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Are you searching for “League City TX Professional Liability Insurance?” Texas Insurance Agency can help you purchase the right insurance for your business. Professional liability insurance is a must-have for many careers. Accountants and architects will find great benefit in this type of insurance because of their unique professions. Business owners should consider this type of insurance because it helps protect their business from a massive financial loss.

Texas Insurance Agency offers a vast number of insurance types, and professional liability is just one of them. Get in touch with an insurance agent today, and they will be able to help you find the right policy for you. We know there are a lot of insurance companies, but none of them have a personal touch or customer service like our agency. Texas insurance agency offers insurance packages and many other policies from several different providers.

Business owners will be happy to know they are the number one priority when visiting us. We strive to make our clients trust us and see our professionalism. Our customer service is exceptional, and we promise our clients that we will take care of them like family. Businesses need insurance, and we want to provide that safety for them. Coverage is essential in any aspect of life, but when you have poured money, time, and soul into your business, you will strive to protect it.

What is Professional Liability Insurance

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Professional liability insurance is another way of saying errors and omission insurance.

Professional liability insurance is also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. This insurance was created to protect professionals who may accidentally cause financial loss to a client or customer. The client or customer may feel obligated to sue you, which is where this insurance takes into effect. The insurance will protect individuals and companies entirely. It is common for mistakes to occur, and this type of insurance is the best way to protect against those.

There are many ways errors and omission insurance can go into effect. Accountants, architects, real estate agents are just a few professions that should look into this insurance. They have ways of making unintentional mistakes that could severely affect a business owner. One thing you need to have in mind with professional liability insurance is the way it is written.

Most insurance policies are bast off claims made with a retroactive time frame. This means, your policy may only protect you against claims that were made a year back. The further back your claim goes, the better because it protects you from as many mistakes as possible in a time frame.

Professions That Should Consider Professional Liability Insurance

In certain states, certain jobs require professional liability insurance, while some clients require their businesses to have E&O insurance. If you are working directly with customers or clients by providing a service, then you should significantly consider this type of insurance. It will financially help you over time, and it is always nice to have even if it is never used. Professional liability insurance typically covers common claims like negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and inaccurate advice.

Now, many careers should look into this insurance, but there is a handful that absolutely requires professional liability insurance. Below, you will find a list and additional details on the professions that should consider errors and omissions insurance.


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Lawyers should consider professional liability insurance when working with clients.

This may be an obvious choice for some, but it requires professional liability because of how closely they work with clients. The clients are investing money into a lawyer, and if the attorney makes a mistake that causes their client to lose money, then they could sue. These situations need constant monitoring even though you think you may never make them. Different-sized law firms will need to look into specific policies as they offer different coverages.


Accountants are the most obvious choice when it comes to professional liability insurance. They are working directly with people’s money every day. A simple mistake could easily cause the loss of thousands of dollars for a client. Losing money loses to lawsuits, which leads to further money spent. Take the initiative and call the Texas Insurance Agency today. We can find the right provider for you, so you are protected.

Real Estate Agents

Image looking for a new home and a real estate agent informs you the square footage is 1,200 square feet. You like the square footage, and that is the reason you purchase the house. You then discover the house is not 1,200 square footage but 900 square feet. The real estate agent made the mistake of adding the detached garage square footage, which resulted in you losing money. These are simple mistakes and should be protected by insurance. If you are a real estate professional, then ensure you have professional liability insurance.


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Architects are designers of buildings and may make a mistake here and there. It is unlikely, but maybe they left the bathrooms out of the design of the building. The client must then spend money to add bathrooms that should have been there in the first design. The client could sue for a lot of money, and so the firm must be covered by insurance. It protects them, and it helps them save money.

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League City, TX Fun Facts 

  • The only community in the area with a revenue stream specifically dedicated to amateur athletics
  • 2009 Best Urban Garden for Helen’s Garden by the Houston Chronicle
  • Home to Big League Dreams Sports Park
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