December 21, 2020

Indexed Annuities- Dealing with Insurance Companies the Right Way

When investing your money in a company, shouldn’t you feel secured? Here at Katy Insurance, we make sure you’re getting the best in the business when committing to a company. Indexed Annuities are a tax-favored product that is given to you by the insurance company. You’ll never have to worry about what happens to your money. Katy Insurance understands the downfall of using indexed annuities as it is a risk they are willing to take. In other words, fixed annuities are your friend. They offer a level of high degree safety even though you are in good hands with Katy Insurance.

Dealing with Insurance Companies the Right Way

Dealing with Insurance Companies the Right Way

What Are Indexed Annuities?

When making a deal with your insurance company, you are also creating the network for indexed annuities. When you sign up, a contract is made from the Insurance company, which puts a price on the premiums that you are putting into the policy you chose. If you have any questions about your indexed annuities and how they can benefit you, reach out to us at Katy Insurance. 

Have you ever heard of a tax advantage? When using an indexed annuity, you get the opportunity to delay paying your taxes on some of the earnings you have acquired. You commit to an insurance company is also understanding the indexed annuities that come with us.

Whether it is auto or life insurance, an indexed annuity is put in place to protect you from further issues. Other insurance companies won’t help you as Katy Insurance will. The most significant investment you can make is your life insurance, which is a direct need from index annuities. Katy Insurance will not only protect you but make sure that you will be getting all the benefits you deserve with them. We won’t work like other Insurance companies who take advantage of you or fail you.

You can look forward to when using an indexed annuity with Katy Insurance is the premiums you will earn. 

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