Katy TX Commercial Insurance Brokers

Have you been on the search for quality Katy TX Commercial Insurance Brokers? If so, then you might be very interested in the services that Texas Insurance Agency has to offer. We strive to do business in Katy with the highest standard in professionalism, honesty, and integrity. Additionally, we always do our best when it comes to helping our clients and the businesses we work with. When you choose Texas Insurance Agency, you’ll find that we consistently practice good business fundamentals such as listening, understanding, recommending, and paying attention to all the small details. Another thing we put great importance on is providing exceptional customer service. We have remained committed to our clients and the values of the relationships we’ve built.

Katy TX Commercial Insurance Brokers

Great Katy TX Commercial Insurance Brokers

One thing we love to emphasize is our hunger for constant improvement and growth. We will continue to grow as our business is built on a solid foundation. Our fundamental beliefs are those of consistently great service first, last, an always. With these great ideals and commitment to excellence, we have helped countless families and businesses find the right insurance plans. Even more, we always aim to provide the personal touch that you would expect from your neighborhood insurance agency. When it comes to insurance companies, there is no doubt that we are a great choice for clients all around Texas. Contact us today to learn more about our Independent Insurance Agents and how they can help you.

Quality and Responsive Katy TX Commercial Insurance Brokers

Starting and running a business is one of the biggest financial and personal investments anyone can make. A business is a true testament to hard work and dedication. From fast-food chains to non-profits, business owners put their heart, soul, and energy into operating and growing their business. Therefore, it is important to have a comprehensive commercial or business insurance plan to protect all of your hard work.

Protect Company Trucks

Protect your company’s vehicles

Fortunately for business owners, Texas Insurance Agency understands how important it is to protect what you’ve worked for all these years. As an independent commercial insurance broker, we are able to find the right plans for you and your business. We’ll work hard to offer clients the most fitting commercial insurance coverage for their business at competitive rates.

We have connections with dozens of commercial insurance providers. As a result, these business relationships will enable us to get clients the right options and prices for their particular needs. Above all, we aim to use our expertise to help all of our clients. Together, we’ll find the right path for you and your business.

Types of Commercial Coverage

There are a few different types of coverage when it comes to commercial insurance. Here are some of the insurance plans we can offer clients:

Commercial General Liability

Any business in the Katy area should have a commercial insurance policy. A general policy provides critical protection for the potential financial perils of injuries and property damage due to building operations or conditions. Regardless of the size of the company, there are always risks for injuries, accidents, and lawsuits. Therefore, it is important that you consult with a professional insurance broker. The agents at Texas Insurance Agency will help you by advising on options, helping you understand the risks you run, and will also help select the policy that best fits your current situation.

Commercial Umbrella

Right Insurance for your business

Find the right insurance plan for your company

The commercial umbrella is designed for businesses with high-risk. A commercial umbrella will protect your company from financial perils due to a liability claim that is too large for your general liability, product liability, or commercial auto policy. The commercial umbrella will kick in when other policies have reached their limits.  Additionally, a commercial umbrella policy can cover a significant range of liabilities, such as:

  • Personal Injuries
  • Various types of contracts
  • Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Watercraft
  • The liquor law
  • Dangerous on-site accidents
  • Theft

Commercial Property

Although owning and operating a business can be tons of hard work, it can also be very rewarding. A business shows the hard work and time you’ve invested in your dreams. However, you should always expect the unexpected. Events such as storms, theft, and other types of unfortunate accidents can result in serious damage. Even more, these types of events could cause major damage and even destruction of your property, belongings, and equipment.

Commercial property insurance offers important coverage for such perils and can also help you immensely in the event of having to rebuild after a serious catastrophe. Texas Insurance Agency can offer various types of policies for protection against:

  • Damages from fires, lightning storms, and other types of storms
  • Any damage caused by vehicles and/or aircraft
  • Damage due to burglaries, vandalism and/or theft
  • Other types of emergencies

One thing that you should note is that flood insurance is not included in commercial property insurance.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

In any type of setting, there is always the chance for an accident to occur. Therefore, you should make sure you protect your business from the financial liability that comes from a lawsuit by adding Texas worker compensation insurance. By doing so, you’ll cover your worker’s medical expenses, protect the company’s standing, and will shield your business from the hefty costs of legal fees. A worker’s compensation policy covers:

  • Medical care and bills due to a work accident that occurs on business premises
  • Medical expenses related to diseases that were contracted on the job
  • Loss of wages
  • Compensation for economic loss
  • Lawsuits that result in legal fees
  • Death benefits that are paid out to dependents and beneficiaries of the employed

We Also Provide Other Commercial Insurance Policies Such as

  • Professional Liability – For a professional occupation that handles sensitive documents and other important information
  • Errors and Ommissions – This type of policy will protect your company from civil litigation that may be caused by errors in contracts or paperwork
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Protect your company’s fleet of cars, trucks, and vans
  • Builder’s risks and bonds – Protect company tools and equipment in the case that they are stolen from the work site

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