trucking insurance Tanglewood, TX

Whether you carry cargo or people, your business needs a good commercial trucking insurance plan!

What Are Some Common Coverage Needs?

Though each business may be unique in several aspects, there are a few common coverage options that nearly any trucking business will need to consider purchasing. These include general auto insurance, which is the most basic requirement that covers everything from workers’ compensation to collision and repair expenses.

However, this type of plan is pretty bare-bones and probably won’t be nearly enough to handle your company’s needs. Theft is a significant issue among vehicle drivers, particularly those who use large trucks. You’ll want to be sure to pick a policy with good coverage in the event of theft or vandalization of your goods and equipment. Collisions are an unfortunately frequent issue, so consider finding a policy covering many aspects of physical damage.

Other Types of Trucking Coverage

Many more options for coverage exist in the world of commercial trucking insurance Tanglewood, TX. These include reefer breakdown coverage, also known as refrigeration cover. This type of policy is an excellent add-on for a basic cargo policy and covers the loss or damage of any goods that results from a malfunctioning refrigerator or a vehicle accident.

It would also be pragmatic to insure your drivers when they’re not working. This doesn’t mean you have to be responsible for them all of the time; instead, it means that they’re in your hands whenever they get behind the wheel of a vehicle involved with your business. Even if someone is not on the clock or dispatch, they should be insured. Primary liability coverage sometimes doesn’t cover these periods, so purchasing non-trucking liability coverage (also known as bobtail coverage) should help protect them.

Medical coverage is another basic but not-to-be-overlooked policy. There are plenty of job fields where a worker is more likely to get injured, and driving a truck for hours is definitely one of them.

Even if your drivers are safe and careful, accidents can happen at any time, whether it’s due to another driver, a road hazard, or even just a moment of distraction or tiredness from the person behind the wheel of your truck. Crashes involving large vehicles typically cause more damage, leading to higher medical bills for anyone involved in the accident and expensive repair costs.

commercial trucking insurance Tanglewood, TX

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