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The Better Choice For General Contractor Insurance North Houston, TX

general contractor insurance North Houston, TX

General contractor insurance North Houston, TX is important for your business’s success!

The world is far from a perfect place. We can take all the necessary care, but accidents will always occur. They can and will always happen. A construction site is no exception to this.

No matter the trade or type of contractor you are, general contractor insurance North Houston, TX is a vital investment. This insurance coverage will protect both you and your business from liability in the event of:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Advertising injury (including libel and slander)

While it won’t prevent those from happening, this liability insurance for contractors can keep a contracting business ahead of any risks. With the right coverage, contractor insurance can protect from lawsuits and any additional liabilities.

Texas Insurance Agency has the knowledge and skill to find the top-quality business insurance you need. Let’s explore and find the best policy for your success.

Why You Need Contractor Insurance

Whether it’s a small- or large-scale project, a contractor will need to be insured before construction can even begin.

Any business operating in the construction industry has to meet this insurance requirement. This certificate of insurance will not only protect your business but also ensures your overall success.

  • Most potential clients may not want to hire a contractor that isn’t insured. This is because any damage or injury could result in the client being held responsible.

Standard contractor insurance will provide this type of coverage:

General Liability

As a business owner, you’ll have to be everywhere. Whether in the office or on a job site, you will work with any number of people on any given day. As such, one or more of those people could run the risk of injury while on your job site. If this occurs, it could result in a lawsuit being filed.

Accidents cannot be avoided. Lawsuits can come from a customer, a business partner, or an employee.

  • If there’s a possibility that property damage could occur, or
  • someone could file a claim because of personal or bodily injury

General Liability will protect you from being held liable.

This insurance will also cover the cost of any claims filed against your company. This includes fees for legal defense and settlements.

An independent contractor operates the same as any small business. Without the financial cushion that a larger company may have, the risk of a lawsuit could be enough to destroy your business. This insurance is especially beneficial for small businesses and is often less expensive.

Workers’ Compensation

In the event of an employee’s injury or illness, Workers’ Compensation can be implemented. This will not only protect the employee but also save the company money. This insurance covers any lost wages and medical costs without forcing an employer to pay out of pocket.

This compensation can also provide an employer with peace of mind:

  • In the event of an employee suing the company for negligence, Workers’ Compensation will also cover the cost of any legal fees.

This is another highly beneficial insurance for small businesses:

  • It protects your employees.
  • It can prevent an independent contractor from going into financial debt from having to cover any out-of-pocket costs.

Commercial Auto

general contractor insurance North Houston, TX

Texas Insurance Agency can provide commercial auto coverage for your company vehicles!

Even the most skilled drivers on the road can be involved in accidents. If your business has invested in company vehicles for your employees to use, Commercial Auto insurance is absolutely necessary.

Construction businesses operate on job sites with all types of work being performed. This puts company vehicles at especially high risk, as damage could occur at any moment.

This insurance coverage not only provides protection for the vehicle itself but any liability for its use. This insurance will cover any physical damage to the vehicle.

Policy options are available for:

  • Small businesses with a single vehicle
  • Large companies with a fleet of vehicles

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

While General liability insurance can protect a business from a wide range of instances, it can only go so far.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance acts as a supplement to general liabilty. It takes it a step further by preparing for the worst-case scenario. This insurance offers coverage for events that exceed what the standard policy will cover.

This can include:

  • Multi-million dollar lawsuits
  • Auto accidents

This insurance is also beneficial for companies that have a high number of visitors or may visit customers:

  • This will protect the business from liability if a visitor is injured.
  • It will also protect in the event of any property damage at a customer’s home.

This is just some of what Contractor Insurance can provide.

However, contractor insurance costs and needs will vary depending on the size of your company. A small business won’t need the same level of coverage that a large company does.

That can make navigating contractor insurance difficult. Our independent agents at Texas Insurance Agency will guide you to find the policy that works for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent contractor or a commercial construction company. Texas Insurance Agency can tailor a policy that fits your needs and your budget.

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general contractor insurance North Houston, TX

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Fun Facts About North Houston, TX:

  • North Houston is home to the Sam Houston Race Park.
  • North Houston was once home to Tin Hall, one of the oldest operating dance halls.
  • Willowbrook Mall, located in North Houston, has been around for 53 years.

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