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Before you take off for your first oceanic adventure, get protected with Pearland TX boat insurance.  Your boat insurance and damage coverage policy will ensure that your investment is firmly protected.   Although boat insurance is not a requirement in the state of Texas, the protection and peace of mind your policy brings are worth its weight in gold.  The vast majority of accidents involving vehicles of any type are human error. Since humans also navigate motorized watercraft, mishaps will happen on the water.  Be proactive and do not take the risk of being unprotected.


Whether you are a seasoned waterman or a novice, you need boat insurance and damage coverage.

Whether you are a seasoned waterman or a novice, our team is ready to help cater to the perfect policy for your boat.  We are a one-stop insurance shop offering new policies, changes to existing policies claims reporting, and all your customer service needs.  Our staff partners with only the best insurance companies to ensure that you have the security of knowing your investment, friends, and family are protected.


Do you need boat insurance?

If you own or are planning to purchase a boat, then you need boat insurance and damage coverage.  The legal necessity is outweighed by the number of scenarios that could negatively impact your boat and the people that could be injured on or near your vessel.  The same way that your auto and home policies protect you from being liable for medical cost and repairs, your boat policy serves in the same capacity.  A thoughtfully constructed boat policy and damage coverage allow you the freedom to enjoy your boat unencumbered.

We all like to believe that things will always go well, and they often do.  Pearland TX boat insurance stands to safeguard you from the instances that don’t go well.  Our agents are knowledgeable and have years of experience helping their clients determine precisely what type of coverage is required and more.  Taking to the waterways uninsured is a risky proposition, and all it takes is one call to us to get you on the path of responsible boat ownership.


Marinas are safe places for your boat, but theft still occurs here.  Be protected.

Policy Coverage

Your boat policy and damage coverage from Pearland TX boat insurance covers:

  • Boat against collisions
  • Crew; those working on or around your vessel
  • Passengers/guest
  • Property damage by an uninsured motorist
  • Burglarize or vandalize

Even with the best intentions, accidents will happen, and no one wants to have to bear the expense of out of pocket costs.  Shouldering the liability to yourself means that you are solely responsible for all maintenance and/or damage to the craft and also an incident of injury, whether that be a guest or service worker.   Having the backing of a credible insurance agency ensures that your property and guest are free to enjoy their collective experience on the water.

Damages caused by running into the dock or onto rocks.  A passenger falls off your vessel and injures themselves.  Your motor catches on fire.  An uninsured motorist damages your boat.  Your boat trailer sustains damage while at the gas station filling up.  All these situations would leave you covering the cost necessary to correct all these unfortunate instances out of pocket.  The better alternative will be to ensure that you hold a well-crafted policy that will serve as a canopy of protection for your boat

 Customized coverage

Pearland TX boat insurance and damage coverage is tailored to your individual boating needs, so you only pay for what you need.   The pleasant year-round temperatures of the Texas gulf coast make boating a year-round activity, which is a significant consideration when determining how much and what type of coverage you need.  Additional coverage, such as medical, repair, and liability coverage, can all be added to your policy as needed.

There are five types of coverage you should consider.  Those are liability, property, repair, uninsured, and watercraft medical.  Liability covers damages or injures to someone in an accident where you are at fault.  Property coverage covers your boat, should it be in a collision, and if there is theft.  Repair coverage assists with repairs and depreciation.  Finally, watercraft medical pays for medical costs related to injured incur on your vessel.

Your boat will always need to be cover whether it is in the water or not.   Your boat should be insured whether it is on the water at a local marina, in a storage facility, or in a garage on your property.  Fires, natural disasters, theft, and the like can happen anywhere, and the best defense is a great offense.  If your usage fluctuates, we can help you to address those changes.  By doing so we verify that your investment is protected at every stage with a solid customizable policy that meets your current need.

Boat insurance your way

Pearland TX Boat Insurance

Let’s get to making memories!

We have discussed all the reasons why Pearland TX boat insurance is critical to operating your water vessel responsibly.  But we haven’t addressed how much this will cost you.  We are an independently owned insurance firm and are partnered with a diverse group of insurers.  As a result, we can offers discounts to keep your premiums affordable.  We understand that cost is important and can also bundle different policies to make available even more discount pricing.


The team at Pearland TX boat insurance has a total of 67 years of insurance experience and stands ready to use all this expertise to ensure that each client has the boat insurance and damage coverage necessary to enjoy their boat responsibly.  We are your neighbors located right in Pearland.  We understand the Texas insurance laws and what it means to enjoy our beautiful Gulf coast waterways.  Look no further than to us for all your boat insurance and damage coverage needs.

Fun Facts

  • Pearland, TX ranks nationally as the 10th fastest growing city.
  • The name Pearland comes from the vast number of pear trees that once grew in the area.
  • The city’s original name was “Mark Belt”.
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