August 26, 2020

Business Insurance for HVAC Contractors

Although you are quick to react to the client’s emergencies and issues, it is essential to have coverage when your problems arise. Having the proper

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business insurance can go a long way if or when you need support. Read further to learn about some of the best policies for you or your workers and how it can benefit your company at the most unexpected time.

Insurance Coverage for HVAC Contractors

These professionals specialize in designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining several types of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. These roles are divided into different technician types based on experience, skill requirements, and equipment stability. No matter the area of expertise, Texas insurance is here to provide you with the policy that suits your company.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

As an HVAC professional, you do most of your work in other people’s homes or businesses. This leaves room for error and unexpected events. For example, someone can fall and trip over equipment while leaving the site you are serving. Consequently, when something like this transpires, you can be sued by that individual.

Commercial general liability insurance policy protects you against liability claims such as these. The claims may include bodily injury and property damage that stems from the negligence of the policyholder. Additionally, any court-ordered compensation for the individual and will cover all legal fees.

Professional Liability Insurance

This policy protects workers against faulty work that could potentially put the client at harm. Situations such as these can put you in a sticky situation. Fortunately, with the right coverage, your company and workers will not have to fit the entire cost of defending a negligence claim made by the client.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents and/or illness can be anyone’s reality, especially at work. This is one of the essential policies; it will help compensate for the costs of medical and hospital bills.

Additionally, it can also cover the expense of other items, such as missed wages and funeral costs. Because workers are prone to so many hazards and risks at work, each company must acquire it to help support employees.

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