Commercial Insurance Brokers Fulshear TX

Are you searching “commercial insurance brokers Fulshear TX” in Google’s search bar? If so, then you no longer have to keep looking. Texas Insurance Agency is an independent agency with independent agents. They will work with you to find the right policy for your business. We have 12 different commercial and business insurance providers that we work with, so our clients have the best amount of options.

Texas Insurance Agency understands the struggles of business owners. Businesses take a lot of money to create and run. However, our independent insurance agents will be able to help you find the perfect policy for your business.

Our agency strives to provide the best customer service than any other agency or insurance company. You will be able to meet with us rather than talk to someone over the phone. You can get to know us, and we want to get to know you. It allows us to create a bond that will help us decide which policy is best.

Commercial Insurance Brokers Fulshear TX

Protect your business with Texas Insurance Agency!

We strive to protect your business with professionalism. Our clients will be satisfied after meeting with us once. Our agents understand how expensive sustaining commercial property is, which is why we strive to protect business owners from the unexpected. Luckily, there are many different types of commercial insurance. Business owners will need to find the right kind of policies for their business, and we can help them in that mission.

Commercial Liability Insurance

The most common types of business insurance are commercial liability insurance. This is general liability insurance that covers a broad spectrum of areas. Commercial liability insurance is great base insurance for all businesses because of its wide range of coverage. No matter how large your business is, our agents can help you find the perfect policy for your business.

Small businesses are exceptionally susceptible to financial peril. They are on a tight budget, and the money flow is not endless. That said, the need to be protected from the unexpected. Commercial liability insurance primarily covers the financial loss of injuries and property damage due to a building’s condition. We know insurance is an investment, but so was your business. That is why you need to protect it as much as possible.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is almost like a catch-all insurance type. It covers similar areas as general liability does. Umbrella insurance is the net that catches the overflowing costs that commercial liability cannot cover. Commercial umbrella insurance is designed for high-risk businesses. Some businesses may go over their coverage limits, and this insurance will cover that. If your general liability, product liability, or commercial auto liability goes over their coverages, then umbrella will cover it.

Fulshear TX Commercial Truck Insurance Companies

Umbrella insurance is your safety net for commercial, automotive insurance.

However, the range of what commercial umbrella insurance can cover is exceptional. It is is an umbrella in what it can cover. Umbrella insurance covers personal injury, contracts, automotive, aircraft, watercraft, liquor law, on-site accidents, and theft damages. If you are in a high-risk industry, then give us a call today to cover your other insurance policies.

Commercial Property Insurance

Texas Insurance Agency understands how much time, money, blood, and sweat into your business. All of those resources and energy should be protected with commercial property insurance. Property insurance is used to protect your commercial property from uncontrollable factors. Those could be weather or other people dealing with damage to your property. Regardless, they are covered by commercial property insurance.

Expecting the unexpected is tough to do, but the weather certainly falls underneath that category. You can’t control the consistent storms or hurricanes that hit the Houston area. That is why you need to be protected from winds and lightning strikes. Commercial property insurance does not cover flooding. So you will need to obtain commercial flood insurance as well.

Additionally, damage from fires, vehicles, aircraft, vandalism, and theft are included in this type of insurance. Your property should be protected as much as possible. Commercial property is expensive to have and maintain, which is why property insurance will assist in your operations.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Most commercial business insurance types help cover the business specifically, but some also help protect the employees of your establishment as well. Worker’s compensation insurance is a great way to keep your employees safe and well while also protecting your business.

Worker’s compensation is for mistakes that occur in the workplace. It covers injuries and even diseases sustained at a business. Worker’s compensation covers the medical bills associated with workplace injuries. It will also cover the lost wages of the employee in case they are out of work for some time.

Furthermore, worker’s compensation insurance also covers diseases contracted at the workplace. Other coverages include economic loss compensation and legal fees associated with a potential lawsuit. In the unfortunate situation of an employee’s death, the coverage also payouts to beneficiaries of the deceased.

Other Commercial Insurances

Commercial Flood Insurance

Commercial property insurance does not cover flooding.

Texas Insurance Agency covers a large number of commercial insurance types. We only detailed a few here, but there are many more your business may need. Depending on your company, you could require errors and omissions insurance or commercial auto insurance.

Each of these insurances is for specific areas of your business, and you should give us a call if you qualify for them. We will ask what you do and see what insurance type works best. Our agents will provide great customer experience, unlike other larger insurance agencies. Texas Insurance Agency provides smiling faces and excellent customer service to our clients.

Commercial Insurance Brokers Fulshear TX

Texas Insurance Agency has the commercial insurance brokers you are looking for. Our team of agents will help you find the right provider, policy, and price so you can feel comfortable when moving forward. Give us a call today at (281) 398-1010 to find the right insurance. You may also visit our commercial insurance page to read more about business insurance. You can find other types of insurances there as well, such as flooding, automotive, boat, and motorcycle insurance. Now you can stop searching “commercial insurance brokers Fulshear TX” and start calling our independent agency.

Fun Facts about Fulshear

  • 1824 is the year Fulshear was established.
  • Fulshear features the highest per capita income and educational attainment in the Fort Bend County
  • In 1988 Fulshear had a population of 623 and twelve businesses.
  • Find more fun facts about Fulshear here.

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