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If you need business property insurance Pearland TX, Texas Insurance Agency is the perfect company to contact for help. Our agency proudly serves areas in and around Houston, such as Katy and Pearland, Texas, with exceptional customer service. With over 40 years of combined experience, we strive to find the best insurance solutions for our clients.

business property insurance Pearland TX

Texas Insurance Agency will assist you in finding the best business property insurance Pearland TX!

Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we take pride in our fantastic relationships with our clients and promise to uphold these relationships. We know how important your company can be to you and intend to do everything within our power to ensure that you and your business remain protected by offering flexible policies.

Businesses, no matter the size, must cover all their bases. Business insurance is a great way to protect all bases in preparation for mishaps. One small mistake can lead a company into bankruptcy if it does not have the proper coverage, so you must ensure your policy is comprehensive. Give our agency a call, and our experts can help you get an affordable quote for the best policy possible.

Obtain Business Property Insurance Pearland TX

Commercial Property Insurance (CPI) is said to be an excellent type of policy to consider when you own a sizable business. CPI would offer protection to your company’s physical assets if they were to experience some damage or destruction. Business property insurance Pearland TX can cover damages that may occur due to vandalism or theft. Additionally, CPI can cover damage costs of tools, equipment, or other types of business property damaged by burst pipes, lousy weather, or fire.

Many insurance companies also provide property insurance for businesses on the smaller side. Small business insurance is slightly different from the policies aimed at larger companies and is also more affordable. As with standard business insurance, workers’ compensation, general liability insurance, and property damage insurance are all options for small business owners.

Commercial Auto Insurance

In addition to the location of your business is covered by business property insurance, it is also possible to obtain insurance that can cover business vehicles. Commercial auto insurance will also cover your company’s vehicular property. This insurance type can cover vehicles such as delivery vans, trucks, and standardized vehicles. Vehicle repairs are not only covered by commercial auto insurance but also by any injuries the driver sustains.

business property insurance Pearland TX

Take care of your drivers, and let us get you a fantastic commercial auto insurance policy.

When compared to personal policies, business auto policies offer higher coverage limits. The coverage limits are higher because business vehicles need extra protection in the event of a collision. This type of insurance covers your company’s vehicles for a variety of things, such as:

  • Vehicular damage
  • Driver injury
  • Damage to someone else’s property
  • Injuries sustained by someone else

A business owner should consider getting commercial auto insurance if their business owns, leases, or rents vehicles, has employees who drive their vehicles for the business, or operates company-owned vehicles. If your business owns trucks, instead of the standard commercial auto insurance, commercial trucking insurance is available.

Your Business Type Determines Your Options

Insurance costs vary depending on the business, and the amount of coverage needed can also affect these costs. Your business type is a significant factor that our Texas Insurance Agency will consider when setting your business up with a quality quote. Bars and restaurants might have different options than a technology-based or green energy company.

Bars and Restaurants

The cost of insurance for your bar or restaurant depends on several factors. Restaurants and bars come with a unique set of risks and rules that also affect the cost of insurance. For example, in most states, such as Texas, workers’ compensation is a required insurance policy if you have a bar with employees. Usually, you can add this policy with other policies to protect you and your business.

Texas Insurance Agency can help you with a Business Owners Policy (BOP). This type of policy is highly recommended for bars and restaurants because it provides exceptional coverage and defense regarding accidents common to the food service industry. With a BOP, you can bundle commercial property insurance with general liability insurance at a better rate than if you were to get the policies separately.

Technology-Based Companies

Technology-based companies require a particular type of insurance that doesn’t always pertain to other companies. Standard policies like property insurance and general liability insurance are necessary for most businesses, including technology-based companies. However, technological companies require more specific coverage options than standard policies.

business property insurance Pearland TX

You can get insurance to help protect your technology-based company in the event of a technological error.

Technology errors, data breaches, and omissions are coverage options that are necessary because these companies come with many operational risks. Coverage like Cyber Liability Insurance and Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O) is usually mandatory policy for technology-based companies.

D&O Insurance is a type of coverage meant to protect the directors and officers of a company from any point in time. This coverage protects against lawsuits that can be filed by a third party claiming they were injured financially due to the mismanagement of the director or officer.

Green Energy Companies

Like many other industrial businesses, Green Energy Companies come with hazards. Texas Insurance Agency is aware of the possible hazards a green energy company can face and works diligently to provide the correct type of coverage. A green energy business owner can consider many types of policies, and our company is available to make the decision easier.

Employees of any business can get injured on the job or come across dangerous electrical hazards. These risks remain true for green energy company employees as well. Many may say that these risks are even more common in this particular industry due to the line of work that occurs. This results in a good workers’ compensation policy to protect you and your employees.

The business you worked hard to build deserves the best business property insurance Pearland TX.

Fun Facts about Pearland, Texas:

  • In 1892, William Zychlinski bought 2,560 acres of land that would become Pearland.
  • A hurricane in 1900 destroyed almost all of the early town of Pearland.
  • The city was incorporated in 1959.


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