October 26, 2020

An Insurance Company that Works for You!

Is it hard trying to contact your policyholder? No worries here at Texas Insurance we believe in providing our customers with not only the best policy

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but the best customer service as well. If it becomes difficult to communicate with your existing policy, switch to Texas Insurance Agency to let us help you in every way that we can.

Effective Communication is Key in these Situations

There are many reasons you pay to have your insurance agent available for you. The message when they ignore each call is clear.

For example, after reviewing your insurance, you might want to change your policy. They did not help with the review process and now are not helping with the policy change. By doing this, they are showing their policy works in their favor, and they are ignoring you, their customer, to keep it that way. If you need to add or remove a vehicle or readjust your home policy, your agent should show dedication in getting this done for you.

Do not let anyone make you think you cannot ask about cheaper insurance. Your agency is there to advocate for and cover you. Asking for a review of your policy is a great way to potentially save yourself cash in the long term.

The worst and most common situation in which an insurance agent does not return your call is when it is time to file a claim. Usually, this involves an at-fault claim. These are when you need your insurance and your insurance agent the most, and why you have been paying them.

You should be able to call with questions about payment or your policy and get an answer efficiently. We understand that insurance is difficult to navigate. Our job is to instill you with confidence regarding your policy. When you have any doubts, you should give us a call immediately with any questions. We, ourselves, want your updates as well. If you have a move or want your insurance reviewed for new life changes, get in touch with us.

We believe in active listening, understanding, recommending, and paying extraordinary attention to details, which we call good business practices. For Texas Insurance Agency’s unique service first, last, and always, call (281) 398-1010 to get started with your new agent.






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