Katy Texas Commercial Truck Insurance

Katy Texas Commercial Insurance Agency

Katy Texas Commercial Insurance Agency

When it comes to Katy Texas commercial truck insurance, no one does it better than Texas Insurance Agency. We prioritize customer service and cover injury or property damage. When operating a truck in places like Houston, Texas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, or Katy, TX, you’re bound to run into traffic that will get you in a jam in the morning. Due to the busy streets of morning rush hour, commercial trucks are prone to get in some fixes when it comes to drivers on the road. A typical example is when your vehicle is using their blinkers to move over.

As the truck operator, you might think the road is clear, but then a driver pulls beside your blind spot out of nowhere. Suddenly, a crash occurs involving business insurance and insurance companies. We wish we could control other people’s driving habits at times, but we can only control our own. However, what happens when you find yourself in a situation you had no control over since the beginning? Luckily, that’s where Texas Insurance Agency comes in. Truck insurance coverage is something well within our capability to implement. We cover a lot of aspects when it comes to commercial property.

Personal injury, contracts, automotive, theft, and other liabilities are included in our coverage for your business. Therefore, if you had a truck driver experiencing something along the lines of the previous scenario mentioned, you can breathe easy knowing we have your back. Our commercial general liability insurance protects against injuries and property damage due to operations. If your business involves delivering shipment with vehicles such as trucks, then you’re in luck. Texas Insurance Agency sometimes understands that no matter how cautious a driver can be, unfortunate incidents happen. You shouldn’t receive punishment for it at high costs for something you had no control over.

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Our partners in automotive consist of Progressive, ASI, Wright Flood, Texas Mutual, and more! When you acquire us for your automotive insurance needs, you know you’ll be taken care of by our agents. The most common scenario described in shows is the minor fender bender. You may have experienced a little getting into a bit of incursion with another car. Though something small happened, such as a dent or misalignment of a bumper, the driver can complain about being injured. Fortunately, we’ll face those kinds of risks for you. A lot of people can try to take advantage of an already unfortunate situation.

Also, when driving a commercial truck, you’re carrying a lot more weight than the average vehicle on the road. Therefore, when you get into a skid on the street, the pressure added to your tires, due to the weight, can cause your wheels to slide more than other drivers. If you include that aspect along with the size of your vehicle, you can get yourself into one potentially dangerous situation. Texas Insurance Agency is here if any damage accidentally occurs in your car. Road hazards are a slippery slope, and you can find yourself easily caught in one.

Another common incident is minor collisions. However, since you are driving a large commercial truck, you may have the tendency to be found at fault. We’re here for your company when things appear to be going south. Truck liability for physical damage is sometimes a severe matter we’re not afraid to tackle. We strive to conduct business in the most professional manner possible for owner-operators. Additionally, we specialize in commercial trucking insurance and won’t stop until we get you a fair deal. Incurring costs and build a lasting relationship with you is what we do best.

Weather Damage for Automotives

Comprehensive auto insurance also helps with incidents that don’t involve another car or accident. Sometimes mother nature can be unpredictable and cause storms. For example, San Antonio experiences hail storms every so often. The hail can crack windshields or even shatter other glass-like properties. This type of insurance can cover damages caused by incidents other than accidents. If you’re a resident in Texas, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be. If you’re driving a commercial truck, it can take a toll on the items your hauling.

Maybe rain can get into a crack and cause water damage to products. Your tires can become slick due to the precipitation occurring as well, causing your cargo to tip over possibly. Motor truck cargo is critical! The last thing you want is a damaged product due to unforeseen events on the road. Texas Insurance Agency understands the frustration this incident can cause for a business. Setbacks can sometimes cause a chain reaction to occur where more than one aspect of your company is affected. Floods, for example, can delay shipments due to high waters. The situation can be an unfortunate circumstance that hurts the business in sales.

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Fortunately, you have a team of dedicated insurance agents to help you with your financial industry issues. Roland Cardner, Jeffrey R. Fogleman, and Kristy Thompson are insurance agents dedicating their time to your cause. Cardner became an insurance agent for Allstate Insurance Company in 1997. After selling his agency, he became a proud owner and agent of Texas Insurance Agency. Fogleman dedicated his life to insurance companies, walking in the path of his father. He is now partnered with Texas Insurance Agency, being deeply involved in the commercial division. Kristy Thompson also dedicated her career to insurance in 2002 and has helped Texas Insurance Agency grow later on.

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As you can see, our all-star staff is here for your needs and doesn’t falter when it comes to getting your excellent service. Their experience and track record more than speaks for itself. If you’d like more information, feel free to stop by our Katy location at 21430 Provincial Blvd. You can also contact us at (281) 398-1010. We’re open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week to attend to your commercial and other insurance needs. Let us be your Katy Texas commercial truck insurance agency for years to come!

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • Katy TX has ten parks, including Heritage Park.
  • “K-T Railroad” runs through the city.
  • Our first annual festival occurred in 1981.
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