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Trucking and transportation businesses are quite risky in nature due to many factors, so we suggest looking into commercial trucking insurance Pearland, TX. If you’re unsure of exactly how much coverage you need and what kind of transportation insurance will best benefit your company, then call Texas Insurance Agency.

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What Kind of Commercial Trucking Insurance Pearland, TX Do I Need?

commercial trucking insurance Pearland, TX

Finding the right commercial trucking insurance Pearland, TX will benefit your transportation business. Call us today to find the right plan for you.

You’ll need to consider a few factors to determine what kind of insurance policy is best for your company. For example, consider the types of trucks you need to be covered by insurance.

Different vehicle types require different insurance types. A dump truck will require a different kind of policy than a tow truck. Semi-trucks have different coverage needs than flatbed trucks.

You should also consider how experienced your drivers are, taking into account how many years they’ve performed similar jobs and if they’re familiar with driving under dangerous weather conditions like blizzards. If you work in an area that regularly experiences extreme weather, but your newest employees have never driven through those conditions before, they will probably need more coverage. The driver’s age will likely affect the kind of insurance you can choose, too.

You’ll also need to consider the cargo your drivers will carry. Is it a hazardous material that could harm surrounding areas if it leaks? Is it fragile and thus requires extra safety measures to keep it from being destroyed? Is it particularly valuable, and would it cost a fortune to replace it?

Thinking about the risks involved can be difficult because there are so many potential ways your driver, truck, or cargo could be compromised. Thankfully, Texas Insurance Agency can help you see the bigger picture and, in a way, expect the unexpected. We’ll discuss all of the aspects of your business and what kind of precautions you should take, which can help you determine what commercial trucking insurance will best suit your company.

commercial trucking insurance Pearland, TX

Driving can be a risky business. Being on the road for longer periods increases the likelihood of an accident.

What Does My Insurance Need to Cover?

General auto insurance is required by U.S. law, so you will likely need to choose a suitable plan that covers aspects including medical bills, rental costs, workers’ compensation, and collision and repair expenses. However, this coverage is rather basic and may not be enough for your business.

You’ll need to consider policies that protect against physical damage. These plans typically cover theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and collisions. Large trucks are a common target for both theft and vandalism, so it would be best if you had a plan that covers you if someone breaks into your truck or damages parts of it.

Speaking of theft, you’ll want to ensure that your cargo is adequately protected by a reliable insurance policy. The goods that trucks carry are often valuable and numerous in quantity, so losing any merchandise would result in a devastating loss of finances for your company. You certainly don’t want to be stuck footing the bill for lost goods that don’t make it to their final destination.

Additional Types of Beneficial Coverage

Aside from physical damage and theft, many more types of insurance plans can cover accidents, incidents, and other happenings that affect your company’s livelihood. For instance, reefer breakdown coverage (refrigeration cover) is an excellent addition to a cargo policy. This specific policy covers the loss or damage of goods due to a malfunctioning refrigeration unit or a collision.

commercial trucking insurance Pearland, TX

Let Texas Insurance Agency help look out for your drivers by providing them with quality insurance coverage.

Your commercial trucking insurance Pearland, TX plan should also cover when one of your truckers is still driving but is not on the clock. Their personal driving needs to be insured, too, even if they are not currently on dispatch. Unfortunately, primary liability coverage may not cover them during these times. Purchasing non-trucking liability coverage (bobtail coverage) will help protect them outside regular work hours.

Medical coverage is a given in most fields, but it is indispensable for truck drivers. Being on the road for long hours leaves your drivers extra vulnerable to collisions and other accidents, so you’ll want to invest in a policy that provides substantial medical coverage. Crashes that involve large trucks often result in severe damage and, consequently, high medical costs. You’ll want a plan to cover you, your employee, and any other drivers involved.

Finally, a type of policy that is great for nearly any kind of business is umbrella liability coverage. Even the most perfect-looking policy may not cover everything you need. That’s why umbrella policies exist – they cover the gaps left behind by your primary policies. They can grant you peace of mind knowing that all of your bases are adequately covered in the event of an accident.

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