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If you have a condo community, you are going to want to insure it with Houston, TX condo association insurance. The best company to help you find the policy is Texas Insurance Agency. We can help find all the best policies for business owners no matter what type of business they have, whether it is a rental property, oil and gas, or a manufacturing company; we know how to get you the best policies for the right price.

Texas Insurance Agency works with some of the best insurance companies to find policies that best fit business owners such as condominium owners. We do the leg work for our clients. We go through what type of business you run, assess the risks involved with your business, search for the type of coverage your need and hunt down the best prices. Then we present them to our clients and help them decide which policy best suits their needs.

When you work with us, not only do we find you the best policy, but we do the difficult part of finding the policy for you. We know how much work it takes to call companies, talk to agents, and find the best quotes. That is time many business owners do not have. Moreover, insurance can be confusing. Unless you are trained in how these policies actually work, there is a lot of work that goes into simply understanding these policies.

You could run the risk of purchasing a policy that doesn’t cover you properly. If and when the time comes to actually need your policy to cover you, you don’t want t find out the hard way that the coverage you purchased is not enough.

Let Texas Insurance Agency help you. We will find the right Houston, TX condo association insurance policy at a rate you can afford. You will find our office in North Houston, as well as several other locations around Houston. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, or fill out our form for a free quote.

Houston TX condo association insurance

If you run a condominium complex, Houston TX condo association insurance will keep your complex safe and provide financial security.

What Does Houston, TX Condo Association Insurance Cover?

Before we can explain what condo association insurance covers, we will first explain what it is. Condo association insurance is an insurance policy tailored for condominium communities.

Condo communities, much like many other rental properties, have a lot of amenities to offer. They typically can have quite a few renters living on the property as well. You might be more familiar with the term HOA condo insurance, HOA master insurance, or even master condo policy.

These are all similar policies in their nature. It protects the entirety of the complex as opposed to a single unit. More specifically, it protects areas that are shared among the community.

Therefore, this policy is not meant to cover the inside of individual condos. Areas such as swimming pools, common rooms, gyms, clubhouses, and other common areas can fall under this type of policy. Even parking lots, hallways, breezeways, and elevators can fall under this policy. Any area where your renters share space, that area can be covered under this policy.

If someone slips and falls or is injured on your property in the specified areas, your insurance will cover them. For example, if there is a pothole in the parking lot, and someone manages to trip in it and hurt themselves, this policy can cover their medical bills.

This policy can also protect against damage to the structure of the complex. For instance, if a tree falls onto part of one of the units on your complex during a storm, the damages may be covered under your policy. Residents are only responsible for the inside of the until. Therefore, any outside structural damage due to a natural disaster such as a storm, the master condo policy will cover the cost.

Houston TX condo association insurance

We will be sure to go over every detail of your business to make sure everything is covered.

Other Policies You Might Be Interested In

Running a condo complex is a business, to put it plainly. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have coverage on all fronts of your business. Condo insurance may not be the only policy you need. Many businesses take out all types of policies to ensure that everything is covered.

For instance, if you run a complex of any kind, you probably have employees that work for you. They may be responsible for groundskeeping, repairs, or even customer service. If any one of these employees gets hurt while on the job, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation. If your complex owns and drives any vehicles, you might want to consider getting some type of commercial auto insurance.

We offer general liability that can cover workers and property damage that may occur, as well as an umbrella policy that can offer coverage where your original policy does not. This will ensure that you have more than enough coverage.

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Texas Insurance Agency has experience working with all types of companies looking for all types of policies. We have helped truck drivers, oil and gas companies, agriculture workers, bars, restaurants, and so many others. But commercial insurance is not all we provide. We can even offer personal insurance policies such as renters insurance.

We could help your residents get coverage for their personal units. Many complexes suggest companies that their residents can use for renters insurance. You can confidently suggest our company to your residents, and both you and your residents will have the protection they need.

We can provide a free quote with no obligation. Set up an appointment with us so we can go over your criteria of what exactly you need. Feel free to visit our office here in Houston or give us a call at your convenience.

Our offices are available from 8:o0 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays. Weekends are typically closed for business, however, we can make advanced special arrangments upon request. Contact us today to speak about your Houston, TX condo association insurance today.

Houston TX condo association insurance

Recommend us to your residents. Therefore both you and your residents will have the best coverage needed against unforeseen circumstances.

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