October 11, 2023

Commercial Transportation Insurance Companies | Houston, TX

If you are in need of help from commercial transportation insurance companies Houston, TX, Texas Insurance Agency is waiting for your call. We are the best insurance brokers in the industry. Our team can’t wait to help protect you or your business with a personal or commercial insurance policy. Examples include life insurance, commercial auto insurance, trucking insurance, oil and gas insurance, commercial inland marine insurance, and more.

commercial transportation insurance companies Houston, TX

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Texas Insurance Agency is among the best commercial transportation insurance companies. Many risks come with commercial transportation, but it is an important part of any business. Because of this, business transportation insurance is very vital. A lot of insurance companies give policies that cover all the risks that come with commercial transportation. However, the exact terms of each policy can be very different.

Terms of each policy are based on the type of transportation, the items being moved, and other factors. As an insurance broker, we can give you some basic info about policies that commercial transportation insurance companies offer. Liability coverage is the most vital part of business transportation insurance. This keeps the covered company safe in case it gets sued because of an accident.

This usually comes with both bodily injury coverage to pay for medical bills. Property damage coverage pays to fix or replace destroyed property. Physical damage coverage is something that most commercial transportation insurance companies offer. This part of the policy covers any damage to the commercial car itself, whether it’s because of an accident, theft, vandalism, or another risk that is covered.

Another key thing that these insurance plans cover is cargo. It protects the goods being shipped in case they get damaged or lost during transport. There are often big differences in the details of different policies. Some cover all risks, while others only cover certain risks, like crashes, fires, or theft. You can speak to our brokers to learn the exact details of each policy. We make sure you know what you’re getting into.

A lot of transportation insurance companies also know how vital downtime or loss of use insurance is. This coverage helps pay for lost income while a commercial car is being fixed or replaced. This comes into effect if it can’t be used because of an accident or another covered risk. Our brokers will tell you exactly what risks are covered in your policy.

A lot of commercial transportation insurance plans also cover equipment. This covers a wide range of things, like tarps, chains, and electronic gear that are necessary for the vehicle to work. These things might not be covered by regular physical damage coverage. If you are looking for more coverage than a standard policy can offer, we can help. Our team will research your needs and guide you to the best coverages and policies.

commercial transportation insurance companies Houston, TX

We can help you find commercial transportation insurance companies Houston, TX.

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Loading and unloading liability is a part of many commercial transportation plans. It protects against accidents that might happen while the goods are being loaded and unloaded. It may also cover damage to people or property as well as damage to the goods. Many risks can occur while your goods are taken where they need to go. The right insurance can help ease your mind when it comes to the burden of financial loss.

As part of business transportation coverage, a number of insurance companies offer trailer interchange coverage. This coverage is for trailers that are not owned by the driver but are being pulled as part of a trailer interchange deal. It covers damage to the trailers. If your goods are being transported in this way, think about investing in this coverage. Our team can get you the most protection at the best deal.

Another possible aspect of business transportation insurance is workers’ compensation. It can protect the company if an employee gets hurt on the job by paying for their medical care, disability payments, and possibly legal fees. Protecting your employees is a good way to protect your business in the long run. Any money you lose, while they recover from being injured, can be recouped with help from the right policy.

A lot of insurance companies also offer medical payments coverage. This pays for your medical bills and funeral costs if you, your employees, or passengers in an accident are hurt, no matter who was at fault. A lot of business transportation policies also cover liability. It protects the driver and the car against liability when they are not on duty, covering harm or damage to other people or property.

Insurance companies also offer combined single limit (CSL) coverage because they know that some risks can’t be predicted. CSL coverage has a single dollar limit for all liability claims, whether they are for property damage or bodily injury. In contrast to standard split limit liability policies, CSL gives you more options for how to split up payments. See our brokers to learn more.

Commercial transportation insurance plans can be very complicated. They have many parts that are meant to protect businesses from a wide range of possible risks. A business transportation insurance policy should cover the main things listed above. The specifics will depend on a number of factors. For details or a full understanding of a policy, you should always talk to an experienced insurance broker like us at Texas Insurance Agency.

commercial transportation insurance companies Houston, TX

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