March 19, 2021

Benefits of a Commercial Umbrella Policy

Commercial Umbrella Policy provides you with the extra coverage to protect you against costs that exceed liability policy limits. Without commercial umbrella insurance, you risk having to pay out of pocket for liability claims that exceed your coverage limits. Umbrella insurance is personal liability insurance covering things your homeowners, auto, and even watercraft liability insurance won’t.

Do You need a Commerical Umbrella Policy?

Benefits of a Commercial Umbrella Policy

You want the best for your family and your business, so do we. Contact Texas Insurance Agency today for umbrella liability insurance and liability risks!

If you ever find yourself facing libel, slander, or false imprisonment, umbrella insurance covers those liable claims. What your renters or owners policy doesn’t cover umbrella insurance will. Without this type of commercial insurance, you potentially could pay out of pocket for legal costs, medical bills, and damage to other people’s property, judgments, and settlements. To avoid these costs, get a Commercial Umbrella Policy quote from Texas Insurance Company today!

How Does a Commercial Umbrella Policy Work?

As mentioned before Commercial Umbrella Policy increases the limits of your primary policies like general liability, commercial auto, and home insurance. At Texas Insurance, our umbrella policy is very flexible to expand general liability insurance policies from other insurers. Please keep reading to learn about some instances where an Umbrella policy would cover you. 

Scenarios Umbrella Insurance Covers

  • Let’s say your dog or puppy runs out of the house and bites one of your neighbors on a run. Your neighbor is severely hurt and sues you to cover lost wages and medical bills. In this scenario, without an umbrella, coverage wouldn’t be covered. 
  • If you were the cause of a car pile-up, auto insurance would not be able to cover the extent of the damages. Most insurance property damages are not high enough in this case. Your personal liability covers also do not cover the costs of paying for multiple medical bills. 
  • The last scenario is if your kid gets into a fight at school and breaks another student’s nose. If their parent sues you with a commercial umbrella policy, you would be covered. 

More Coverage for your Family!

Benefits of a Commercial Umbrella Policy

Benefits of a Commercial Umbrella Policy include workers’ compensation, professional liability, liquor liability, and small business coverage. 

One of the most significant benefits of this policy is that it covers more than just you. It also covers members of your household, even your four-legged friends. So if you have children, you can rest assured that your umbrella policy will cover them if anything ever happens. Furthermore, Umbrella insurance goes above and beyond your homeowners and auto insurance. This means if an incident happens it doesn’t have to involve your vehicle or property for coverage. 

Texas Insurance Commercial Umbrella Policy

In conclusion, We are eager to help you decide if this is the right protection for you, your family, and your business. You can get a free quote online or visit us today to talk to a helpful agent! We’ve proudly helped families across the Greater Houston Area and can do the same for you! In Houston, Texas, car insurance can be more pricey since Houston is one of the country’s top three largest cities. To avoid not getting the coverage you need, then consider a Texas insurance commercial umbrella policy. 

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