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best trucking insurance companies Pearland, TX

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The Best Trucking Insurance Companies Pearland, TX

Everyone has great responsibility when they get behind the wheel. However, truck drivers have even more at stake when they go on the road. They carry heavy loads, and a lot could potentially happen when driving long distances with items like this.

One thing to consider, of course, is that it’s a legal requirement for vehicles to have insurance — particularly commercial trucks. However, getting adequate insurance coverage beyond the bare minimum can help your company immensely.

Truck drivers must have an excellent driving record to get out on the road. However, accidents can happen even with careful driving. There are plenty of coverage options that also help with things beyond collisions. A lot can happen with how far truckers drive on a daily basis.

Texas Insurance Agency was built on the pillars of great customer service. To us, that means going above and beyond to tailor to each client’s needs. Our staff is knowledgeable in all things having to do with insurance. We genuinely value all relationships we build with clients.

We strive to help you in all ways we possibly can. Our agents are eager to speak with you any time during business hours. We are ready to answer questions about policy changes, billing, and anything else related to your insurance needs. We work quickly and professionally, always striving to meet clients’ needs.

Our website is also available at all times. You can request a free quote outside of business hours or read up on all things insurance on our blog. You can also contact us with service requests if you need help with your account. Regardless of what you need, we are happy to speak with you.

best trucking insurance companies Pearland, TX

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Standard Policies for Trucking Insurance

The policy that will best fit your needs depends on various factors. A company looking to cover a fleet of trucks will have different requirements than an independent truck driver.

Different types of trucks will also have coverage options that will benefit them the most. For example, a tow truck will have different needs than a tractor-trailer or semi-truck. Texas Insurance Agency will have you covered regardless of your truck type.

Some of the common coverage options include the following:

  • Cargo – Trucks have a unique circumstance on the road in that they almost always carry precious items. Over the course of multiple long trips, cargo can sometimes get lost or damaged. Getting cargo coverage will ensure you don’t have to pay these hefty costs in that event.
  • Reefer Breakdown – If you have trucks that carry refrigerated items, then reefer breakdown coverage could be something you need. It will cover the cost associated with lost or damaged items due to a refrigeration malfunction.
  • Physical Damage – Trucks are often the targets of theft and vandalism. This is due to the potentially valuable items that they carry. If someone takes precious merchandise, you could be footing the bill. That’s why truck drivers need to get physical damage insurance.
  • Non-Trucking Liability – Sometimes, your truckers will have to drive while they aren’t on the clock. In cases like that, they will likely not be covered with the primary liability coverage. Non-trucking liability comes in handy for situations such as this.
  • Trailer Interchange – If you ever have trailer interchange agreements with other companies, then it’s imperative that you get this type of insurance. If anything happens to your trailer under their care, this policy will cover the costs. It includes cases of fire, theft, vandalism, or collisions.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured – While it is required by law to have insurance, many drivers on the road are not covered. You could pay extra if you end up in a collision with someone uninsured. Getting uninsured or underinsured coverage will protect you from events such as this.
  • Umbrella – This is one of the best insurance plans if you want ample coverage but don’t know where to start. Umbrella liability coverage can help cover gaps in other auto insurance policies you have as well. This will help you have more peace of mind each day your truckers take to the road.

Apart from all these insurance types that are highly beneficial for truck drivers, all drivers should have ample medical coverage. Crashes that involve large trucks can be especially dangerous, though. Good medical coverage on your vehicle will cover costs for the other driver, you, or your employee.

The agents at Texas Insurance Agency will happily answer any further questions you have, whether they’re about trucking insurance policies or even any questions about business insurance in general.

best trucking insurance companies Pearland, TX

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Fun Facts Pearland, TX

  • It was named for all the fruit trees that were once grown in the area.
  • There are two airports in Pearland.
  • It was established in the late 1800s.

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