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Contact Texas Insurance Agency for your Katy Texas commercial building insurance. When it comes to your business, you have a plethora of aspects to look after. Texas Insurance Agency is here to make sure you are protecting your assets. As a business owner, your priority is looking after your business and the people who work for you. While on the clock, your company is responsible for multiple lives. For example, if faulty construction leads to property damage that can hurt an employee, you may be at fault. We’re here to make sure we cover you when it comes to liability.

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Our Katy office is here to protect your business, property coverage, and even commercial auto. We have a commercial umbrella consisting of multiple facets of opportunity where your business is concerned. Financial loss is inevitable if you don’t take the step to protect your assets. Therefore, commercial property insurance is a service we offer that provides types of coverage other insurance companies won’t touch. For example, our general liability insurance covers personal injury, contracts, automotive, aircraft, watercraft, liquor law, on-site accidents, and theft. Because of the multiple incidents that can occur at the workplace, it is imperative to hire an insurance company like us to protect your commercial and personal property.

For example, on-site accidents are common occurrences that can happen when you least expect it. Warehouses, especially, are prone to accidents due to the machinery and many products they handle. Houston, Texas, is a big city where a lot of warehouses operate from in the area. When an on-site accident occurs, you need to make sure your assets are protected since you could be liable for your employee’s safety. Though, an unfortunate accident, the employee can look to take advantage of the already hectic situation. Therefore, insurance coverage is imperative for your company.

Your Automotive Coverage

If your company delivers the shipment to other locations, one of the coverages you need is automotive. Automotive insurance helps you when dealing with multiple issues that can occur on the road. Big trucks are usually the primary vehicle for large shipments within the area. Your business insurance will come in handy if you need to repair or replace anything. For example, when trucks switch lanes, they tend to have quite a blind spot to cars directly behind them due to the cargo they carry. A reckless driver can try to speed ahead of the truck while the vehicle is changing lanes and cause an accident.

This unfortunate circumstance is very likely to happen due to the difficulty of maneuvering such a large vehicle. Think about it. A larger vehicle means a shorter response time. Quicker response time increases the likelihood of accidents if either party is not careful when driving. Luckily, Texas Insurance Agency covers incidents such as fender benders and other hits. When it comes to your commercial truck, you need coverage just in case anything happens while you or your driver is out on the road.

Also, we have liability car and truck coverage. This option pays for injury and property damage to another motorist, resulting from covered losses caused by you or your driver. There are also other policies we have where our insurance can make a significant difference. If you damaged your car, our collision coverage policy could help. This policy can cover some of your expenses, whether the vehicle repair is possible or if it’s a total loss. Comprehensive auto insurance also covers damages caused by incidents other than accidents. This scenario can include storms, a branch falling on your hood, etc. Texas Insurance Agency has you covered.

Our Boat and Watercraft Insurance

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Some businesses also ship overseas or involve watercraft in some aspect of their company. We also have you covered when you partner with us for your insurance needs. We can also get you additional coverage depending on your situation. The types of boat insurance we include are property, liability, repair cost, uninsured watercraft, and watercraft medical payments. That’s right! We spare no expense even if your endeavor is overseas. If you come across the event where your boat incurs damage from another, our property coverage aids you. Also, if your ship experiences damage from theft or fire, this policy has you covered.

Our other coverages also assist you! For example, our liability option covers the medical expenses of someone injured. Additionally, repair costs and replacement expenses factor into your liability coverage if you are at fault. Texas Insurance Agency doesn’t stop until we get you a fair deal! Even our repair cost coverage eliminates the depreciation deductions. By partnering with multiple insurance providers, we’re able to cover repair costs too. Some of our insurance partners include The Hartford, Stillwater, Travelers, and other amazing companies!

We excel in taking care of our customers and give you the best coverage you deserve. Our uninsured watercraft coverage offers aid if hit by another boater who doesn’t have watercraft insurance. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing you have us by your side. Let Texas Insurance Agency tailor your coverage to your watercraft needs. Everyone needs a helping hand in a sticky situation. Let us be that hand that helps you out of your predicament. We’ll even pay medical costs with our watercraft medical payments. Your well being is a priority to us. We stop at nothing to get you the care you need.

Katy Texas Commercial Building Insurance

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Just because you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, doesn’t mean you have to give up. You have a choice! Partner with us to get the coverage you need! Feel free to reach out to us at (281) 398-1010! We also do other types of insurance different than commercial. We care about our customers. Let us show you why we’ve helped so many others in the past. We carry out our business to connect with people and help with their issues. Contact us for your Katy Texas commercial building insurance!

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • Katy is about thirty minutes from Houston.
  • We have an annual rice festival every fall.
  • The city used to be known for its primary industry, which was rice.
  • For more fun facts, click here!

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