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Texas Insurance Agency can help with any needs your business has for getting commercial car insurance Katy, TX. Finding the right coverage can seem complex at first, but with our help, you will find the right plan in no time!

Though you likely have safety measures for employees to practice safe driving, accidents happen daily. These are not always due to negligence. They can be from the weather or even faulty motors. Regardless of the reason for the accident, commercial car insurance will protect your company from any dues involved.

Business auto insurance should be affordable while giving you the right coverage to fit your company’s needs. You can easily talk with one of our friendly insurance agents, who will guide you to the right plan. Request a quote online or call us today to get coverage for your company vehicles as soon as possible.

commercial car insurance Katy TX

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Commercial Car Insurance Katy, TX

Commercial auto insurance will cover any injuries that happen from you or your employees driving company vehicles. Whether one of your employees is injured on the job or it impacts someone in the other car, you can rest assured that Texas Insurance Agency will have you covered.

Texas Insurance Agency offers an array of coverages for vehicles used by businesses. Commercial car insurance is a necessity for some vehicles which have specific functions, such as:

  • cement trucks
  • delivery vans
  • tractor-trailers

Of course, commercial auto insurance is not limited to these vehicles. You can obtain a plan for standard cars or trucks utilized by your business. Any type used for your business needs will benefit from being insured. You want to be free of any potential liability in the future. Texas Insurance Agency will help you figure out which coverage is best for you. Speak with our team for a free quote today!

What Can Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Commercial car insurance offers coverage a step above personal auto insurance. This is due to the extended use and often longer driving times commercial vehicles often have. Certain commercial vehicles may also need more protection should an accident happen.

Knowing there are higher coverage limits, you may wonder what precisely commercial car insurance Katy, TX will cover for your business needs. It will cover any injuries, whether to the driver or someone else.

With commercial car insurance, you can be confident that your vehicle will be covered for any necessary repairs. You will also be covered for any damage to the other vehicle if your driver is at fault. Lastly, commercial auto insurance will also cover any property damages caused by the vehicle. Texas Insurance Agency can help you get all of this covered.

Specialized Commercial Insurance

Beyond commercial car insurance, there’s also commercial trucking insurance, which is vital for those who offer these services. Texas Insurance Agency has options for policies to meet the needs of those looking for commercial truck insurance.

Any business that uses even a single truck to move goods must have at least basic truck insurance. Those who need this include transportation businesses, independent truck drivers, and any other business that delivers these services.

Of course, what your company needs will vary. If you need something to cover local trucking, your policy will be different from a business that does cross-state trucking. Texas Insurance Agency will help make the process of choosing which policy you need as simple as can be.

commercial car insurance Katy TX

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Commercial Truck Insurance: What’s Covered?

Any charges accrued by your trucks will be covered by commercial truck insurance, depending on what you choose. Just like general commercial car insurance, it can cover injuries, property damages, and vehicle repairs that are needed.

Commercial trucking insurance has pros if you also use your truck for personal use. Luckily, getting one of these policies will help fill any gaps that your personal car insurance doesn’t cover. If this policy sounds interesting to you, contact Texas Insurance Agency for a free quote today!

Types of Coverage

There are a variety of coverage options available to get for commercial car insurance Katy, TX. The options for coverage are personal injury protection, general liability, collision coverage, medical coverage, and comprehensive coverage, which will protect your car from damages that aren’t the result of a collision.

Commercial Trucking Coverage – The two primary types of insurance coverage for commercial trucking insurance are physical damage coverage and liability coverage. Each one is vital for your company to avoid any costs accrued by accidents your trucks may be involved in. Here’s a breakdown of each type.

Physical Damage Coverage – Physical damage coverage has both collision and comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage will protect against damages done that are not the result of a collision. This may include things such as natural disasters, a falling object, or even theft. Collision coverage will cover any damages done to your truck from an accident.

Liability Coverage – Liability coverage has two parts to it. These are for property damage and bodily injury. This is essential to protect you if one of your trucks causes injury or property damage. Keep in mind that this will not cover expenses for damage to your company’s truck. Texas Insurance Agency will help you find the policy that best fits your company’s needs, whether you’re certain about what policy you’re looking for or are not sure which one is right for you,

commercial car insurance Katy TX

Highly effective commercial car insurance Katy,TX.

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Katy, TX Fun Facts:

  • The city of Katy was once referred to as Cane Island by the locals.
  • A gas field was discovered in 1934, starting a prominent industry in the city.
  • Katy is almost the drone capital of the world.

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