77450 Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Are you interested in 77450 Commercial Umbrella Insurance for your Katy Texas business? Umbrella coverage can protect you in a wide variety of situations. Furthermore, you can find umbrella coverage at a much better price than you would pay for higher rates of each type of commercial insurance separately. Even if you only think you need two or three types of insurance, you might find that umbrella coverage comes at a much greater value. On top of that, Texas Insurance Agency will make sure that you get the best rates possible for your commercial umbrella insurance coverage.

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the insurance agency and knows the ins and outs of commercial insurance. With our help, you can have full coverage at the best cost we can find. You don’t have to settle for inadequate coverage for the sake of saving money. Commercial insurance plans can be quite expensive, especially for companies that need full coverage. Texas Insurance Agency will make sure that you get everything that you need to confidently run your business, at a price you can afford.

Below, we’ll explain the elements of umbrella coverage. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see how this insurance benefits and protects your company.

77450 Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Protect Your Business with Commercial Insurance!

What 77450 Commercial Umbrella Insurance Covers

Many multi-faceted or high-risk businesses utilize commercial umbrella coverage. If you sell a single product, you may not need this type of coverage. Similarly, smaller businesses might not find this type of company with the expense. That being said, smaller companies with lower insurance payouts can benefit from umbrella coverage. Accidents that occur might max out your other insurance plans, and lawyers will start to come after your personal assets. Umbrella coverage is added protection for a company and business owner in the event of an accident that results in a huge financial loss. Fortunately, Texas Insurance Agency can search for this type of coverage for your business, no matter the size. We’ll help you find a premium you can afford.

No one can deny the superior protection that umbrella coverage provides. You don’t have to worry about whether you forgot to cover a certain aspect of your business because it will likely already be accounted for. This type of insurance protects you in several instances.

Personal Injury

If someone is hurt on your property, your umbrella coverage will help you cover the costs. If your employee was injured, this plan can help you pay for worker’s compensation. Additionally, you can use the payout from this coverage for legal fees, medical payments, and more.


If you or your employees operate commercial vehicles, commercial auto insurance is a necessity. Unfortunately, auto accidents are common, and many lawyers make a living fighting commercial auto accident cases in court. Furthermore, umbrella auto insurance can help you pay for injuries and legal fees that arise from car accidents.


Theft is an inconvenient part of running a business. Fortunately, umbrella insurance can help you minimize your losses. The right plan will repay the total value of your items.

With issues such as theft, you’ll notice that a single accident requires many different insurance claims. For example, you might also have to deal with property damage or personal injury. Umbrella insurance wraps up all of these coverages into one plan. With your business insured from all of the different types of damages you may incur, the issue will feel a little less stressful.

77450 Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Some commercial insurance plans can replace your separate commercial flood insurance.

Other Types of Commercial Insurance

In most cases, umbrella coverage is usually used as a supplement. That is to say, this coverage is not a replacement for your other forms of commercial insurance. Of course, we can help if you’re just starting a business. On the other hand, you may want to switch insurance providers. In either case, we can be of assistance. To elaborate, we not only connect you with umbrella insurance coverage providers, but with companies that offer all other needed forms of commercial insurance as well.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects your company in the event of injuries and property damage due to building conditions or operations. When it comes to commercial coverage, this type of insurance is the bare minimum. Unfortunately, lawsuits or employee injuries could completely wipe out your business. That is unless you have general liability insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance

You want to make sure that your company’s property is protected, no matter what happens. Without property insurance, you will have to pay for damages yourself. If you can’t afford the repairs, you might have to shut down your business, or at the very least, cut costs in other areas. Fortunately, commercial insurance can prevent that.

Ultimately, this type of insurance protects you from weather disasters such as lightning strikes or storms. Additionally, this insurance covers fire damage. Commercial property insurance covers theft, vandalism, vehicle damage, and other emergencies.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation protects both you and your employee in the event of an injury on the job. Specifically, worker’s compensation covers the injured employee’s medical care, lost wages, and even death benefits if necessary.

Other Types of Insurance

Other forms of commercial insurance include professional liability or errors and omissions coverage for businesses that deal with sensitive information. On the other hand, you may also consider the builder’s risk and bonds insurance if you work with tools that may possibly be stolen at your worksite.

77450 Commercial Umbrella Insurance

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