October 19, 2020

Scheduled Personal Property Insurance Coverage

There are many types of coverage one can go about purchasing for their life, home, or auto. The general concept of insurance is to help protect your finances when life gets stressful.

Who wants to struggle to pay for something while already under a lot of pressure? I’ll tell you who, no one! Ensure that each part of your life is protected; just because you are doing financially well today does not


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mean this will be your reality tomorrow. Here at Texas Insurance Agency, we take your finances, life, home, car, and whatever else you can think to insure, extremely serious. Make your life easy by receiving the coverage that you need today!

Scheduled Personal Property

You may be wondering what scheduled personal property involves. It is, in fact, a supplemental insurance policy that extends coverage beyond standard protection. This is provided within a homeowner’s insurance policy. Upon purchasing a scheduled personal property policy, the owner can guarantee full coverage of expensive items, such as jewelry, in the event of a claim.

Scheduled personal property is more than the coverage that is offered in conventional homeowner’s policies. Unfortunately, the average policy does not cover all types of property. Therefore, this sets limitations on the value amount the insurance company will pay for particular expenses.

Certain possessions may consist of limited coverage from standard policies. This may include fine artwork, antiques, jewels, furs, and gold coins or bars. Policyholders who want to guard these and other items should purchase additional coverage. They should do so with a scheduled personal property policy.

Personal property on most policies can cover clothing, shoes, furniture, appliances, and many other items. Other properties, such as electronics, firearms, business property, and water equipment, may have limitations.

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