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Get affordable business auto insurance North Houston, TX, with Texas Insurance Agency! We are an insurance agency that works for you, not insurance companies. Our priority is to provide you with the auto insurance coverage you need in your day-to-day operations. Auto insurance, of course, is requisite for all drivers, but business vehicles need extra protection when it comes insurance.

If you are a business owner, chances are you already know how business insurance can benefit you. There are many things that can go wrong at your workplace or out on the road. For truck fleets and company vehicles especially, the risks of accidents increase drastically. Insurance can protect your business from financial fallout in case of vehicle damage or property damage.

Texas Insurance Agency offers not only commercial auto insurance but other types of commercial insurance as well. We offer general liability, business insurance, oil and gas insurance, manufacturers’ insurance, wholesalers’ insurance, and so much more. In addition, we offer personal insurance, which includes auto insurance, life insurance, renters’ insurance, flood insurance, and so forth.

For physical damage and collision coverage alike, our business auto insurance North Houston, TX, policies can’t be beaten. So call our team today to get a free quote or drop by our North Houston, Texas office location. We can help you get the most out of your insurance with our excellent insurance agents.

Business Auto Insurance North Houston, TX You Can Trust

When operating a business, especially one that handles deliveries and transportation of people or products, things can get dicey really quickly. Road accidents may happen, the product could spill, and damage to the vehicle, the driver, and other people can occur. When that happens, getting insurance that covers the cost of these eventualities will help you protect your business in the long run.

Business auto insurance, in particular, can cover all of your vehicles. In addition, we offer a particular type of insurance for trucks called commercial truck insurance. Regardless of whether you have a fleet of trucks or luxury transportation vehicles, getting business auto insurance is always highly recommended.

Texas Insurance Agency is committed to finding you the best insurance options available. Our insurance agents have both knowledge and expertise of all types of insurance, including business auto insurance, and so can help you out. When it comes to keeping your business running smoothly without unneeded out-of-pocket costs, Texas Insurance Agency is the right one for you.

You’ve worked so hard to make your business what has become. Unfortunately, a major or even major accident that causes damage to your property and employees can set all of that back. Business auto insurance can ensure your employees, vehicles, and other property be covered in case of an accident.

So don’t forget to call us today and get the business auto insurance that will cover your company vehicles! You can also trawl through our helpful blog for more information about our services or the insurances in question.

business auto insurance North Houston, TX

Let Texas Insurance Agency find the best business auto insurance for you!

Discover Business Auto Insurance

If you own a business that leases, rents, or owns vehicles, or has employees that do so, then this type of insurance is for you. Business auto insurance is also called commercial auto insurance, and it can help you protect your company fleet from a range of threats. (Note, however, that business with employees that drive their own cars to and from work do not qualify for this type of insurance).

Commercial auto insurance policies tend to have higher coverage limits than personal ones for a reason. Business vehicles tend to be more at risk of getting into an accident, particularly trucks and other vehicles.

Business auto insurance comes with a wide range of coverage options. These include:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured

Medical coverage covers all medical expenses incurred due to the accident. This coverage is valid regardless of who caused the accident. Likewise, personal injury protection will keep you protected if your vehicle injuries or even kills somebody. Note that these policies serve to protect others and their property from damage; they do not protect your own losses.

To protect your own losses, Comprehensive Coverage and Collision Coverage is needed. Collision coverage protects your vehicle from damage as a result of a collision. Comprehensive coverage provides protection from all kinds of loss, including theft and vandalism. If extreme weather such as hails, floods, and fires put an end to your vehicle for good, you can also get protection for those possibilities. These are all part of the Physical Coverage umbrella under regular business auto insurance.

Texas Insurance Agency is dedicated to helping our customers get the best insurance for the best price. For more information about business auto insurance and its coverage types, call our stellar team today.

business auto insurance North Houston TX

A good business auto insurance North Houston, TX, policy will protect your business in the event of an accident. Reach out to us today to find a good policy for you.

Texas Insurance Agency Is Here For You

When it comes to the best insurance at the best price, there are few that can top our quality services. Unlike other insurance agencies, Texas Insurance Agency prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. We want you to feel confident in your choice of insurance policy. Our expert can help give you peace of mind in your choice of insurance.

We offer many different business auto insurance coverage options that may be right for your business. Businesses that lease, rent, or own vehicles can all benefit from business auto insurance. In addition, businesses that have truck fleets and the like can benefit from commercial truck insurance.

Texas Insurance Agency is committed to giving you the most out of your insurance plan. So if you are ready to make the switch and opt for business auto insurance North Houston, TX, call our team today or drop by our office location.

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  • Houston was founded on August 30, 1836, by the Allen brothers.

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