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If you own a business that has a physical location, you are going to want to invest in commercial property insurance North Houston, TX. Business owners have a lot to handle. Many liabilities could cause a business owner to lose everything. That is why having the right coverage is important.

If you have not yet looked into commercial property insurance, you need to call Texas Insurance Agency. We have all the tools of the trade to help you find the right coverage. We are conveniently located here in North Houston. Feel free to give us a call, or request a quote online today for your commercial property insurance North Houston, TX.

commercial property insurance North Houston, TX

There is a commercial property insurance North Houston, TX out there that will fit your business and cover everything you need.

Commercial Property Insurance North Houston, TX

Commercial property insurance is essential for any business that owns physical assets. Having adequate coverage is crucial in the event of a catastrophe or an unexpected event, as it can help protect your business’s investments. Ensure your business is properly covered by understanding the types of property insurance, what they cover, and how you should go about getting it protected.

With Texas Insurance Agency, you can rest assured that we will find the right type of coverage for your needs. Each business property is different. Therefore, purchasing a “one size fits all” policy is not going to give you what you need. You need to consider the property itself, whether you own it or are renting it, and how the type of liabilities you might encounter.

Our job is to help you consider these liabilities with you and find a policy that fits. We work with dozens of insurance companies to find the ones that work best. We work with all types of businesses, including:

The Three Types of Property Insurance

Business property insurance is a type of business insurance that helps protect the equipment, building, and personal property owned or rented by your business. It is also known as commercial property insurance or business personal property insurance (BPP). This coverage can help cover the costs to repair or replace items damaged by a covered event, like strong winds.

commercial property insurance North Houston, TX

With flexible options, we will be able to find a policy that fits your criteria perfectly.

The three types of coverage include:

  • Basic Form
  • Broad Form
  • Special Form

Basic Form-Basic Form is the most basic type of coverage and covers your property against fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, windstorm, hail, riot, civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles, vandalism, sprinkler leakage, sinkhole collapse, and volcanic action. Homeowners insurance and Condo/Co-op insurance usually include this type of coverage.

Broad Form-Broad Form is more comprehensive than the Basic Form and covers everything that the Basic Form does, plus burglary/break-in damage, falling objects, the weight of ice and snow, freezing of plumbing, accidental water damage, and artificially generated electricity. Some insurance companies may require that your property has certain updates before offering this type of coverage, such as when the roof was replaced and when the plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems were last updated.

Special Form-Special Form policies provide the most coverage and generally cover damage caused by all causes except those specifically mentioned in the policy. These are called policy exclusions and often include natural disasters, flooding, earthquakes, wars, nuclear disasters, wear and tear, and vermin infestations. Replacement cost vs. actual cash value coverage is also typically included in Special Form policies.

Flood Insurance

If your business is located in an area that is prone to flooding, it is important to consider flood insurance. Flood insurance can provide protection from damages caused by heavy rains, rivers, or other bodies of water overflowing their banks and creating flooding. There are different levels of coverage and policies available, and having the right one can make all the difference should the worst happen.

Save Money on Your Policy

Saving money is a smart business move. So if there are ways to save on your property coverage, why not take advantage of it? There are several ways one can save money, and we want you to save every penny you can.

Insurance companies can lower their costs if the property is well-maintained. Insurance companies pay money if there is a liability. Therefore it is in both their and your best interest to reduce as much liability as possible. Such as improving safety, security, and maintenance in your workplace may help bring your cost down.

Another way you can save money is by bundling policies. You often hear how insurance companies can save money by bundling home and auto insurance. Depending on what you purchase, you may be able to get similar bundling packages.

Lastly, it is important to choose deductibles wisely. Deductibles are the amount of money a policyholder has to pay before the insurance company pays. While your premium may be lower, your deductible might be high. The higher your deductible, to more you may have to pay out of your own pocket.

Why Shop With Texas Insurance Agency

Texas Insurance Agency is committed to providing personalized service, competitive rates, and excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for insurance for your car, home, business, or any other form of protection, Texas Insurance Agency will be able to help. With a variety of plans available, something is sure to fit your individual needs. Furthermore, the agency can provide helpful tips and advice to ensure that you are protected and informed throughout the process.

Our staff is friendly and professional. We, too, are a business and know how much hard work it takes to keep it running. We do everything we can to ensure we have the right coverage for any liabilities we come across. Therefore, we want to do the very same thing with business owners all over the greater Houston area.

Give us a call today. We would love to speak with you about how we can provide a high-quality commercial property insurance North Houston, TX policy to help keep you protected.

commercial property insurance North Houston, TX

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